scotland or no peter burnettScotland Or No

Alan hasn’t seen his father for six years, other than on Twitter where he is known as Scotland’s biggest conspiracy theorist.

Claiming to have uncovered an army of false internet profiles, Alan’s father sets him on a crash course in lies and manipulation, as these fakes take center-stage in the battle for Scottish independence.

Alan believes that the internet should be making people better informed. In reality it makes it harder to tell fact from fiction.

And the liars are winning.







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Peter Burnett #freetopiary#freetopiary: An Occupy Fable

by Peter Burnett


Consumerism, passivity, apathy and distraction.
The internet is no place to attempt changing anything that matters.
A young Scottish Borderer, Alan Stewart, struggles to come of age in a world he knows only through the world wide web. 
#freetopiary: An Occupy Fable from Skyhorse


Peter Burnett Studio GameThe Studio Game

by Peter Burnett

"The story is seen through the eyes of Guy and Liska, two young artists struggling to become famous in contemporary Aberdeen.
"Their lifestyle is what might be described in the more conservative elements of the daily press as "chaotic", and there is something about the style of the book and the actions of the leading characters that reminded me of Jack Kerouac's "On The Road" (though with less travel) and Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (though with fewer drugs).
"Suffice it to say that Guy and Liska seem to go out of their way to alienate the art establishment in pursuit of their own shared vision of artistic utopia."

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The Studio Game is available from Fledgling Press




'Set around the mean streets, pubs and galleries of Aberdeen, two young artists Liska and Guy, struggle for recognition and mega bucks. Blending self-deprecation, witty asides and academic debate on the role of the artist, we follow their plight trying to understand who can judge commercial status and market value.    
Guy soon begins to realise that “ artists don’t define art or the concepts that justify it. Art lovers bring the art world into being and the artists are always innocent.”     
Burnett has created a lovable, slightly eccentric anti-hero surrounded by a weird and wonderful plethora of characters.  This bittersweet, dreamlike tale may be fiction but the astutely-researched narrative is set within today’s real art auction market of Warhol, Emin, Hirst and Creed.
The Studio Game is a cleverly constructed, rollercoaster ride, rich in humour, taking us on an intellectual and emotional journey which also challenges our own notion of  “what is art” along the way.'

Vivien Devlin

Fledgling Press        The Studio Game


Peter Burnett

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