God's website displayed pictures of starving women in order for you to give money. Before I met God, I knew that he was a business-man although I never knew what he sold. I did know that he devoted an enormous amount of action to the people who listened to him.

Better still, the fact that people thought that God was a charlatan and called him that, made him all the more appealing. It made God almost necessary in a world that is devoid of any voice but the consensus.

I had to give it to God then, he had his own angle on the problems of the world. God had an angle, even though his attitude to protest was to agree with it, wholesale.

"What God doesn't see," said the most recent coment on the website, "is that God's followers are contradicting everything that God says with direct inaction."

"Direct inaction?" I typed beneath.

"Yes," was the reply.  "The problem of God is one of world-view."