Beer is famous in our time.   Everyone wants it and yet nobody can hold down more than half a dozen pints of it.   Due to this challenge beer is widely abused, and many of our matings are its result.  In the following list are the beers — bottled and canned — which I drunk at home, and in the homes of others, over the course of one year.

Appropriately enough, this is a golden age of bottled and canned beer.  Storage of beer in domestic casks, butts and hogsgeads would of course be absurd and impractical, involving work on the part of the consumer.  To ease this burden, beer is therefore filtered and charged with carbonic acid gas — and squashed into handy bottles and cans.  The product is inferior to properly matured and naturally conditioned beer, but nonetheless serves a cheap and potent public service.


All of the beers drunk in one year were:


7 x 275ml bottles of Beck's              
6 x 330ml bottles of Beck's            
1 x 500ml can of Beck's                
3 small glasses of Beck's                
4 x 275ml bottles of Beck's


9 x 25ml bottles of Grolsch
7 x 440ml cans of Grolsch
4 x 300ml bottles of Grolsch
1 x 500ml can Grolsch
1 330ml bottle Grolsch



grolsch from the supper book

A stubby 25ml bottle of Grolsch


13 x 440ml can Budweiser            
3 x 330ml bottles of Budweiser    
1 500ml can of Budweiser            
1 x 1 litre bottle of Budweiser      
15 x 330ml bottles of Kronenbourg 1664
6 x 440ml cans of Kronenbourg 1664
1 x 750ml bottle of Kronenbourg 1664    
One flat bottle of 330ml Kronenbourg 1664      
2 x half 440ml cans of Miller lager
19 x 440ml cans of Stella Artois lager
14 x 500ml canisters of Stella Artois  
9 x 33cl bottles of Stella   (pictured)    
3 miniature glasses of Stella - "drink up lad!"
1 440ml can of stashed Stella (NOTE)


stella supper book 

A bottle ay Stella


1 x 500ml can of Skol lager         
Several sips of Skol lager
1 and a half 500ml bottles of Budweiser Budvar
1 x 500ml can of McEwan's Lager
6 x 500ml can of Fosters (pictured)        
2 x 330cl Fosters Lager

fosters supper book

Fosters tinned Lager


4 330ml bottles of San Miguel lager      
2 x 500ml canister of San Miguel lager
2 x 1L bottles San Miguel International Premium Lager
4 500ml cans of Red Stripe lager    
2 484ml cans of Red Stripe lager
5 x 440ml cans of Guinness  
1 x 275ml bottle of Corona beer
4 x 440ml cans of Carlsberg         
3 x 660ml Carlsberg premium lager
1 bottle and a half 640ml of Tiger Gold Medal lager    
7 x 25cl bottles of Safeway Belgian beer
3 x 25cl bottles of Co-op French lager              
8 x 25cl bottles of Tesco Biere Spéciale  (A NOTE ON TESCO BEER
5 x 550ml bottles of Newcastle Brown
1 swig of Tadg's Kronenbourg lager  (WHAT IS A SWIG?)
1 500ml bottle Morland Brewery, Old Speckled Hen
1 500ml Gold Miner of the Freeminer Brewery
2 x 440ml cans of Sweetheart Stout (pictured)
1 x 440ml cannister of Tenant’s lager
2 x 500ml cans of Caledonian Deuchars IPA    
2 Litres of 1925 Alhambra Premium Lager 
1 500ml bottle of Caledonian IPA


sweetheart stout image

Sweetheart Stout — it makes your lips feel puffy


1 255ml bottle of Moosehead lager "Since 1867"
1 x 440ml can of Caledonian 80/-
3 x 33cl Leffe - Bière Belge - Leffe Anno 1240      
1 x 33cl bottle of Bavaria Holland Beer
1 x Samuel Smith's Nut Brown Ale 550ml
1 33cl bottle of Orval Biere Trappiste


1 Bavaria Dutch Lager 33cl
2 x “13.5% Extra Free 500ml for the price of 440ml Kronenbourg 1664 Premium Lager” / “brewed with a unique hop blend including aromatic hops from Alsace”
2 x 25cl bottles of unidentified lager
1 x 440ml can of Becks that Seán Bradley gave me for the train (pictured)

becks supper book

A can of lager gifted at the railway station, expressly for consumption on the train


2 bottles of unbranded Czech Prague Premium Lager    
1 x 500ml of Westons Strong Organic cider
1 x Young's Acclaim Champion Beer
1 x 660ml Isle of Skye brewery "Misty Isle" bottle conditioned wheat beer
1 500ml bottle of Skye Black Isles Organic Stout 50
A glass of Badger Golden Champion Ale - "Deceptively Drinkable"


The remainder of the year's drinking is to be found as follows: