Hymn number 145

The Lovely Manger

Soft as whisper
So precious and sweet
Tiny perfection
From his head to her feet

His dad is the God of
Our Heaven and Earth,
Investing his effort,
And reaping his worth,
Signed for the season
He maketh a shine,
He's God, and his love will,
Explode like a mine.

Soft as a whisper
Bough hot with holly
Tiny perfection,
Like a Border Collie.

So saviour my buttons,
In Cranberry Red,
On Christmas the silence,
With haste dumpling spread,
Plucking the bird-hand,
Saving with grace,
Pudding of yesteryear,
Broth in my place.

Soft as a whisper,
Quiet and moody,
Tiny perfection,
Garland of Judy.