‘You know very well you can’t smoke in a department store’  This is the extent of Kurt Raab's dialogue in Love is Colder than Death, making his appearance another short, rude and dismissive Fassbinder role.  Fassbinder did like to present these cameos to his freinds, who were of course also his stars. One truly brave aspect of Fassbinder's movies is that everybody got a crack of the whip; that's the way it looks.  Everybody in the Fassbinder collective however has films in which they star, and they all have films in which they play a minor role.

Kurt Raab did have a few starring roles in the canon, but in Love is Colder Than Death (1969), he plays a shop assistant who is the butt of the jokes and the wanton criminality of the fast forming gang.  The appearance is brief, and Kurt Raab plays it staright, although Irm Hermann gets it much worse as she is taunted by Fassbinder, Schygulla and Ulli Lommel.