Eva Mattes in Effi Briest


Eva Mattes was in four Fassbinder films in all; The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, Wildwechsel, Effi Briest and In a Year of 13 Moons. This is a great look here, the dippy 19thC Century girl dreamer; nobody works the swing better.

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Eva Mattes in Stroszek (1974)


Stroszek by Werner Herzog is many things, though I am guessing that its first draw is that it mainstreams outsider art. The outsider is the real life Bruno Schleinstein a self-taught musicia, who developed his own brand skills on the piano, accordion, glockenspiel and handbells. He would play in back gardens in Berlin, performing 18th and 19th century style ballads, and famously noted that he transmitted his songs (German: durchgeben) rather than sang them.

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