Let us take the example of a man I will call Charles Brockden Brown. Charles Brockden Brown is a junior executive with a promising future, a wife who loves him, and two healthy children . . .


Nevertheless Charles Brockden Brown is anxious and unhappy. Charles Brockden Brown is bored with his job which he believes saps his initiative and destroys his integrity; he is also disastisfied with his wife, and is convinced he never loved her.

Feeling like a slave to his company, his wife and children, Charles Brockden Brown realises that he has lost control over the conduct of his life.

Is this man sick?




At least half a dozen alternatives are open to Charles Brockden Brown :  Lap Top Technology Support Adviser; Corporate Financial Support Adviser; Personal Management Consultant.

In addition to these, Charles Brockden Brown could also diversify and become a Cold Prospecting Personal Publishing Planner, or even a Corporate Business Remote Working Broker Consultant.

All of these positions will satisfy anybody in Charles Brockden Brown's position wishing the comparable advantages of different openings, as well as a branch-based position in a high-calibre environment in which he can optimise his inter personal skills, and possibly even delay the breakdown of his sanity by up to 15 years.

Other options are however open to Charles Brockden Brown. Charles Brockden Brown could have an affair, or file for divorce. Alternatively, Charles Brockden Brown could develop psychosomatic symptoms such as headaches or bleeding gums, or a drug addiction. Charles Brockden Brown could seek troglydtitic sanctuary in the cellar, or he could even make his mark by driving his car at high speed in built up areas.

For consider : if Charles Brockden Brown does not pull himself out of this nose-dive and begin to accept the responsibility an renumeration package  ---- he will warehoused as an undesirable in a mental hospital. And that would never do.


ARE YOU LIKE Charles Brockden Brown?


If so, then you will have to BUCK UP YOUR IDEAS. Indeed, you ill have to ACT NOW AND WORK HARD! Work like you have never worked before! THROW YOURSELF INTO YOUR JOB and repeat after me : I am not like Charles Brockden Brown. My contribution to society is valuable. I am not in despair.