'Oh, yes! -- Oh, we perceive! Oh, no doubt! The aliens are here -- O, my! Oh, goodness, gracious! -- what is this world coming to? Oh, tempora! Oh, Moses!

'It is now within a few days of three years since what I am going to tell you occurred -- but I met one of these aliens and that alien showed me that the infinity of matter is no dream.

'And now I needs must paint for you the now disenchained frenzy of mankind!

'In its impalpable gaseous character I clearly perceived the consummation of Human Fate, and have now discarded (among other things) those two previously equivocal terms -- gravity -- and electricity.'


Now Follow The Alien!



Heil Hydra!

The Future Is So Bright I Don't Need My Eyes To See It

Redpill Me On This Ascension Phase




This is one of the most frightening photographs I have ever seen:


finger trick

There is simply SO MUCH that remains unexplained.


ALIEN / HUMAN PROTECTION: Get guns, and knives, and surround yourself with a moat of holy water and landmines, and meditate and never go on the Internet or talk to unwholesome people that make you feel uncomfortable, and you will become what you hate the most, and there's nothing you can do about it!