MUTATION:  Charm: With this power, you can exude a pheromone that makes all humans in the area trusting, happy, and generous. Honest, too. You're not completely immune to your own power, however!

SOCIETY:  Death Leopard: The Death Leopards do whatever they can to have fun.  That's what it's all about, right? And what's more fun than explosions, gunfire, and wreckin' shit?!

Your mission today is to set fire to at least five things and/or three people. You've got a pocket full of IgnaLight Stickers just for that purpose.  Just stick one to something, scratch it, and... Well, at that point try to get a few feet away.

Aspect 1:  What is money for if not for spending? And what is life for if not for enjoying? With these philosophies in mind, some time ago you visited the secretive, treasonous IR market. An hour later and quite a few pounds/dollars lighter, you left with some tabs or really good LSD, man. You've still got two tabs left.

Aspect 2:  You're not clumsy, per se, but your nickname at the service firm is Stompy Loudclone.  And for good reason.  You just can't seem to do anything without making a lot of noise doing it! You're less sneaky and stealthy than the average clone.

Aspect 3:  You spend a little more time than is perhaps healthy watching vidshows and holomovies. While most people would say this has made you a useless slob, and that you could have spent that time learning a valuable skill to further the glory of Friend Computer, you'll show them all one day. Your encyclopaedic knowledge of marketing, popular FoodLykeStuffs, and everything else you've absorbed from the commercials that make up 62% of Alpha Complex's programming is bound to come in handy someday, right?