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Scotland or No was published in September 2014.

#freetopiary: An Occupy Fable was published April 2014.  Read a review from Mike Russell at Northwords Now.

My other books include The Studio Game, published by Fledgling Press.  Also The Machine Doctor (2001), Odium (2004), The Supper Book (2008). 

In 2015 I published Burrito Deluxe by Joseph Ridgwell, and Cider Camp and Other Tales by Craig Gibson; I've also enjoyed publishing The One O'Clock Gun Anthology (2010), and Eddie Gibbons' What They Say About You (2010).

I have an honours degree in Cultural History from Aberdeen University and a BD (Hons) in Theology from Glasgow University, where I won a gold medal for Hebrew translation.

I have worked for Amnesty International, and in the financial services.

I volunteered for three years in Aida and other refugee camps on the West Bank, working with children in music therapy.  I also studied at the Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, have been awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship, and been a St Andrews Scholar for the Church of Scotland in Jerusalem. 




My twenties were mad, carefree, anxiety-ridden and above all irresponsible, such were the years of the golden age of my adulthood.  I was poor, but what did that matter?  The future was calling me, belonged to me.  I wrote to my parents: 'More than ever I am convinced I am destined to save the world!'  Which is more dangerous, the blindness of fanatics, or the shortsightedness of the free?  I refused to look ahead; I refused to look at all.

Anarchists and mystics use the same language, did you know that?  They use the same metaphors and I admire both, as they are obsessed by the mystery of the end, and the explosion of time.





As well as this site I blog on the following places:


Perdurabo: A link referring blog with scant theme nor logic. Hosted by Blogger


Classic Film Noir: Website to share my thoughts on the film noir explosion of the 1940s and 1950s; its origins, its exponents, its meaning and its development as a comprehensive cinematic expression of its times. Hosted by Blogger.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ : A sarcastic version of the contemporary writer's blogsite. Hosted by Wordpress.


I <3 The Brewery: An archived and project which published images of the Fountain Brewery in Edinburgh, before, during and after its demolition. The site of the new Boroughmuir High School. Incomplete. Hosted by Wordpress.




This version of Hurricane by Bob Dylan telling the story of jailed American journalist Barrett Brown.  Barrett is a prose stylist of quite some power and a satirist (check this), he is known for important work investigating the ethics and practices of private security firms.



 Barrett Brown "Hurricane"

 This is a recording of one of my poems - December 2015


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Now I tweet @leamingtonbooks.


Not the Peter Burnett You Were Looking For?

If you were looking for the other Peter Burnett or a fake Peter Burnett, or a Peter Burnett that sounds like me but does not look like me, then I can help you find them too.  There is Peter Burnett of peterburnett.com fame, and there is Peter Burnett of Peter Burnett Governor of California fame.  Other Peter Burnetts are available, but these are the most sought after ones.