I seriously doubt any aliens at any time will save this world.  In fact I doubt they give two shits about us.  The only way this world will be saved is if we as humans do it our self.




This happened about 20 or so miles away from where I live. I was driving down the road at about 3:30 in the morning coming back from Fyvie to Methlick and I saw what appeared to be these same things I'd seen before eating something in a field.

They were WAY to big to be cows or horses. On my way back at about the same place my car had a sudden jolt to the right side of the road. Banff and Buchan is a fucking shitshow when it comes to paranormal incidents.


Can U Elaborate?

Just Googled It and It's Not

My Sides are in Orbit

'Show me me on the doll where it touched you,' I said. She tore it open and pointed at the stuffing.

I Honestly Believe 100% Without a Doubt That I Have Met One