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28/02/201408:46As in Archimedes' case, there was nowhere to stand—
28/02/201408:40RT @gallusgirl: TY @PaulJor38908319 @paulShows where MPs priorities lie. Like pigs in the trough. Want a kinderr fairer society http://t.c…
27/02/201423:44RT @deCespedes: Moazzam Begg reveals why UK gov has been harassing him since his return from GITMO,& took his passport for 2nd time http://…
27/02/201423:42RT @jala_leb: 11 Rohingyas Killed By A Rakhine Extremist Group While On Their Way To Yangon ~ Rohingya Blogger via @…
27/02/201423:40RT @ggreenwald: NEW from The Guardian: UK spy agency intercepted webcam images of millions of Yahoo users
27/02/201423:40RT @1DeenaRae: #BestSelling book about #IndiePublishing by @EBookBuilders - A must have for #authors
27/02/201421:19RT @BarrettBrownLOL: Kids! Overthrow the US government lol
27/02/201421:19@BarrettBrownLOL Does RTing this get me arrested? Guess we'll see . . .
27/02/201421:17RT @bdcory: This tweet got @BarrettBrownLOL in trouble with the US government: Could you be next?…
27/02/201421:16RT @JLLLOW: Barrett Brown's new book 'Keep Rootin' For Putin' skewers mainstream media pundits, writes @DouglasLucas…
27/02/201421:16RT @EduardKovacs: US prosecutors say Anonymous and Barrett Brown plotted to overthrow the government - this based on a tweet…
27/02/201418:06@writerkcampbell Yr welcome, I enjoyed it very much :)
27/02/201413:47@Web_of_Trust Meantime you should look at this: green circle says 'Safe to proceed' to me, tho it's not safe at all.
27/02/201413:44@Web_of_Trust I'll leave you alone though and write a blog post about it, I guess. Thanks for your time, it's appreciated.
27/02/201413:44@Web_of_Trust I don't like posting links to for example my site or firend's site only to see them appear with a question mark. It looks bad.
27/02/201413:43@Web_of_Trust I can see how this is suppsoed to work but like so many things it penalises smaller sites and businesses.
27/02/201413:42@Web_of_Trust I feel let down, as small self hosted sites receive a '?' which makes them look dodgy and porn sites get a green circle
27/02/201413:02@Web_of_Trust Thx for reply. It appears red only when I actually load the site; as previewed on Twitter and Facebook it appears green
27/02/201412:28@Web_of_Trust You srsly giving #dramatica one of your green circles? #lame very #lame >> Child Safe? >>
27/02/201411:11One insanely long but most rewarding article about ghosting the #Assange book by O'Hagan >>
27/02/201410:57Back to Missouri from Michigan from Missouri back to Michigan >>
27/02/201410:39"The Fix Is In" - Barrett Brown, the FBI and Stratfor: via @LeakSourceInfo >> all the poop on one handy web page <<
27/02/201410:27RT @digitalfolklore: what is this about? pics of Princess Di and gun sales ? #auspol
26/02/201422:53RT @Twitchelmore: "Thank goodness for Thomas Bernhard, the most truthful, the funniest and the most musical of writers since Proust." http:…
26/02/201422:52RT @Caborca2666: Nothing but disaster follows from applause. ~Thomas Bernhard
26/02/201422:36RT @FreeBarrett_: BB defense counsel @amadooooo in @YaleISP panel: The Legal and Policy Implications of Hacking by Law Enforcement https://…
26/02/201422:32RT @Audrey_Repa: “@NightLifeFails: Fancy dress WIN! #HumanCentipede” oh hell no
26/02/201417:19RT @FreeBarrett_: Apparently, govt. is now suggesting that #Anonymous is violent and they "secretly plotted overthrow of government." http:…
26/02/201417:19RT @LegendaryAsshol: @FreeBarrett_ Overthrowing the government is a constitutionally protected right.
26/02/201417:17Whoever put the fu**cking @Web_of_Trust in charge of the Internet? More reason to migrate to the onion everybody . . .
26/02/201417:15Super article by @writerkcampbell >> #indyref
26/02/201415:21@13Elves It's been good for some people's careers . . .
26/02/201409:08The Gentleperson's Guide To Forum Spies (spooks, feds, etc.) >>
26/02/201409:07RT @suigenerisjen: Why #Wikileaks & whistleblowing (thanks Liz Thompson!) is so important: How information is kept 'under control' http://t…
26/02/201409:05RT @mywildalaska: "@TelfordCC: Anythng #war can do, #peace can do better GREAT image #Palestinians @aplsmith5"
26/02/201409:04RT @ItsMeBelle557: Why is Barrett Brown still in jail? This goes against every fiber of the constitution. Time to Demand OUR public SERVANT…
26/02/201409:03RT @lgbtcouk: US: 92-year-old #trans widow granted social security benefits #pensions #equality #equalmarriage
26/02/201407:20@digitalfolklore As happens I wake & see you guys've sorted it out / agree with @DouglasLucas no reason not to buy this book @FreeBarrett_
26/02/201407:02@PamelaDrew Windoze ;) ... We rock #fedora in this house
26/02/201406:55RT @m_cetera: London Assembly Member: £5.3m spent on police surveillance of #Assange a "terrible waste of money" #wi…
26/02/201406:53RT @DouglasLucas: By me today at @whowhatwhy: #ElChapo Arrested--Why Now? #Guzman #DEA #Mexico #DrugWar
25/02/201422:42@digitalfolklore given recent tweets I think flaming face is appropriate though @Rep_DanGordon seems 2 have changed his back 2 #respectable
25/02/201422:34RT @digitalfolklore: #AFP - "sorry, ..not" @Channel7 Search Warrant ...#auspol #SchapelleCorby #media
25/02/201422:33@digitalfolklore yr right about the bath >> Mrs Burnett yr kid has been huffing ether either that or the motherfucker's been puffing reefer
25/02/201422:21@digitalfolklore Yep
25/02/201422:13@opticaldensity don't believe a word that @digitalfolklore sez lol #FreeDF
25/02/201422:09@digitalfolklore @FreeBarrett_ @DouglasLucas the book is funny as fuck and is AMAZINGLY nothing to do with or about #Anonymous #fancythat
25/02/201422:01RT @jrodwyer: @Janissharp Letter from Dave @Davemac1134 about his #extradition to US … and please sign & RT http://t…
25/02/201422:00RT @opticaldensity: who runs this Fuckbook page??
25/02/201421:53RT @FreeBarrett_: Barrett Brown's new book "Keep Rootin' For Putin" Skewers Mainstream Media Pundits via @DouglasLuc…
25/02/201421:49RT @psychcomm: 'Walking with Omega' by The Psychogeographical Commission
25/02/201421:38RT @fillagainb: Barrett Brown Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane': via @youtube
25/02/201421:31@PamelaDrew my Instagram account is my only ever to be owned, it was someone in Argentina and cause Microsoft allowed them a pword reset
25/02/201421:28@digitalfolklore that one's in the song
25/02/201421:28RT @digitalfolklore: @OccupyMolokai @leamingtonbooks @FreeBarrett_'s another
25/02/201418:04>> << #freebb #freebarrettbrown #montana94 << painted by @Seeds_ONE
25/02/201418:01>> That's what #KRS means son >> I'm not run of the mill >> cause for the mill I don't run <<
25/02/201418:00@Seeds_ONE @PamelaDrew >> heroic dude <<
25/02/201417:58@Seeds_ONE @PamelaDrew @an0nyc Great, I'd LIKE that if I could remember my fucking Instagram password LOL! >> cheers bro << #FreeBB
25/02/201417:47RT @OccupyMolokai: “@digitalfolklore: @KealohaDudoit @SomersetBean @FreeBarrett_ Please Help and spread Barrett Browns next court date. htt…
25/02/201417:45RT @digitalfolklore: @KealohaDudoit @SomersetBean @FreeBarrett_ help more if you spread his next court date..BB would be ranting mad http:/…
25/02/201417:44@FreeBarrett_ >>> Hi @PamelaDrew @an0nyc ask @Seeds_ONE where that Barrett Brown throwie is . . . that cat will know for sure :)
25/02/201417:43RT @OccupyMolokai: Jeremy Hammond quote about Barrett Brown. @FreeBarrett_ #FreeBarrettBrown #FreeHammond #Trapwire #Stratfor #Dow http…
25/02/201417:42RT @CassandraRules: The Criminalization of Journalism: Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir's Open Letter in Defense of Barrett Brown http://t.…
25/02/201417:42RT @birgittaj: The Criminalization of Journalism: @BirgittaJ's open letter in Defense of Jailed Journalist, Barrett Brown.…
25/02/201417:42RT @sparrowmedia: The Criminalization of Journalism: @Birgittaj on the Draconian Prosecution of #BarrettBrown http:/…
25/02/201417:42RT @Thomas_Drake1: .@birgittaj writes on @FreeBarrett_ case. Part of ”unjust war on w'blowers, journalists, and information activists" http…
25/02/201417:41RT @FreeBarrett_: Recent GCHQ stories by @ggreenwald vindicate reporting Barrett Brown did on security firms, persona management, etc. http…
25/02/201417:41RT @YourAnonNews: Icelandic MP pens open letter in defense of jailed American journalist, Barrett Brown: #FreeBB
20/02/201415:32RT @fiondaj: Its apparently worse than sin to stick something in the jambs of the government gravy train, as Barrett Brown learned. #Houseo…
20/02/201407:50RT @AlphonsoPSpain: The first episode of 2014 for @BBandBPodcast has @LeamingtonBooks @KitaraLeMur and @1DeenaRae #stream…
19/02/201421:26@The_Drouth phew ;)
19/02/201417:06@digitalfolklore @_cypherpunks_ that's why Leo Wanker always had a fire extinguisher to hand ...
19/02/201417:04RT @FledglingPress: Morning Read for Wednesday: #FirstChapter of #TheStudioGame by @leamingtonbooks
19/02/201417:04@The_Drouth Is that a SALAD in attendance? #shurelyshomemishtake
18/02/201421:53RT @_cypherpunks_: Latest photos from #Kiev #Ukraine #euromaidan
18/02/201407:12@Bassrepublic555 #best #ever
17/02/201421:47RT @NesterTweets: Military Police in Brazil still acts as during the dictatorship. Most are corrupt, have poor schooling and are aggressive…
17/02/201421:43RT @digitalfolklore: Spooks all over the world have adopted the #Anonymous Times Warner mask i.e. #Venezuela time for a brand change? ht…
17/02/201421:38RT @FledglingPress: What else do you have to do on a Thursday evening in #Edinburgh ? #SIG7
17/02/201421:32RT @KeyStakeholder: An #indyref Yes vote puts us at the bottom of a mountain to climb. No vote puts us on the edge of a cliff, with UK beh…
17/02/201421:29RT @eBookBuilders: Publishing discussion - platforms, Google+ and past lives #Download
17/02/201421:28RT @_cypherpunks_: "I’ve found criminals to be a rather fastidious people" - @BarrettBrownLOL's new column written from inside a TX jail ht…
17/02/201421:18@digitalfolklore @BarrettBrownLOL it is a microcosm of US society innit? They don't call him lol for nuthing.
17/02/201418:19RT @SYPScotland: Longing for an internship in publishing? The Intern Event is for you! #internship #publishing
17/02/201418:18RT @bellacaledonia: Barroso's intervention ridiculed by former political director of the European Policy Centre: #i…
17/02/201418:16RT @ritamills: Time for @EBB_2 to pack for going around the world in 26 days #EBBB
17/02/201418:12RT @jala_leb: Palestinian activists successfully plant 100 olive trees in fields targeted by settlers in South Hebron Hills…
17/02/201418:10RT @lgbtcouk: Take The Test - Man United v Prostate Cancer
17/02/201418:04RT @JebBoone: "...neo-cons had made no inroads among the whites of the Seagoville jail" | The White People Meeting by Barrett Brown http://…
17/02/201417:45RT @DustinSlaughter: The latest installment from jailed Barrett Brown: The White People Meeting #FreeBB
17/02/201417:45RT @thegirlone: Barrett Brown continues to be one of the smartest, most humorous writers writing in the world today.
17/02/201417:45RT @Edpilkington: Vivid read: Barrett Brown, star of new House of Cards series, on a whites-only meeting in his Texas jail…
17/02/201417:45RT @thegarance: More about Barrett Brown: Now writing the "The Barrett Brown Review of Arts & Letters & Jail" http:/…
17/02/201417:45RT @mbaram: When white supremacists at your jail invite you to a "meeting," what do you do? @BarrettBrownLOL tells the story...…
17/02/201417:44RT @timmytyper: A new column by @BarrettBrownLOL: he's dragged into a whites-only meeting in jail.
17/02/201417:44RT @GreggHoush: Barrett Browns latest article from jail:
16/02/201421:13RT @eBookBuilders: Are authors brainstorming or just slacking off? @1DeenaRae says #AmWriting #Download
16/02/201421:10RT @pettisaurus: illustrated short fiction and excerpts of my recently finished #novel manuscript. Take a look, if you please.…
16/02/201421:08RT @1DeenaRae: @EBookBuilders is in the #UK with @TerryTyler4
16/02/201421:07RT @small_affair: #Trapwire cameras on @GuiseOfFawkes float in #MardiGras parade. #KreweduVieux #krewedelusion #FreeAnons #FreeHammond http…
16/02/201420:44@eBookBuilders I'm just showing off! It was Mrs that ordered it anyway u am strictly Lager Meister ;)
16/02/201420:42RT @OpBOYCOTTisrael: BOYCOTT @Pampers | #BDS #OpBoycottIsrael
16/02/201417:35RT @1DeenaRae: Publishing #Podcast - Return to the Honky Tonk with Bon Scott @leamingtonbooks joins @1DeenaRae @Stitcher…
16/02/201417:35RT @AlphonsoPSpain: What do honky tonks and Bon Scott have in common? Listen in as @leamingtonbooks an @1DeenaRae discuss @Stitcher http://…
14/02/201422:59RT @racheleliason: Two simple formatting tricks for doing ebooks with LibreOffice | Wired That Way
14/02/201422:58RT @1DeenaRae: @leamingtonbooks discusses brainstorming and slacking – publishing #Download
14/02/201404:44RT @LaFamiliaFilm: Robert Aldrich directs Gaby Rodgers & Ralph Meeker in Kiss Me Deadly.
14/02/201404:43RT @kingcobra_osaka: 2/9 【BLACK LODGE】 S.H.I. KISS ME DEADLY DEMOLITION ULCER LAST SENTENCE DJ:SHIGA-CHANG/MINAMI OP18:30ST19:00 ¥2000 htt…
14/02/201404:42RT @df_mnemonic: Got any favorite Film Noir? Kiss Me Deadly, perhaps?
14/02/201404:41RT @cowabunga_baby: Kiss Me Deadly's beauty is underestimated I think.
14/02/201404:38RT @WomackPoetry: If you would like to get to know more about me, and who I am, please visit my website Thank you, a…
14/02/201404:37RT @JareerKassis: “In Gaza, 1000s of people cannot see their loved ones in person…even sending a bouquet of flowers is not possible.” http…
14/02/201404:34RT @ritamills: When including a #Bibliography in your manuscript make sure your #citations are in correct format. #w…
14/02/201404:34RT @AlphonsoPSpain: Plotting #publishing or world domination? Nah, just @CiaraBallintyne & @EBookBuilders talking #E…
14/02/201404:34RT @eBook_Romance: Our Romance Historical #eBook Picks for the Week #eBookDeal
14/02/201404:34RT @CharityParkerso: 5 stars from Reader's Favorite "The Society of Sinners" Evil lives in the dark #paranormal
14/02/201404:34RT @eBookBuilders: Floor Plans of Caisteal Aingeal an Bhais: The Castle from In the Company of the Dead via @CiaraBa…
14/02/201404:31RT @TheAutumnStones: Would have been cool if this sign had read "HE IS NOT" instead of "IT IS HOT." #TheFall #CruisersCreek…
14/02/201404:29RT @m_cetera: Video: "Sex, Lies, and Julian #Assange" program Reviewed and found free of bias, falsehoods: https://…
14/02/201400:20RT @TelecomixDA: Horse Sense by poasterchild #DigitalArt
14/02/201400:18RT @marthagroup: #Sweden's #Anakata 'trick' & prosecutor's desire to question #Assange on Swedish soil | Rixstep #Wi…
14/02/201400:18RT @free_anakata1: Denmark called out on minimal coverage of #freeanakata @politiken answers with these articles:…
14/02/201400:12#OOCG #AUSPOL Out Of Control Gathering - - I got hold of a part of this picture by Tim Turnbull
13/02/201423:54"They Call Me Superman" - Featured Author Michael Goffinet @MichaelGoffinet #EBBB: >> Would You Be Super? <<
13/02/201416:00Big bunch of stolen stills from Kiss Me Deadly (1955) >> #filmnoir #mikehammer #mickeyspillane
12/02/201422:28@KatieAddison3 enjoy The Broch ... I warn ye it can get rough!
12/02/201421:34Kiss of the Vampire (1963) >> #Hammer
12/02/201421:32RT @Fifepsy: Scenes from a subterranean netherworld. London Underground: photos by Bob Mazzer from the 1970s & 1980s…
12/02/201420:35@digitalfolklore Fuck sake, 'possession of stolen road signs' I didn't even know that was a crime :(
12/02/201416:29RT @sabzbrach: Rafsanjani's daughter Faezeh Hashemi becomes head of Iran Association for Press Freedom
12/02/201416:27RT @endsolitary: Martin: Texas should end #solitaryconfinement on #deathrow | Houston Chronicle…
12/02/201409:12@digitalfolklore @USDayofRage just off to shred this: . . . maybe with this:
12/02/201409:07@digitalfolklore sir knees you in the groin, elbow in the face, bruises bigger than dinner plates #morrissey lol
11/02/201419:45RT @1DeenaRae: @leamingtonbooks discusses brainstorming and slacking publishing #Stream
11/02/201419:44RT @liminalcity: Brighton street art 01
11/02/201419:44RT @johnmcternan: @johnmcternan Rather fine: (@gapingvoid via @tom_peters)
11/02/201414:34RT @Op_Chelsea: RT Valentine Cards Drive 4 our Whistleblowers & Activist. #ChelseaManning #BarrettBrown #JeremyHammond #JohnKiriakou http:/…
11/02/201414:33RT @FreeBarrett_: Check out this preview for @TheHackerWars, featuring @rabite, Jeremy Hammond and @BarrettBrownLOL…
11/02/201414:33RT @Global_hackers: Will #Snowden documents eventually reveal the Odyssey contract program, which was first reported by Barrett Brown? http…
11/02/201414:33RT @FreeBarrett_: Help to Free Barrett Brown on #TheDayWeFightBack. @DayWeFightBack
11/02/201414:27@digitalfolklore @USDayofRage what kind of Dickensian Galloping Foxley shit were you at??!!!
11/02/201414:26@digitalfolklore I still say 'fuck you' when I think of her . . .
11/02/201414:22RT @ritamills: @leamingtonbooks discusses brainstorming and slacking – publishing #Download
11/02/201414:22RT @EBB_2: @leamingtonbooks discusses brainstorming and slacking publishing @stitcher
09/02/201412:33Dorothy Richardson's 'The Tunnel': Feminism and Fl
09/02/201412:30RT @BobbySeal1: Dorothy Richardson’s ‘The Tunnel’: Feminism and Flânerie in Bloomsbury - new blog post #DorothyRichardson…
09/02/201411:54Free Copy of MIMI availableI: QUIZ! via @FictionAtelier #TeamMimi #Mimi
09/02/201402:55via @USDayofRage: #Anonymous supporters face caning for #graffiti" #Singapore > #FreeAnonsSG
09/02/201402:54RT @AnonymousVideo: ►Barrett Brown, American journalist faces 105 years in prison #FreeBB #FreeAnons #Anonymous http…
09/02/201402:54RT @USDayofRage: This is sheer cruelty, not justice. #FreeSingapore5 #FreeAnons #FreeAnonsSG cc @govsingapore
09/02/201402:50RT @CassandraRules: No More Killer Cops #KellyThomas
09/02/201402:45RT @madamecp: "#Journalist uncovers murky world of 'private' snoops – is jailed for 100 years" #FreeBB
09/02/201402:43RT @nnelken: Exklusiv-Interview mit Anwalt des #NSA #Whistleblower s Edward #Snowden: Er verdient hohen Respekt @Tag…
09/02/201402:42RT @AnxnLeg: ►Barrett Brown, American journalist faces 105 years in prison #FreeBB #FreeAnons #Anonymous…
08/02/201410:06"Buzzard" by The Range Of The Awful Hand:
06/02/201410:28One Year - Week 20 . . . neutrality . . . subjectivity . . . psychogeography . . .
05/02/201422:37RT @reorientmag: Calling all writers with ideas for articles related to contemp. M. Eastern arts & culture! Give us a shout - info@reorient…
05/02/201422:31RT @gaelynnwoods: Online Radio Show highlighting African writers, musicians & filmmakers: @AfricaCreates @VeredEhsan…
05/02/201422:29RT @nancykric: IKEA offers a new ScarJo room divider (satire via @PanArabia) #SodaStream
05/02/201422:21RT @skyhorsepub: Jesse Ventura says he’s ‘off the grid,’ hiding from drones
05/02/201422:10RT @elnathan: There is little independent thought and honest critique among African writers. People are afraid to offend the few African ga…
05/02/201422:02@spbbest @WeAreNational I like the angle you take there, neat ;)
05/02/201422:00RT @spbbest: My first column for @WeAreNational, in which I rail against independence: Am I doing this #indyref thin…
05/02/201411:56RT @CharisEdweeeeee: - Red Beard, My performance. Icky and sticky. #art #performance
05/02/201411:52@Metallic_Dreams >> William Burroughs, was born on this day in 1914 >> apparently he coined the phrase ‘heavy metal’.
04/02/201421:46@WendiPeters that is incredible xxxx
03/02/201400:05RT @EFF: Pete Seeger's activism is a reminder how much freedom of association matters in light of NSA metadata collection:…
03/02/201400:00RT @GordonWright: @Channel4 Still pocketing that Sodastream dollar? #shameless
03/02/201400:00RT @EvillySexyBitch: Left/Right Paradigm ...
02/02/201423:57RT @PalsJustice: #SB48 Did Scarlett Johansson really know SodaStream made under Oppression?#BoycottSodaStream #HumanRights…
02/02/201423:55@sabzbrach @PhoebePhanatic You can pay more to get stuff faster, or less so you get it in like 20 days if ur no rush
02/02/201423:52RT @SomersetBean: Australia: Sex discrimination, disability and Aboriginal social justice commissioners may all be abolished:…
02/02/201423:51RT @AlphonsoPSpain: . #AmWriting? Stop at @Helle_Gade to find out about a new #MustHave guide
01/02/201413:19RT @deCespedes: 02.02.#Afterglow: Circumventing the Panopticon: Whistleblowing, Cypherpunk & Journalism in the Networked 5th Estate | http:…
31/01/201422:18There is a difference between boycotting a company and not shilling for a company: #NoScarJo
31/01/201422:12RT @YourAnonNews: The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: Secrets of the Illuminati, or, Yay, Cookies!…
31/01/201422:12RT @AlllyMango: Isn't this disgusting!!! Demolitions continue in #EastJerusalem despite housing crisis #Zionism #Is…
31/01/201409:46RT @palestine: Several Palestinians Injured Near Jenin
31/01/201409:07RT @ulvdis: Abducted #Kyiv Activist 'Crucified,' Tortured #euromaidan #ukraine #ukraina #news #media…
30/01/201414:32RT @lgbtcouk: Only six hours to #LGBTQhour - every Thursday for #lesbian #gay #bisexual #trans #queer #weareeverywhere
30/01/201414:32RT @BoycottAhava: WIN! Scarlett Johansson steps down from @Oxfam because of work for SodaStream #NoScarJo #Occupation
30/01/201414:32RT @ritamills: #Epublishing Navigating the World of E-Book Publishing by @EBookBuilders #Kindle
29/01/201415:24Moss writing at Gardenstown kirk >>
29/01/201415:19RT @FreeBarrett_: Obama should have called for a full pardon of Barrett Brown and others persecuted by the state for piercing the veil of s…
29/01/201415:18RT @PalestineVideo: We say: "in the age of a full bloomed rose." Palestinian martyr, Mohammed Mubarak. source http:/…
29/01/201412:38You Are Now Entering the Literary Sector >> << Download the One O'Clock Gun >> #OOCG #Edinburgh
29/01/201411:30RT @Paul_Fledge: @spbbest and you are showing on Amazon too !! Shop Front by Samuel Best
29/01/201411:29RT @spbbest: Missed it earlier? Another little taster from my forthcoming @FledglingPress novel, Shop Front: #linlit…
29/01/201411:29@Paul_Fledge The first episode of 2014 for @BBandBPodcast has @LeamingtonBooks @KitaraLeMur and @1DeenaRae #stream
29/01/201411:29RT @1DeenaRae: The first episode of 2014 for @BBandBPodcast has @LeamingtonBooks @KitaraLeMur and @1DeenaRae #stream
29/01/201409:26RT @BBandBPodcast: Plotting #publishing or world domination? Nah, just @CiaraBallintyne & @EBookBuilders talking
28/01/201423:21Fun with The Gun >> #OOCG
28/01/201423:11RT @ritamills: What I wish I had known before publishing via @louise_wise #EBBB
28/01/201423:10RT @alisonlang: A-nis air-loidhne @FilmGAlba Chaidh mo Bhràthair airson Suiteis agus Bean a' Chotain Ruaidh http://t…
28/01/201423:05RT @PalsJustice: New York Senate passes bill punishing American Studies Assn over Israel Boycott via @mondoweiss @al…
28/01/201420:5810 Things #ScarlettJohansson should know about working in an Israeli settlement . . . just a few basics #NoScarJo
28/01/201420:56RT @lgbtcouk: RT @FrontLineHRD protest against #Putin in Brussels! #Sochi #LGBT @Sochi2014 …
28/01/201420:53RT @ggreenwald: Here's how the US Govt tries to silence whistleblowers who are in prison, by @kgosztola
28/01/201420:52RT @PalsJustice: Dear Scarlett Johansson - A Letter To A Woman I Once Admired from a Young Palestinian Woman v @Fila…
28/01/201419:49RT @wobject: @Oxfam, Time for a new logo? #BDS
28/01/201419:47@digitalfolklore @Rep_DanGordon >> To Business >> RT >> >> Get it up ye's #ScarlettJohansson <<
28/01/201419:45@wobject @Oxfam I been enjoying that Tumblr >> used a couple of your images here >> >> #NoScarJo
28/01/201419:06RT @HandalaChiapas: Tell Oxfam to drop SodaStream Global Ambassador #ScarlettJohansson. Occupation isn't green or guilt free.…
28/01/201415:02RT @Anony_Mia: Over 500 days in jail. You can help. New flyers by @SomersetBean: … #FreeBB
28/01/201414:12RT @GowanCalder: Guantanamera - sings young Pete Seeger: via @youtube. Voice of my childhood, still reverberating th…
28/01/201414:08RT @FreeBarrett_: Robert Jaffe: figures like Snowden, Manning, Assange, Brown and Hammond help us fight back against broken government http…
28/01/201414:07RT @ronbryn: It's crazy that author/journalist @BarrettBrownLOL is facing 40 years in prison for essentially trying to hold on to his repor…
28/01/201414:07RT @FreeBarrett_: @MatthewKeysLive @Gawker should fight for Barrett Brown if they care about the right to link to documents.…
28/01/201414:05RT @kateconger: Is it just me, or is Tarantino vs. Gawker the corporate version of US DOJ vs. Barrett Brown?
28/01/201414:05RT @CassandraRules: #FreeBB
28/01/201411:12Submissions are being sought for The Evergreen 2014 >>
28/01/201411:09Barrett Brown: You can help >> << #FreeBB >> << #BarrettBrown >> #RightToLink
28/01/201410:35RT @BoycottAhava: ACT: Tell @Oxfam to drop SodaStream's Scarlett Johansson. #NoScarJo
28/01/201409:33@digitalfolklore @SomersetBean It's a sad life sometimes, trying to please the man >> <<
27/01/201421:48─────────►An Occupy Fable #freetopiary
27/01/201421:45@SomersetBean It's awesome >> x10,000 on the streets of Europe any day now! << very positive image >> thanks ~_~
27/01/201421:42RT @SomersetBean: If you support Chelsea Manning, you must also help Free Barrett Brown #FreeBB #FreeChelsea http:/…
27/01/201415:20Some basic deconstruction of the Scarlett Johansson #sodastream bullshit >>
27/01/201412:52RT @SomersetBean: Australia, steroid soaked neighbourhood bully drunk with power, casually coward punching Pacific inhabitants:…
27/01/201412:49RT @The_Evergreen_: Poems in a West Port garden for The Evergreen, with Eddie Gibbons >
25/01/201423:58RT @goodballs: If you drown someone in the tub just throw an octopus in and when cops ask what happened be all, "It's pretty obvious."
25/01/201423:57RT @the1stStarr: Mumia is a Yogi via @moorbey #PoliticalPrisoner
25/01/201423:55RT @EBB_2: Must Have book for #IndiePub Navigating the World of E-Book Publishing by @EBookBuilders @Amazon
25/01/201423:38@eBookBuilders I am loathesome tonight.
25/01/201422:17RT @pettisaurus: #book bound in human skin. Icky.
25/01/201422:14RT @1DeenaRae: A great find for writers and #authors @lisagillis_
25/01/201422:08RT @FreeBarrett_: Your right to link is under threat in United States of America v. Barrett Lancaster Brown. Donate:…
25/01/201421:57RT @YourAnonNews: Going to @SXSW? Don't miss the 'Hacker Wars' panel feat @vivienweisman + @peterjludlow @JayLeidermanLaw @TorEkelandPC htt…
25/01/201421:57RT @YourAnonNews: The definitive Barrett Brown timeline: #FreeBB
25/01/201421:55RT @blackplans: #FreeBB: #Barrett has been imprisoned for 500 days now, educate yourself about this #journalist, follow @FreeBarrett_ http:…
25/01/201421:55RT @Cae_9: It's been 500 days since journalist #BarrettBrown was put in prison. No trial, no sentence, and has been silenced by court order…
24/01/201403:07RT @SomersetBean: #Egypt extends detention of Australian Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste #auspol
24/01/201402:42@onetoughcarrot sorry, a good one.
24/01/201402:42@onetoughcarrot I don't know, but I could use a divorce attorney
24/01/201402:19The most beautiful music in the world >> #freetopiary << Pearl Fryar >> << #PearlFryar >> #expensivetopiary <<
24/01/201401:42RT @rericswan: What this Millionaire Thinks of Poverty Will Make Your Blood Boil | Hero...: via @youtube
24/01/201401:42Judith Duffy >>
24/01/201401:40@DerekKnight1 thanks, lookin' good :)
23/01/201422:21@Metallic_Dreams Doesn't 'readable' = 0 out of 10 LOL?! Like your meal was 'edible'?! It's like a minimum for a book, surely . . . :)
23/01/201420:54@Metallic_Dreams checking out Peter May's books now, thanks
23/01/201420:53RT @No1Consequence: @leamingtonbooks Egypt. Just found that the 500th day of BB being incarcerated coinciding w/3rd anni of Egypt's Jan25t…
23/01/201419:53@No1Consequence Egypt, Iraq or #Barquisimeto? I don't get it . . . could you explain or remind me what I've missed?
23/01/201419:48MONSTERS OF ROCK! >> chez moi >>
23/01/201410:50RT @AlphonsoPSpain: Must Have book with #PubTip Navigating the World of E-Book Publishing by @EBookBuilders #BYNR
23/01/201410:50@fabmass @tim_hecker it's just what I need, v nice . . .
23/01/201410:34If my tweets are not golden, at least I hope you agree they are rich in brass.
23/01/201410:06RT @screamingtamimi: Zionist settlers put last night signs between Ramallah & Jerusalem calling for building a new settlement #E1 #BabAlSh…
23/01/201410:04@AlisonStuart14 Sorry, I'm looking at that pun now, and it doesn't really work :) I'm glad you got an answer tho & best wishes for the book
23/01/201409:35@Metallic_Dreams where do you stand on the #guga Mark? Apparently it's been going on since at least the 16th century . . .
22/01/201422:36@AlisonStuart14 like a retard except a dog or a cat lol ;)
22/01/201422:34RT @wearewideawake: @JacqJoosten #Vanunu photos #Israel #Dimona #FreeVanunu Petition http://t…
22/01/201418:53RT @AppleForcedMeTo: Comrades in spirit, brothers in lulz. This is why we are dangerous to the establishment, #Anon…
22/01/201418:53@AppleForcedMeTo And check this great Gary song >> << #Anons
22/01/201418:49@WeRAllAnonymous @CassandraRules damn . . . they locked up Barrett Brown for less than that :(
22/01/201418:44RT @BBandBPodcast: A HUGE No-No in E-Books #EBBB
22/01/201418:43RT @BobbySeal1: George Gissing: 'New Grub Street'. New blog piece, originally published by @LondonFictions last year
22/01/201414:20RT @The_Evergreen_: Petition for those interested in #Caltongate development in #Edinburgh:
22/01/201414:20RT @DRZO73: Please sign the petition: save #Edinburgh's beautiful & historic #OldTown from #Caltongate vandalism vi…
22/01/201409:34For #Debord, The Game of War was a guide to how people should live their lives within Fordist society >>
21/01/201421:15RT @kenlowery: DO NOT HIRE THESE ANIMALS
21/01/201421:10RT @ScotAFed: 47% of US jobs "are likely to be automated over the next two decades". Welcome to the world of the cyber-peasant!…
21/01/201421:05Just overheard my 7yr-old in bed to little brother: "Mustn't tell, but I found out what the F-word and the P-word are today. Fuck and Puck."
21/01/201421:00RT @The_Evergreen_: SBT Blog: Reading Confessions: Kirsty Logan
21/01/201418:30RT @freeanons: This is the person the FBI thinks is a threat? Brilliant Barrett Brown on Blake. Pure poetry.
21/01/201418:29@FreeBarrett_ Jeez sooner than I thought :(
21/01/201418:24@FreeBarrett_ Can anyone tell me, when is the 500 day mark? #FreeBB #BarrettBrown
21/01/201418:23RT @nicOladoubleLL: in jail for over a year for BS, and the kid still has a sense of humor #freeBB
21/01/201410:52@Smicht 'To a Louse' >> "Your impudence protects you sairly" >> "Gae somewhere else and seek your dinner On some poor body" ETC LOL
21/01/201410:41RT @doug_johnstone: Just checking my earlier scribbled notes on this scene I'm writing. 'Something profound in here' is not really helpful,…
21/01/201410:38RT @digitalfolklore: CABARET VOLTAIRE 'Colours'
21/01/201410:32RT @SomersetBean: #Surveillance and Scandal: Even if we think we have nothing to hide, all of us, have good reason to be concerned. http://…
20/01/201418:45RT @LukeSmitherd: RT please for my 4.8/5* novel "The Black Room." #Paranormal #Mystery. Read the reviews and download it #FREE here: http:…
20/01/201413:47@digitalfolklore yeh I forgot that, you must have one of those twitter blue tick things no trolls unless you want to review one of MY books
20/01/201413:40RT @MylesDyer: Fake signs appearing in London Underground...
20/01/201409:46RT @Falkvinge: New article: Let's send books to Anakata!
20/01/201409:39Advance reviewers of Barrett Brown's new book wanted:
20/01/201409:37@eBookBuilders were it a #SHEEP . . . it could be good publicity >> Calf in a field of #Texas #Bluebonnets
20/01/201409:28RT @GlasgowRevBooks: WEE BEASTIE: the first of GRB contributor @weecalrobot's web series "Burns In Translation" is now online:…
20/01/201409:20RT @evrgrnprogress: Who is Barrett Brown? Why you NEED to know.
20/01/201409:19RT @LesleyMcDowell1: My paperback reviews in today's @IndyOnSunday :
20/01/201409:08RT @AndrewRBarr: Liz Ely from Yorkshire writes a brilliant piece on identity and Scottish independence: #IndyRef via…
19/01/201412:54RT @Scottish_eBooks: A fast action thriller from a great Scottish writer #nowonthekindlestoreAUSTRALIA
19/01/201412:54@Scottish_eBooks @FledglingPress Roughly Speaking by Eddie Gibbons 'New and Rejected Poems' >> <<
19/01/201412:31@Scottish_eBooks This was the first Scottish ebook of 2014 > < 'New and Rejected Poems' by Eddie Gibbons @hitchaiku
19/01/201412:26@FledglingPress author Peter Burnett @leamingtonbooks on Publishing Promotion and Pyromania Podcast >> << #EBBB
18/01/201423:41RT @pauleggleston: I saw an Irish dancing show today called 'Streamdance', which was inspired by 'Riverdance'. It's a really good tributary…
18/01/201402:30You Are One Dumb Security Contractor >> #FreeBB <<
18/01/201402:07RT @FreeBarrett_: Barrett Brown's prosecutors have a record of misconduct and pursuing cases which judges said were ill-advised…
18/01/201402:06RT @birgittaj: Twitter Storm to support Share + Send us more tweets! #StopTheNSA
17/01/201416:55KRS ONE >> Kaiser Slamming Recorder . . . in a Kinda Rennaisance Style >> and check out >> YAKI KADAFI >> <<
17/01/201402:45@IAmKRSOne KRS >> you are a Kedgerie of Remedial Song >> ~KRS~ << #KRS >>
17/01/201400:40@IAmKRSOne >> King Rap Star >> Kif Smokin Raga >>Kathode Ray Silencer >> >> M'KASSA >> @DOLLATALINA >> #FREE <<
15/01/201410:44These are free ebooks available 15th January >> something for everyone lol >> #EBBB >>
15/01/201410:29Roughly Speaking, New and Rejected Poetry by Eddie Gibbons >> << #Rejected #Poetry? Yes indeed.
14/01/201423:06RT @cubbie9000: The funny, funny fruits of a fascistic gag order.
14/01/201422:48RT @SomersetBean: How American evangelicals made life unbearable for gays in #Uganda --> |
14/01/201420:50RT @Hacksperger: (They Live) John Carpenter: via @Hacksperger
14/01/201420:47Latest from The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail >> THE POETRY OF WILLIAM BLAKE <<
14/01/201415:54RT @Jake_Vig: Truthful Tuesday: Operators are not standing by. They are sitting like normal people.
14/01/201415:54RT @eBookBuilders: The incomparable @Hatchiekid has @1DeenaRae on the site
14/01/201413:37RT @FreeBarrett_: Approaching 500 unnecessary days that Barrett has been in pretrial detainment, in two weeks time. Already it's been 16 mo…
14/01/201413:36RT @shokufeyesib: #freeBB @BarrettBrownLOL Cc: @FreeBarrett_ @ageis ♥
13/01/201422:20RT @AlphonsoPSpain: #Free Jan 13 & 14 ONLY Navigating the World of E-Book Publishing by @EBookBuilders #IndiePub
13/01/201402:21@stewarthome1 affronts #Google with #urine display >>>>
12/01/201412:05RT @NewOnAudible: Matthew Josdal reads Mimi by Lucy Ellmann #Fiction
12/01/201412:05RT @AlexandraPring: Mimi, Mimi, Mimi #teammimi @BloomsburyBooks
10/01/201421:24RT @Fifepsy: New blog post: Once we looked to the horizon How can we see now? #walk #Fife #Aberdour…
10/01/201414:50@digitalfolklore boo hoo :(
10/01/201414:27RT @bellacaledonia: On Benefits, Dependency Culture and Media Manipulation: #indyref @OwenJones84 @thoughtland
10/01/201414:17"I would like the Queen of England to be asked why she wears an electrocuted bear-cub on her head." #Morrissey
10/01/201414:13RT @EBB_2: @leamingtonbooks @KitaraLeMur and @1DeenaRae talk publishing promotion pricing and pyromania #download
10/01/201400:23RT @DionneLister: How to Create URL Shortener for your Blog with Subdomain via @thezinxmag
09/01/201421:05RT @SunEBear: Remembering Amiri Baraka, the loss of another giant. Rest in Power. Expressive Language by #AmiriBaraka
09/01/201421:05RT @jacksontalent: Peaceful journey to #AmiriBaraka, one of the finest writers of poetry and prose. His brilliance remains in his wake. #l…
09/01/201421:02RT @FunkyDisciple: @PalAnonymous @IsraeliPM @Israel @georgegalloway something that George put up on Facebook that's interesting. http://t.c…
09/01/201421:00@eBookBuilders @SusanLeighNoble Yo >> consider that tweet FAVORITED :)
09/01/201420:56I'm not hounding you @fiondaj it's just that I feel I know you after seeing you on Judgemental Judy at Hogmannay. I emphasise the *mental*
09/01/201420:55RT @deilsplantin: the devil's plantation: the last post:
09/01/201420:46RT @fiondaj: Looking forward to reading @BarrettBrownLOL's book ASAP. @FreeBarrett_!
09/01/201419:17RT @RandiLawson: In honor of David Bowie's birthday #PiggyStardust
09/01/201416:26RT @underagreysky: On memory and imagination in a Brandenburg graveyard - Pieskow Village and the Family Schultze:
09/01/201400:02RT @HongPong: wow Hitchcock contributed to Holocaust documentary finally to be released should blow "deniers" minds …
09/01/201400:01RT @YourAnonNews: 30,000 people sign petition calling for Washington Post to disclose’s CIA ties…
08/01/201423:59RT @JacobDonley: Navigating the World of eBook Publishing by Deena Rae Schoenfeldt! #EBBB via @KitaraLeMur
08/01/201423:59Where marijuana and Torah meet >>> "Coffee is nice, but it doesn’t end the war so fast. Grass really does.”
08/01/201423:51RT @digitalfolklore: @small_affair @free_anakata @justcyberpirate @olfashdeb @xen0nymou5 #freeanakata 2
08/01/201423:48RT @AlphonsoPSpain: Listen as the 3 hosts talk publishing, promotion, pricing and puking. @Stitcher
08/01/201423:48RT @eBookBuilders: First stop on the World Tour is @KitaraLeMur's blog for @1DeenaRae #EBBB
08/01/201423:47RT @YourAnonNews: It's Jeremy Hammond's Birthday! Say happy birthday – donate to his commissary account!! http://t.c…
08/01/201423:45Judges 19-21 retold: a cowardly Levite submits his concubine to a murderous gang prompting civil war & near extinction of Israel #pitmad
08/01/201423:36A homeless African in London must overcome a criminal gang past to achieve his ambition of getting a trial as a pro soccer player #pitmad
08/01/201423:04RT @eBookBuilders: @KitaraLeMur because @leamingtonbooks did admit to being on the look out for some wood to wrap his arms around on @BBand…
08/01/201420:54RT @AlphonsoPSpain: @leamingtonbooks @KitaraLeMur and @1DeenaRae talk publishing promotion pricing and pyromania @Stitcher…
08/01/201418:59RT @catbruce: Rock paper dog, is now available on print to order!
08/01/201415:20@DOLLATALINA I got the stuff, thanks very much :) :) #sekou
08/01/201414:47RT @1DeenaRae: The first episode of 2014 for @BBandBPodcast has @LeamingtonBooks @KitaraLeMur and @1DeenaRae #download…
08/01/201414:47RT @scottishbktrust: Jane Austen on how to defend your creative vision against commercial pressure via @Brainpicker:…
07/01/201420:27Good old fashioned scratchy great cue marks from #Detour (1945) >>
07/01/201413:53RT @concretepost: Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography. Upcoming book for 2015 (@RowmanInternat …
07/01/201401:46RT @KitaraLeMur: . @EbookBuilders is on my blog today discussing her book Navigating the World of eBook Publishing!
06/01/201423:02RT @KitaraLeMur: Navigating the World of eBook Publishing with @EbookBuilders on my blog today!
06/01/201421:21RT @FreeBarrett_: Forthcoming eBook by Barrett Brown includes a foreword by @BarryEisler and was blurbed by the late @mmhastings http://t.c…
06/01/201421:21RT @1DeenaRae: RT @KitaraLeMur: Join @eBookBuilders on my blog as she discusses her book Navigtaing the World of eBook Publishing. http://t…
06/01/201418:48RT @SimoneCerbolini: “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” by Henri Bergson
06/01/201418:45@KatieAddison3 . . . . they have had enough and run away :)
05/01/201423:14RT @DoricDictionary: hing - verb: hang - Hiv yi ony hingin ingins? Do you have any hanging onions? She's got hair like hingin... http://t.c…
04/01/201423:30RT @FreeBarrett_: This story: Kim Dotcom’s Mother Was Raided Too Reminds us of what they did to Barrett's family—htt…
04/01/201423:30RT @PamelaDrew: "If DoJ charges say anything in prosecution of #BarrettBrown it's entirely profane ~ No one knows what crime he committed" …
04/01/201423:23RT @DocR0cket: Egypt, don't make a dire situation worse by restricting critical food, fuel & aid to Gaza! #OpenRafahBorder!…
04/01/201421:53@scottgilmour7 @andrewrmpanton Loved the show tonight, just the most moving beautiful thing ever, thank everybody :) #tears!
02/01/201404:33RT @BillyBostickson: the story of Barrett Brown set to Bob Dylan's "Hurricane"!! Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane': and https…
02/01/201404:32RT @jchernandezjazz: La France s’en prend aux bloggeurs qui doutent des bilans de ses banques Par Wolf Richter | @scoopit…
01/01/201423:16RT @cultauthor: The city is not built of atoms, but of millions of layer of memory and narrative.
01/01/201417:08RT @Fifepsy: Soundtracks of 2013. Heroine: Éliane Radigue. Hero: Ivan Volkov Yet another indulgent y/e list http://t…
01/01/201417:08RT @thatguyJA: *drinks last years coffee*
01/01/201400:22>>> The first #ebook of 2014 is now available for #free . . . and it's funny as hell! Download it for Kindle here >>
01/01/201400:20RT @small_affair: A Few Words From Sue Crabtree #FreeAnons
01/01/201400:00The first UK ebook of 2014!!> "ROUGHLY SPEAKING" NEW AND REJECTED POEMS by Eddie Gibbons << FREE for #Kindle >> #EBBB
31/12/201318:14@DOLLATALINA I guess so, but which prisoners? #freemumia they are all different #freeaamer
31/12/201318:08RT @lgbtcouk: RT @Artemissian Disalienation: Why Gender is a Text Field on Diaspora #queeringgender @sarahmei @joind…
29/12/201321:05RT @nnelken: Who Is Barrett Brown ?: #freeBB #Anonymous via @youtube
28/12/201320:36RT @Leith_Links: The UK’s recovery is a recovery only for those already rich. Ordinary people, me and you, become progressively poorer. All…
28/12/201310:52RT @peterkofod: I say 2014 should be the year we get #Manning out of prison. Also @JohnKiriakou, @FreeBarrett_, @FreeJeremyNet No more pers…
28/12/201310:51RT @evrgrnprogress: Who is Barrett Brown? Why you NEED to know.
23/12/201311:13"Isn't it amazing how all too soon one comes to the finale of a truly grand evening" >>
22/12/201304:24RT @FreeBarrett_: Please rally to BB's defense and show your support... using WePay or Bitcoin: 1FreeBBm5dXjTiBSyVv…
21/12/201313:44RT @BirlinnBooks: #25Years #Lockerbie new evidence shows #Megrahi #innocent read more here @MegrahiURmyJury #Scotlan…
21/12/201313:43RT @ana_cherine: Oh Bush. Lol
20/12/201320:51RT @FreeBarrett_: How Barrett Brown helped overthrow the government of Tunisia—by @timmytyper in D Magazine, April 2011:…
20/12/201320:49@digitalfolklore Her mother was 'the most evil woman in Sydney' >>
20/12/201300:28RT @canadianglen: "I was a student there. The things that I witnessed were damn near from a horror scene at times." …
20/12/201300:27RT @FreeBarrett_: @fightfortheftr: Imprisoned for journalism and gagged. Silence speech much? Sign the petition: htt…
20/12/201300:26"I saw kids getting abused, injected, and neglected at this horrible place. worst year of my life." #ShutLoganRiver
20/12/201300:23RT @DejaVrai: So let's reiterate. Elizabeth Urbanowicz of Lasalle, Quebec, Canada is a disgusting homophobe. Please see previous tweets/scr…
20/12/201300:23@DejaVrai double favourite
20/12/201300:02RT @bbhorne: CPJ list of imprisoned journalists doesn't include Barrett Brown: Counting him, U.S. has same # as Som…
20/12/201300:00RT @gms111: Brilliant remake of Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" featuring lyrics about jailed journalist Barrett Brown : via…
20/12/201300:00RT @FreeBarrett_: @CPJInternet Denial of bail and sealing of detention hearing unusual, consequence of his status as a state critic @ElanaB…
19/12/201323:53@DoubleJake if they accept your application you'll soon be colleagues with Hector again
19/12/201323:49RT @KanysLupin: "saw kids getting abused, injected, & neglected at this horrible place. worst year of my life" #t2 #…
19/12/201323:48RT @Historylecturer: For once I seem to be ahead of the trend! My profile photo is a #shelfie.
19/12/201323:43RT @the1stStarr: We must ALL stand up for these children!!! They have NO OTHER ADVOCATES! #ShutLoganRiver #StopChild…
19/12/201323:40RT @ehackingdotnet: Top 5 Cyber Scams of Christmas #hacking #infosec #onlinescam
19/12/201323:39RT @the1stStarr: We have to shut this place down! #ShutLoganRiver #Change
19/12/201323:35RT @1DeenaRae: #Authors — How to irritate buyers #PubTip #EBBA
19/12/201323:28RT @psychcomm: Man tries to trade alligator for beer
19/12/201323:27RT @DejaVrai: Want to see some disgusting bullshit? Of course you do.
19/12/201323:25RT @ritamills: A New Way to Promote Your Free eBook #FreeReads
19/12/201323:24RT @EFF: Eskinder Nega and Reeyot Alemu remain in prison in Ethiopia. Help @MLDI and support their defense: #FreeE…
19/12/201322:21@Metallic_Dreams don't worry, and I am loving it, talked to D about it on b3 for an hour last night. She forgot to press record.
19/12/201313:53RT @ByLeavesWeLive: Salem Ayash, poet in Yemen, wants million Facebook likes on a page he set up instead of a traditional monetary dowry: h…
19/12/201311:32RT @tap_poetry: Tapsalteerie are on the new @scotslanguage podcast! It was great fun, so thanks to the centre for inviting me on! http://t.…
19/12/201311:32RT @OneNightStanzas: I believe today is the last day to do this in time for Xmas. Please click, & give a book to a child who needs one. ht…
19/12/201301:18RT @arunindy: The 72% who think big government is greatest threat don't realize it's executive committee of the bourgeoisie.…
18/12/201322:56@ElanaBeiser @FreeBarrett_ Fact that judge ruled a journalist “a danger to the safety of the community" shld ring alarm bells, it's nonsense
18/12/201322:37RT @birgittaj: Please share this LINK! Awesome lyrics & urgent message in Support for Barrett Brown to Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane': #freebar…
18/12/201314:05RT @lgbtcouk: This is Stage 2 of the Scottish same-sex marriage legislation: five amendments needed for #EqualMarriage…
17/12/201316:56RT @vivienweisman: Upcoming book on #OWS and #HackerWars by Peter Burnett of @leamingtonbooks . Can't wait @Yan
17/12/201313:24Scotland for Marriage Press Release << >> a new article on
17/12/201310:25RT @happyheatup: #freetopiary: An Occupy Fable , Peter Burnett , #Amazon #Book
17/12/201310:17RT @weecalrobot: bizarrely high number of people on tinder whose profile pics are them at the holocaust memorial in berlin grinning and say…
17/12/201310:15@digitalfolklore 'There's no body of work.' This is good but I'm still not donating ;) and Where is the 21st C #Devo ?
17/12/201309:05@missnovocaine it's good you get cards the steef gets in my Edinburgh street would frown on anything so communally minded ...
16/12/201317:42I Might Have Been Chelsea Manning
16/12/201317:40RT @SaveManning: Support the release of Chelsea Manning. Sign the Amnesty International petition today. #ChelseaMann…
16/12/201317:14RT @LiborVS: Enjoy & share this song🎵: #BarrettBrown Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane' #occupy #music #art @RebelDiaz @evan_gr…
16/12/201317:12RT @realfine693: Here comes the story of BarrettBrownLOL. A song for jailed American journalist Barrett Brown, to the tune of... http://t.c…
16/12/201316:23RT @BBandBPodcast: #FreeReads Ripped by Shelly Dickson Carr @shellykarol
16/12/201315:01RT @birgittaj: dear #denmark your court did not order solitary confinement. Police have taken it upon themselves to toture #anakata http://…
16/12/201312:28RT @dead_man_switch: Court did not order solitary confinement. Police have taken it upon themselves to toture #anakata…
16/12/201312:06RT @birgittaj: "The danish prison authorities are holding my client in solitary confinement without a warrant" - Luise Hoj #Anakata's lawye…
16/12/201310:50Cryptocuration and its Miscontent >> #infosec
15/12/201322:35RT @USDayofRage: Stratfor Had Contracts With 13 Canadian Federal Gov Departments: WikiLeaks via @HuffPostCanada #fre…
15/12/201321:57RT @carwinb: To perform an itemized search of the database go here #Manning
15/12/201321:41RT @birgittaj: #twitter policy & actions showing trends of #censorship that worry me.
15/12/201321:40RT @SweatshopElves: our newest tweets aren't showing up in #WalmartElves search. #Censorship
15/12/201321:38@Seeds_ONE YO!
15/12/201320:14RT @TelecomixBSRE: #FREEBARRETTBROWN #FREEJEREMYHAMMOND #FREEANAKATA Information is meant to be FREE #truth
15/12/201319:20Birgitta Jónsdóttir video for Brown / Hammond fundraiser: #mask #RightToLink
15/12/201318:40RT @love4worldpeace: Love it!! RT @JLLLOW Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane' reworked as an ode to #BarrettBrown. Genius. | ht…
15/12/201318:37@birgittaj Thanks for the shares awesome :) :) #RightToLink #FreeBB
15/12/201318:35RT @LeakSourceNews: ♪♫ This is the Story of @BarrettBrownLOL ♫♪ via @leamingtonbooks #FreeBB #RightToLink
15/12/201318:35RT @WISEUpAction: @LeakSourceNews @BarrettBrownLOL @leamingtonbooks Sharin links;it's what the internet was meant to do-oo-oo♫ ThisIsTheSto…
15/12/201317:23RT @SomersetBean: Barrett Brown not only locked in prison, but also in a perpetual world of crap TV. He writes: #Fre…
15/12/201317:18RT @JustSikko: alright this barrett brown song is pretty great too
15/12/201317:18RT @birgittaj: Please share this LINK! Awesome lyrics & urgent message: Barrett Brown Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane': #fr…
15/12/201317:18RT @deCespedes: Must hear, brilliant. Barrett Brown Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane': via @youtube #freebb
15/12/201317:18RT @GenEngNetwork: Barrett Brown Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane' Freedom for the Internet Freedom to Inform @GMWatch
15/12/201317:17RT @trancegemini: Top story: Barrett Brown Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane', see more
15/12/201316:07RT @peterfeld: The brilliance of this #FreeBarrett Brown (jailed for pasting a link) version of Dylan's "Hurricane" will amaze you. http://…
15/12/201316:06RT @mywrrd: @BarackObama @vj44: Free Barrett Brown by 12/25/13.He's been locked up over a year & you haven't convicted him of anything. Wrr…
15/12/201316:06RT @cephurs: @BarrettBrownlol should be at home in the bath with the finest wines
15/12/201316:06RT @FearDept: Nice song about Barrett Brown, one of our political prisoners via @JustSikko
15/12/201316:06RT @FreeBarrett_: BB on 4/24/12: Feds searching my belongings will find evidence of wrongdoing by contractors, but won't investigate. http:…
15/12/201316:05RT @JLLLOW: Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane' reworked as an ode to Barrett Brown. Genius. |
15/12/201316:0034 views in 2 years is not so hot, but I'm OK with that >> #freetopiary was in fashion for such a short time >> <<
15/12/201315:58RT @MinneapoliSam: This one's great too. Trolling Corporate Congressmen
15/12/201314:46I am down for dropping the absurd charges against @BarrettBrownLOL >> and so is @BobDylanLOL !! >> @bobdylan #FreeBB
15/12/201314:44@digitalfolklore he is a prolific and determined little dude #jesse
15/12/201314:08@digitalfolklore Yes, I got deetz, I wrote to him when I knew where he lived. . .plus I asked Barrett if he left any #ectoplasm on the walls
15/12/201313:29RT @apblake: Amazing AP piece on a CIA contractor sold-out by the US and lost in Iran cites @wikileaks cables released by Manning http://t.…
15/12/201313:20RT @ProjPM: If you'd be interested in participating in a Project PM reboot please favorite this tweet.
15/12/201313:19RT @DoubleJake: If, upon looking over their shoulder, your offspring is logged into a global corporation as an admin, remind them that pris…
15/12/201313:14@digitalfolklore what is public is definitely public
15/12/201313:12RT @lumi_1984: Makes sense...I agree "@EyeEdinburgh: My outline of How To Fix MP expenses: @politic_animal #MPexpens…
15/12/201313:12@Fifepsy @FourFeetFilms @yscolan looks like a nice day . . . sad . . . sunny . . . sad about the deer
15/12/201303:58RT @BiellaColeman: So this BoB Dylan Hurricane remix in honor of Free Barrett Brown is brilliant (and lulzy) via @s…
15/12/201303:57RT @RaZ0R3: .@FreeBarrett_: LISTEN: Here comes the story of Barrett Brown. . .set to Bob Dylan's "Hurricane"
15/12/201303:57RT @OccupyCompanies: MT @AnonymousVideo ►The #Anonymous Solidarity Network #Paris ►#BarrettBrown faces 105 YEARS in prison…
15/12/201303:57RT @jchernandezjazz: J'aime une vidéo @YouTube : "Barrett Brown Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane'" à l'adresse
15/12/201303:56RT @apblake: BRB. Listening to a rendition of Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" re-done to be about Barrett Brown.
15/12/201303:55RT @SLindauer2011: Hacker Wars: Covert Report interviews Vivien Weisman on #Jeremy Hammond #Barrett Brown- via @Shar…
15/12/201302:51#RightToLink >> Supporters of @BarrettBrownLOL << #RightToLink
15/12/201302:17RT @subverzo: @digitalfolklore @vivienweisman need to also do Iggy Pop's Search and Destroy #FreeBB @leamingtonbooks
15/12/201302:17RT @digitalfolklore: @vivienweisman I'd go more Iggy Pop - "dum dum boys" Barrett could n't fight his way out of a wet paper bag.. http://t…
15/12/201302:05RT @vivienweisman: Barrett Brown Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane'
15/12/201302:04@subverzo @digitalfolklore @vivienweisman YOU ARE ON
15/12/201300:51RT @cubbie9000: .@leamingtonbooks has repurposed Bob Dylan's "The Hurricane" to tell the tale of @BarrettBrownLOL and it is great. http://t…
14/12/201323:32You are one dumb security contractor! #FreeBB >> << #FreeBB This is the story of @BarrettBrownLOL
14/12/201320:59RT @FreeBarrett_: LISTEN: Here comes the story of Barrett Brown. . .set to Bob Dylan's "Hurricane" via @leamingtonb…
14/12/201309:35RT @FreedomofPress: “There is no principle more fundamental…than the right of a reporter to refuse to divulge a confidential source.” http:…
13/12/201317:01RT @kennethlipp: Photo: freebarrettbrown: Gagged artist, Lauren Spitzberg, greatly sympathizes with the plight of Barrett...…
13/12/201314:37@digitalfolklore April I think
13/12/201314:37"Being an atheist is like not owning a TV – completely rational, but best kept to one's self" - - - Barrett Brown #FreeBB
13/12/201313:13@digitalfolklore yeh I was tryin figure that one out too, but it is a pagan thing really. And as American as the #NSA and #applepie #FreeBB
13/12/201313:05@digitalfolklore I was thinking more: (& rip the audio >>> RIP #Snakefinger <<< )
13/12/201312:46@digitalfolklore a Christmas theme?
13/12/201311:54RT @MaggieHighway: Watch for info on Judge Preska's conflict of interest ties to law firm in the Hammond case #Free…
13/12/201311:52@MaggieHighway @LeighannThorpe thanks for the RTs . . . . and the . . . recipes . . . :0
13/12/201311:45@bellacaledonia We're not shit at film, just shit at 'administering' the arts. Knownothingism Rules :( and these guys just spoil EVERYTHING
13/12/201311:38Here is the score today >>
13/12/201311:36RT @digitalfolklore: @leamingtonbooks snake finger running / lopping
13/12/201311:35@journogolfhist or just forward me the email i'll get yr pictures :)
13/12/201311:34@digitalfolklore Whifler feat in this >> 'Theory of Obscurity'
13/12/201311:32@digitalfolklore Graeme Whifler would understand
13/12/201311:32@digitalfolklore LOL google earth, where else. I wander in a virtual sense up and down outside Barrett's gate each night
13/12/201311:31@digitalfolklore This is great, this guy directed the Sedan vid >>
13/12/201311:24@digitalfolklore loooooooool >>> let's have it one mo' time! >>>
13/12/201311:22@journogolfhist Using Windows? Right Click on Image? If not, what about Snipping Tool?
13/12/201310:44UK >> this is the last day for Xmas card to >> Barrett Brown #45047-177 PO Box 9000 Seagoville TX 75159-9000 USA
13/12/201310:42Today's the day to send a card to Barrett Brown >> Barrett Brown #45047-177 PO Box 9000 Seagoville TX 75159-9000
13/12/201310:35Haven't done a #filmnoirfriday for a while, but here's OUT OF THE PAST (1947), the cigarette movie *ne plus ultra* >>
13/12/201310:34@journogolfhist fantastic . . . I <3 that place
13/12/201310:33RT @journogolfhist: Latest snaps from #Warriston Cemetery, taken first thing one morning - eerie!
12/12/201319:55RT @DocR0cket: Barrett Brown has been in prison for 455 days. Demand his release: & Donate: …
12/12/201314:30@digitalfolklore yeh right with ebay as the new amazon . . .
12/12/201301:54RT @digitalfolklore: "of course I 'm a qualified signing dude...dude..." #Mandela @LeakSourceNews
12/12/201301:54@digitalfolklore round the clock
12/12/201301:09Hurricane >> >> Bob Dylan: << << mmm!
12/12/201300:32RT @wikileaks: #Sweden spy network "SWEDUSA" spies on millions of people around the world, including Swedish citizens
12/12/201300:31Enjoyed ny 1st Publishing #Podcast - Return to the Honky Tonk with Bon Scott with @1DeenaRae #awesome #fun
10/12/201312:44RT @fuzzytek: Tell the Justice Department: Stop the war on journalists, Free Barrett Brown!
10/12/201312:44RT @FreeBarrett_: USA v. BB is a landmark case for internet activism, press freedoms, surveillance research, censorship, excessive prosecut…
10/12/201312:43RT @BarrettBrownLOL: Don't forget that Palantir, Berico, and HBGary considered a campaign of harassment and disinformation against #Wikilea…
10/12/201312:43RT @JohnTiessen: @ggreenwald Barrett Brown said a long time ago "YOU'RE BEING SPYED ON" #BarrettBrown is a political prisoner of U.S.A http…
09/12/201313:06GIVEAWAY : Lesley McDowell - Unfashioned Creatures - >> via @Sarabandfiction @upcoming4me
09/12/201312:43More praise for The Five Simple Machines >> #sex! #sex! #sex! <<< via @FictionAtelier
09/12/201312:34RT @SarabandBooks: REVIEW by @upcoming4me @LesleyMcDowell1 Unfashioned Creatures "Quite simply one of best books I've read this year" http:…
09/12/201312:34RT @ScotRevBks: Latest intern blog is @NickMajor88 on @LesleyMcDowell1 'Unfashioned Creatures' @Sarabandfiction
07/12/201313:19RT @manjushriNL: If #Beijing will not seek a solution for #Tibet: #China #freeTIBET! #humanrights #amnesty http://t…
06/12/201323:38@digitalfolklore >> this bit >> when he's sort of running >> >> speechless << #snakefinger
06/12/201323:28RT @psychcomm: has just heard that the author Colin Wilson died yesterday, as a youngster he warped my mind to what it is today. Thank you …
06/12/201314:22RT @BBandBPodcast: New co-host finally gets an episode uploaded - @leamintonbooks & @EBB_2 talk pub and NaNo. #Stream…
06/12/201310:55Free EBooks – Dec 6, 2013 #FreeReads – 20 Titles for Your Kindle #EBBB:
06/12/201310:50@copyrightgirl >> Copyright Trolls! They're real >> have good day :)
06/12/201310:45@trutherbot #eliewiesel is in that pic
06/12/201310:44RT @XerxesQados: I realized this legendary quote from @ioerror was not yet a meme so I fixed that:
05/12/201323:32RT @ritamills: What do honky tonks and Bon Scott have in common? Listen in as @leamingtonbooks an @1DeenaRae discuss #download…
05/12/201319:04RT @eBookBuilders: What do honky tonks and Bon Scott have in common? Listen in as @leamingtonbooks an @1DeenaRae discuss #download http://t…
05/12/201312:48@digitalfolklore duh . . . is this Monty Python?
05/12/201312:42A page of history, sold in a good cause >> #manning
05/12/201311:52@NeverWhere2306 Good luck with The Little Mermaid YA project and thanks for the invite
04/12/201322:03RT @1DeenaRae: #FreeReads Pirate Hunter's Mistress (The Virginia Brides) by Lynette Vinet
04/12/201321:47@digitalfolklore what a sensational video #snakefinger
04/12/201314:54Virtual police patrol 2050: >> C'EST ARRIVE PRESQUE CHEZ VOUS << #virtual #cops
04/12/201314:44RT @ByLeavesWeLive: 4 poets, 4 residencies in botanic garden, 1 great SPL podcast full on interviews & poetry inspired by nature: http://t.…
04/12/201312:53John Herdman Launches #indyref Remember the 1320 Club? This man does!
04/12/201309:56RT @Lookingglassbks: Party at ours 10th December! Hope yo can join us
03/12/201322:52Nothing like finding a Japanese twitterbot promoting your book
03/12/201322:49RT @happyheatup: #freetopiary: An Occupy Fable , Peter Burnett , #Amazon #Book
03/12/201322:31@AbigailBosanko Time for the master Paul Kelleher to recommence his excellent work #MyHero
03/12/201322:27@eBookBuilders night night y'all
03/12/201318:48RT @lgbtcouk: @applefmtaunton #whydoesitmatter that Tom Daley came out? #LGBT #champion #Olympics #homophobic #bullying…
03/12/201318:29RT @transhuman: Your moral high ground of attacking trolls does not cover your obvious suppression of freedom of speech #Trollocaust2013
03/12/201318:15RT @EFF: A US citizen is facing jail time in the UAE for posting a satirical YouTube video:
03/12/201318:09@rxpell #youts lol
03/12/201318:05RT @freeanons: ►Barrett Brown, American journalist faces 105 years in prison #FreeBB #FreeAnons #Anonymous http://t.…
03/12/201318:05RT @jennyann67: Free Barrett Brown is collecting donations for Barrett Brown Legal Defense Fund using @WePay! #givi…
03/12/201314:57A Party Political Broadcast on behalf of the Optimistic and Hedonistic Fucked-Up Caledonian Kollective Advocating ...
03/12/201314:54@Jenni_Fagan 90% preparation etc etc etc "By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail" Benjamin Franklin etc etc etc! Good luck with it!
03/12/201314:52RT @CodenameFalcon: When you buy the print edition of "The Falcon and The Snowman: American Sons" you get the ebook free.…
03/12/201314:52@kennethlipp @phawker did and done :)
02/12/201322:48RT @pgo1980: "The idea that 'socialism is dead' is wrong: People judge policies & ideas aside from whether you call them socialist or not."…
02/12/201322:47RT @jrodwyer: RT@Corbyskin Without Anyone Paying Attention, #Canada Is About To Change Its Laws To Support #ACTA
02/12/201322:28RT @RichardLafette: My friend Frances had literally never heard of Tom Daley. She thought I was talking about Tam Dalyell.
02/12/201322:18@citizentommy @TheDrum excellent article . . . those guys were on a spree :(
02/12/201322:14RT @citizentommy: Phone-hacking trial: Five things you might have missed via @thedrum Informative and worth reading …
02/12/201322:09RT @kasthomas: Can't wait for @dominos to offer delivery via drone so I can order a pizza strike on my mouth.
02/12/201322:07RT @deanprocter: If countries want to stimulate their digital economies the best way is to disconnect the USA from their internet. #notUSAn…
02/12/201321:56RT @ScotAFed: The occupation panda delivers demands at #eduni! #fairpayinHE #edinburgh #dec3
02/12/201321:42RT @FionaMontW: My review of Linda Cracknell's 'Call of the Undertow' @FreightBooks on the @ScotRevBks site …
02/12/201316:50The Cyber-intelligence Complex >> via @ageis << read about #ProjectPM
02/12/201312:41RT @ByLeavesWeLive: @DementedBonxie The great writer Todd McEwen agrees with you: via @ScotRevBks
02/12/201312:41RT @FictionAtelier: Lesley McDowell speaks up for MIMI today in Books Of 2013 | Herald Scotland. Yay. via @hsnewsbre…
02/12/201312:28@Nell_Nelson @38_degrees Hi Nell, I signed :)
02/12/201312:28RT @Nell_Nelson: Please have a look at this petition, it means a lot to me: via @38_degrees
01/12/201322:45RT @ageis: Sounds like persona management was used to sway elections in South Korea For reference:…
01/12/201322:11RT @FreeBarrett_: BB's important & singular work w/ Project PM has been interrupted. He will need financial resources for this fight. https…
01/12/201322:10RT @bagmansgirl: Donate canned goods, clothing, blankets, or gloves. Help your community #OpSafeWinter @OPSafeWinter…
01/12/201321:28RT @musalbas: Great atmosphere here at BitcoinExpo 2013. I asked Stallman about Hammond's sentence, he said he wishes they locked Stratfor …
01/12/201321:21Thanks to @GlaisterLesley and Lucy Ellmann @FictionAtelier who called 2 of my books in the @TheHeraldPaper favourite books of 2013 Chuffed!
01/12/201314:50RT @ritamills: Texas World Problems - #IndiePub Podcast episode 33
30/11/201323:41@victoriafinan or DM ;)
30/11/201323:37@victoriafinan >>
30/11/201323:35RT @TripFiction: Fancy a bit of art in your #fiction? Try this novel set in #Aberdeen by @leamingtonbooks @Fledgling…
30/11/201323:25Texas World Problems: Deena Janet & Amber talk about a moron in Austin who is looking for love in all the wrong ways.
29/11/201322:05RT @williamsonkev: Got 2nd hand copy of Ben Okri's An African Trilogy @ElvisShakespeare 2day The bonus was inside. It was Angus's copy htt…
29/11/201320:48RT @journogolfhist: Free #Coke in Edinburgh, apparantly the sick man of Europe...personally I thought that was Glasgow!…
29/11/201319:32RT @jala_leb: #Naqab4Palestine #Naqab4Palestine
29/11/201316:12@AbigailBosanko That's brilliant :) 10 yrs ago next yr, that'll be . . .let me know if I can return the favour! I like the Lanchester BTW
29/11/201302:32@EvillySexyBitch "See ya next independence day" #AdamKokesh good post but we need more comment on the WTF beard #wtf #beard #BeardedDragon
29/11/201302:28RT @jala_leb: Where are the poor? I can't see them!
29/11/201302:23RT @EvillySexyBitch: “@PalestinianMiss: @theangelwinks I actually need a hug ... and Iam just ready to get ones now... Hugs sis.. http://t.…
29/11/201300:47RT @trutherbot:
29/11/201300:37@Leith_Links BRAW!
29/11/201300:36RT @Leith_Links: #Leith #news archive: What's been happening in Leith over the years? Treasure trove of Leith news going back to 2007: http…
29/11/201300:36RT @Leith_Links: #Leith #news update: A battleship for Leith? Police stop Trams egg threat, #Hibs Heffernan out. Local Leith info too! http…
29/11/201300:31RT @1DeenaRae: Do you have a manuscript you need formatted and converted directly for Amazon, B&N and iBooks? @EBookBuilders does it.
29/11/201300:01@journogolfhist yes I will ;)
28/11/201319:49@journogolfhist Gramps plays at North Berwick and Dunbar #correction ;)
28/11/201317:14@FictionAtelier "Thanks for Indians, to provide a modicum of challenge and danger" #Thanksgiving >>
28/11/201314:33@AbigailBosanko Yes indeed ;)
28/11/201314:31free cola : #freecola
28/11/201311:53Free Fizzy Drinks for the Sick man of Europe #Edinburgh gets iller yet!
28/11/201309:41Behavior-Based Analytics Will Monitor Soldiers/Employees to Thwart Future Whistleblowers: via @LeakSourceNews
27/11/201321:49@FictionAtelier This is decent >> Famous Novelists on Symbolism in Their Work and Whether It Was Intentional: …
27/11/201316:39The Evergreen- A Call for Submissions
27/11/201314:22@journogolfhist No problem :) I know where there are some, if you are keen. Also online, lots of old classics:
26/11/201314:51The Red Man Turns to Green by @DicksonTelfer @FledglingPress >> <<
26/11/201314:50The Red Man Turns to Green by @dicksontelfer >> >> finely crafted and funny as f~~k short stories from Scotland <<
26/11/201314:16Shitty skeuomorphic bastardizations of what should be text communicating a fucking message:
25/11/201323:07Wild London >> a delight >> :) #marshman
25/11/201312:40Tor-in-a-Box: "Safeplug" World’s First Plug-and-Play Anonymous Browsing Tool: via @LeakSourceNews
25/11/201311:38A report on some interesting recent titles relevant to #indyref and #scotland via @bellacaledonia
24/11/201319:34CELEBRATE! (6-8 Dec) via @InkyFingersEdin
24/11/201312:19Todd McEwen 'The Five Simple Machines' a glorious novel about sex, love 'n' art >> >> @FictionAtelier
23/11/201313:46How to nail that author photograph >> @FictionAtelier >>
22/11/201315:40Common Ground in a West Port Garden this Sunday >>
21/11/201321:59Barrett Brown's Case Ignored By Fellow Journalists? You decide.
21/11/201321:50WikiLeaks Strongly Condemns the Prosecution of Barrett Brown #BarrettBrown #wikileaks
21/11/201314:14@The_Evergreen_ Mmmmmm >> #edinburgh #literary #refreshments
21/11/201314:12Launch of 'Another Country' by John Herdman this Friday >> Herdmania hits Edinburgh! >> #history #refreshments
21/11/201313:35A Lone Star Weeps by Joseph Glackin from The Word Bank in Edinburgh
19/11/201323:20RT @Helena_Torry: Fight Transphobia. Aberdeen commemeration of those who have died. at Castlegate, Wednesday 7.00pm @WipeTransphobia RT htt…
19/11/201323:14RT @raincoaster: Great moments in #wine #cinema: Vincent Price vs Peter Lorre #food
19/11/201323:11RT @peterjludlow: @VinceintheBay's statement at the #JeremyHammond sentencing gave me an out of body experience.
19/11/201323:02RT @Beth_Barany: Newbie author shares the truths she's unearthed in her dig for writing gold #writing
19/11/201322:15RT @SeraDarkley: New Blog: Self-publishing as a genre. What do you expect? #selfpublishing #discussion
19/11/201322:13RT @The_Evergreen_: A discussion with experts and enthusiasts about buildings in #OldTown #Edinburgh
19/11/201322:13RT @FreeBarrett_: We believe that BB's work is of utmost importance and that he deserves an aggressive defense.
19/11/201322:12Strikes me this may be useful to crime writers: What Happens to You WhenYou're Arrested for Computer Crime
19/11/201322:01RT @EBB_2: #FreeReads Jenny Pox (The Paranormals, Book 1) by J. L. Bryan @jlbryanbooks
18/11/201322:50@digitalfolklore @Rep_DanGordon Strelka did, and long enough for Kruschev to gift one of her pups to the Kennedys ... Maybe as a spy dog?
18/11/201314:31Lies and the Mail on Sunday
18/11/201312:41Dumbiedykes: A Community Worth Preserving
17/11/201323:08RT @FreeBarrett_: Your right to link is under threat in United States of America v. Barrett Lancaster Brown. Donate:…
17/11/201323:07@peterjludlow great find
17/11/201322:57RT @JanisSharp: Pleased that #Kindle version of #SavingGaryMcKinnon now on OFFER at affordable price of £1.69 #Am…
15/11/201311:34RT @tsrosenberg >> Poetry Workshop at @the_evergreen_ and The Word Bank >>
14/11/201315:59Boswell: We had wine before the Union. Johnson: No, sir; you had some weak stuff, the refuse of France, which would not make you drunk.
14/11/201312:41Rally for Equal Marriage outside Scottish Parliament
14/11/201312:32STRANGER ON THE THIRD FLOOR (1940): One night, Mike brings Jane to his room and his nosy neighbor Al
14/11/201312:06Why You Should Be Using Amazon's Author Central:
13/11/201322:07Free Ebooks - #FreeReads Nov 13, 2013 via @pinterest
13/11/201321:14An Nighean air an Aiseag, Aonghas Pàdraig Caimbeul >> @LuathPress
13/11/201311:24@digitalfolklore 'Keep it up Barrett!' - - - a great find
13/11/201311:15RT @peterjludlow: Barrett Brown, writing from prison, with the best description of @badgirlsclub ever. @FreeBarret…
13/11/201311:15RT @Free_Hammond: #FreeAnons Lets give #FreeBB some letters to read
13/11/201311:14RT @InfernoJourno: Why hasn't the defense fund for @BarrettBrownLOL gone past 19% of the goal to raise $200,000 yet?!? C'mon tweeps: https:…
12/11/201321:07RT @The_Evergreen_: Inspiring stories, local places and spaces in #Edinburgh Old Town with Word Bank's autumn season of events:…
12/11/201314:15Must Read From The Maestro! #freebb A man locked down with TV!! Hilarious Read from Barrett Brown: from @vicecanada
12/11/201314:12RT @The_Evergreen_: SBT Blog: What those clever Readers in Residence are plotting for BWS '13
12/11/201313:31Mathew Hulbert meets...Stephen Donnan #lgbt
12/11/201313:03On Family Estrangement
12/11/201312:51Equal Marriage in Scotland >>
11/11/201321:19This Thursday in Edinburgh >>
11/11/201320:59RT @vicecanada: Barrett Brown is Bored Out of His Mind in Jail, by Barrett Brown:
11/11/201320:58RT @FreeBarrett_: Make note of new address: Barrett Brown #45047-177 / Federal Correctional Institution Seagoville / P.O. Box 9000 / Seagov…
11/11/201320:38RT @patrickmcguire: barrett brown sent us a letter from jail. it sounds like he's bored out of his mind: cc: @FreeBa…
11/11/201320:37RT @FreeBarrett_: Barrett Brown writes about life within the American penal system via @VICE
11/11/201318:29RT @iLouminator: So many excellent panels/events at this year's Previously... Scotland's History Festival. Annual leave, get ready: http://…
11/11/201314:23The Guardian >> Jailed activist Barrett Brown's mother given probation for helping son
11/11/201313:58RT @The_Evergreen_: 'a city edged with chaos, rumour and danger' Head to Main Point Books tonight for Morelle Smith's Tirana Papers: http:/…
10/11/201321:23RT @CaladMedia: How to Increase your SEO with Google Plus: Google Plus is more than just a social media site. It can be a tool... http://t.…
10/11/201319:31Stuart Kelly on How Not to be American via @FictionAtelier
08/11/201317:05@digitalfolklore #kopimi, all the way
07/11/201323:46RT @EyeEdinburgh: The burqa ban is wrong #bbcqt
07/11/201320:44The Union as Racketeering via @bellacaledonia
07/11/201317:11RT @D21Edinburgh: Welcoming our first visiting production... @UrbanFoxTheatre
07/11/201313:02Veteran black panthers visit Scotland via @ScotAFed
07/11/201300:44RT @ergodically: @OpManning Demand #justice4rasmea. Send message to DOJ: Drop the Charges Now!
05/11/201322:27RT @jcdavis34: It's very important! We all have skin in this game. > “@leamingtonbooks: Stand up people, and support #BarrettBrown http://t…
05/11/201319:43RT @Scotto_Voce: Great to see large turnout at #EN13 at #scotparly. But gender (im)balance of speakers suggests we've still a long way to g…
05/11/201319:37@Kingluii33 @MisterArson Big up yourself Flopp . . . totally cool
05/11/201319:36I seem to be able to watch @MisterArson's avi for about ten minutes before I realise what I'm doing. It never fails me . . .
05/11/201319:04RT @eBookBuilders: WWIII: Reviewers VS Authors, Part One via @MasqCrew
05/11/201319:04Stand up people, and support #BarrettBrown
05/11/201315:10RT @Asher_Wolf: Anonymous is in the "no-protest zone" on the footpath outside the White House now #5Nov #MillionMask…
05/11/201315:09Copyright History: The Stationers' Register of 1556 >> #copyright
05/11/201315:08What is a 'Google Twist' when it comes to Copyright Infringement? I may never be wealthy enough to know.
04/11/201321:53RT @thoughtland: Grappling with S Maxwell's brilliance 4 @bellacaledonia. Blog 1: Will the McBourgeoisie close the blinds on #indy? http://…
04/11/201321:52RT @mfpenney: How economic growth has become anti-life -
04/11/201321:25RT @deCespedes: Excellent! Lawyers in #Stratfor leak case present letters of support ahead of sentencing via @guard…
03/11/201305:39RT @eBookBuilders: New Release: TRACES OF GREY by J.C. Phelps via @dlmartin6
03/11/201305:33RT @eBookBuilders: Television: It Does A Writer GOOD. via @rsguthrie
02/11/201300:13RT @anmarie63: Bill Carter - Fire On The Wire (Official Music Video). #musicmonday amazing, true history behind it <
02/11/201300:12RT @DEPPendents: BILL CARTER – “ANYTHING MADE OF PAPER” OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO & MAKING OF #BillCarter #AnythingMadeOfPaper...…
02/11/201300:12RT @Anne__Bonny: Bill Carter - Fire On The Wire (Official Music Video): via @youtube @BillCarterBlame
01/11/201323:35Desaparecidos tears through set of politically charged punk at the House of Blues (Review)
01/11/201316:58RT @GreggHoush: American Journalist Facing Up To 105 Years In Prison #ireport
01/11/201316:46RT @OccupyWallStNYC: American Journalist Facing Up To 105 Years In Prison --> #FreeBarrett #BarrettBrown #FreeBB
01/11/201316:45RT @chubsnchocolate: Truth! Barrett Brown committed NO crime. Barrett Brown did not write the content in which he is accused of sharing.
01/11/201316:45RT @YourAnonNews: American Journalist Facing Up To 105 Years In Prison:
01/11/201311:15RT @FreeBarrett_: We won't stop until Barrett is free, and you shouldn't either. We need assistance to succeed. Please donate:…
01/11/201310:59The End of Privacy . . . an exploration of the term 'National Interest' >>
01/11/201310:57RT @ggreenwald: Feinstein Releases Fake NSA Reform Bill, Actually Tries To Legalize Illegal NSA Bulk Data Collection…
01/11/201310:54#indyref "ANOTHER COUNTRY" by John Herdman >> launch event >> Herdman's book shows what a long journey it has been
31/10/201322:46What the case against Barrett Brown means for you: #BarrettBrown
31/10/201309:31A LONE STAR WEEPS all of Twitter is invited to the book launch. There will be booze! via @eventbrite
30/10/201320:37 The Vacuum That Created #Anonymous - - - Gregg Housh would know! Top article.
30/10/201320:36RT @Mollzi2011: “@GreggHoush: A new post, The Vacuum That Created Anonymous, Wikileaks, and the Whistleblower Explosion:…
30/10/201320:36West Port Meets Tirana in Word Bank Lift Off #edinburgh #westport #tirana
30/10/201320:35@Paul_Fledge harsh
30/10/201316:30Sleep by The Range of the Awful Hand >> #sherwood #Magic
29/10/201317:28@Paul_Fledge >> this #morrissey theme infographic is interesting
29/10/201314:22Four Seasons . . . flipping brilliant >>
28/10/201316:06To Be Precise... via @FictionAtelier . . . Bronte and #Herge . . . all the torrid details in one very funny blogpost
28/10/201314:34Coming Out To Save Your Life #asylum
27/10/201303:04@digitalfolklore possibly! . . . . if so, then good spot #FreeBB
27/10/201302:38RT @CodenameFalcon: The more things change... Fresh Leak on US Spying: NSA Accessed Mexican President's Email via @S…
27/10/201302:36RT @1DeenaRae: #FREE Amethyst (Jewel Trilogy, Book 1) by Lauren Royal @readLaurenRoyal
27/10/201302:32RT @digitalfolklore Don't Wait . . . . Donate #FreeBB #BarrettBrown #4504177LOL
27/10/201302:30RT @digitalfolklore: @leamingtonbooks the bunny thing..? unwell
26/10/201318:33@EBB_2 Real moms just drink from the neck :)
25/10/201310:45RT @eBookBuilders: Cool Ossuary Skull Beer Stein Tankard Skulls #ROCKTOBER & #OCTOBERFEST
25/10/201310:42RT @FledglingPress: The 100 best #Scottish #books as decided by the Scottish Book Trust. Not featuring fledgling - yet!…
25/10/201310:39RT @PublishScotland: BBC News - Dundee International Book Prize won by Nicola White
25/10/201310:36RT @LabourGeorge: Thoughts go to workers at #Grangemouth @unitetheunion @Unite4Len. They have been used in a cynical scheme by management …
23/10/201317:20RT @WebcomLP: Skyhorse Announces New Library Focused Imprint via @publisherswkly
23/10/201317:07A review of Nothing is Heavy by Vicki Jarrett @shinola32 >> Nominated for Saltire First Book of the Year!! #saltire
23/10/201315:41Grangemouth and Privatisation this via >> @bellacaledonia
11/10/201310:50Eviscerated Panda – A Metal Tale by @evisceratedpand Excerpt for #Rocktober:
11/10/201310:13RT @EBB_2: Really, its Bluebonnets, Bagpipes and Books not Booze, Bitches and a Bit of Books #stream
10/10/201303:36RT @LeakSourceNews: #FBI's "Wireless Intercept & Tracking Team" Revealed in Declassified Documents via @EPICprivacy …
10/10/201303:35RT @eBookBuilders: A Texas Trio of Book Babes discuss books, booze & boobs. @Stitcher
10/10/201303:33RT @BadManSadMan: A Book Review from @eBookBuilders ' @DeenaRaeRice #rockfiction #Toronto #TheWho
10/10/201303:33RT @eBookBuilders: RT @cassidyjonesadv: The lovely @DeenaRaeRice goes down memory lane to review some late 70s #rockfiction via…
10/10/201303:32RT @JWCharpentier: @DeenaRaeRice Thanks Deena Rae. Like the names of your kids! Good Luck. author of Cimmy
10/10/201303:32RT @StuartHaddon: #RT Pls Check out and #follow #eBook maven and talented #writer Deena Rae Rice @DeenaRaeRice and at…
09/10/201318:54@digitalfolklore ironic
09/10/201315:58@alanbissett Thanks very much for the quote, I had no idea they'd asked you :) chuffed
08/10/201317:54@digitalfolklore Crikey >
08/10/201308:30RT @doug_johnstone: Hey folks, I've put together a facebook page for @ScotWritersFC with hunners of pics, check it out if you fancy: https:…
08/10/201308:25RT @NoBigGovDuh: Kuwait to conduct ‘gay tests’ to bar LGBTs from entering the Gulf via @gaystarnews
07/10/201321:38@Paul_Fledge @DicksonTelfer @FledglingPress Min, no need to remind me of Bing. He was everywhere! Now I see he is a HUGE American chat star
07/10/201318:41Automatic OpenVPN tunnel establishment . . . it's not a dream, but a dream come true! #dontsnooponmebro
07/10/201318:37RT @GreggHoush: IndieGoGo for a VPN device anyone can use, turn-key and no config needed:
07/10/201307:12@Paul_Fledge @FledglingPress They are the skinheads of the insect world.
07/10/201306:50@Paul_Fledge @FledglingPress weird ... Kids here all got stung too
06/10/201323:27RT @InfernoJourno: Fantastic interview with @Ageis @FreeBarrett_ about BB
06/10/201323:26RT @_bradass87: The Pvt.Manning Support Network started this petition & would like everyone to sign it please. #Pard…
06/10/201323:14RT @_Pandy: quality scottish journalism
06/10/201322:54RT @CodenameFalcon: There's little comparison between #Snowden, #Manning and me. What I did was wrong. What they did was right. They are be…
06/10/201322:54@CodenameFalcon Great tweet, but don't fully agree, what you saw in cable traffic moved the world onwards in its way.
06/10/201322:48RT @teamloverecords: Free Barrett Brown @FreeBarrett_ #FreeBarrett
06/10/201322:45RT @GreggHoush: We could really use some support on this campaign. Its quick and easy to do. Please support it if you see this! http://t.…
06/10/201321:34RT @kennethlipp: Russia to monitor 'all communications' at Winter Olympics in Sochi or as Drago would say, "I must …
06/10/201321:25RT @williamsonkev: The correct number is 63 million re: Royal Mail theft...
06/10/201321:18@DoubleJake Last time I was in the Saxa Vord lounge bar was Dec 2001.
06/10/201319:53RT @1DeenaRae: How do you pick your ebook's price? @1DeenaRae has a method. #podcast
06/10/201319:51RT @Fifepsy: Masonic Symbols. Disused Masonic Lodge, New Row, Dunfermline:
06/10/201319:34@dinnatouch @HalinaWatts86 Victory for the liars as hunners o' Hartnell becomes twa o Troughton! I settle for that.
06/10/201318:51@DoubleJake shit man, that was me, your No 1. fan in 2011, and it is I who you the pints. Let's make them gallons in fact.
06/10/201318:45@digitalfolklore This video is private. boo hoo .....
06/10/201315:49Great article on #hartnellgate / #missingepisodes whatever this #DrWho shit is called!
06/10/201312:27RT @lgbtcouk: "We told Dads they're going to be Grandpas" #NationalGrandparentsDay #shoutout @LGBTAgeing
06/10/201311:56The Studio Game #duchamp #banksy #hirst #douglasgordon #wyndhamlewis #emin . . . and a bucketload more
06/10/201310:08RT @ERTAGOV: ሚድያ ዳሰሳ መስከረም 25/2006(Video)
06/10/201310:05@dinnatouch It is not, I am sorry. Some 50th anniversary marketing BS to drive traffic to the Mirror #missingepisodes #sickjoke
06/10/201309:53@digitalfolklore @CrappyAirBags @KStAngelo1 @ggreenwald That was a disgrace that interview but GG didvery well indeed we watched it 4 times!
06/10/201309:32@crystalclearjt LOL! What is also a joke is that The Fox and the Hound cost $12million! on what??
06/10/201309:29@1DeenaRae Yeah, and thanks for introducing me to YET ANOTHER sexual perversion I'd not heard of
06/10/201309:23My Favourtie #filmnoir is a poverty row quicky called Detour (1945) available to watch free at
06/10/201307:19RT @1DeenaRae: A story of #porn, addiction and murder - The Road Through Wonderland was a good read.
05/10/201321:02@crystalclearjt It would have to be bloody good at $260 million!! ;)
05/10/201320:52@Rep_DanGordon @digitalfolklore Ur right it's kind of dumb, also promulgating idea of everyone being players in a non-existent or coming war
05/10/201320:39@Rep_DanGordon @digitalfolklore Sweet, and I can feel the influence of Max Headroom
05/10/201320:31RT @tramplord: One direction flew over the cuckoo's nest #AddaWordRuinaMovie
05/10/201320:13RT @BBandBPodcast: Recorded last night with @leamingtonbooks - a lovely conversation that involved coconut sex, digital footprints, prolifi…
05/10/201317:31Worst.Book.Ever -- is it by Douglas Coupland? via @FictionAtelier
05/10/201309:59RT @lgbtcouk: RT @OutNation From our Forum: So What's It Like Going Into A Gay Pub For The First Time?
05/10/201309:57@Beltrandroid Manuel, are you serious?!
05/10/201309:51@crystalclearjt DITTO .... And it's The Fox and the Hound on VHS for us ;)
05/10/201309:49@digitalfolklore short and sweet does it every time
05/10/201309:22I just spent 2 hours talking publishing and COCONUT SEX (what is that!?) with @eBookBuilders in a podcast, can't wait to hear it . . . !
04/10/201320:46@gluejar truly excellent article Thanks.
04/10/201320:28@BeltieBooks: @onetoughcarrot this is wan fir ye! @WigtownBookFest Anyone for a carrot? All in a good cause
04/10/201310:46RT @FictionAtelier: MIMI reviewed by Peter Burnett
04/10/201308:07@digitalfolklore That Whitfield is a high speed menace to society > 72mph I tells you
03/10/201321:29@Paul_Fledge wait 5 seconds for the keyboard to launch . . . then hit it!
03/10/201320:02@Paul_Fledge ignore my kast tweet >> instead >> this >> GO FOR IT MY SAAAAHHN (I am!)
03/10/201320:01@AlexandraPring @BloomsburyBooks @FictionAtelier @alexavh @LadyBelshaw @emduddingstone Thanks I <3 it!
03/10/201316:42@digitalfolklore well done - - - that was a TOP TWEET! whatever TF that is . . . .
03/10/201316:09MIMI by Lucy Ellmann, joy of joys . . . and Epic LOLs!
03/10/201316:08@AlexandraPring Finally got round to composing my thoughts on the funniest book of the year :) #TeamMIMI #LOL
03/10/201308:51RT @ScottishTrans: Marco Biagi MSP asks whether the CP review will look at gender recognition for CPs who will have to dissolve and convert…
02/10/201321:24RT @liminalcity: Lines & colour Rt @WarDepartment1 Street artists decorate every available wall space in 10-storey Parisian building http:/…
02/10/201321:21RT @BirlinnBooks: Here's @peggy_blair on marketing e-books -
01/10/201312:40@digitalfolklore this is the true Scottish ink blot . . . . . . via @bellacaledonia . . . .
01/10/201310:33RT @lgbtcouk: Multiple discrimination and LGBTI people @ILGA_Europe #BlackHistoryMonth #olderpeoplesday
30/09/201321:52@Paul_Fledge ... Digital Mystikz ... Savant ... Rusko ... Zomboy ... Rednek ... You can also get an app to make your own! #Dubstep
30/09/201316:29@Paul_Fledge Thanks - - - not sure if I like it, but I do <3 a bitta dubstep >>
30/09/201313:17@andywightman @EyeEdinburgh That is really how McConnell writes (when they let him have a black crayon . . .)
30/09/201313:16RT @andywightman: This is one of the most revealing FoI requests I have ever made
30/09/201313:15Why some mourn the death of the Horse_ebooks Twitter account >>
30/09/201313:07RT @1DeenaRae: Incognito - her identity is hidden to protect her from retaliation. #Podcast #AmWriting #DOWNLOAD
30/09/201313:07RT @Truthloader: The destruction of Barrett Brown:
30/09/201313:07RT @LGBTScotland: Our response to inaccurate claims by an MSP that #equalmarriage in Scotland will lead to polygamy:
30/09/201312:43Sappho in Nine Fragments
30/09/201312:41Paddy Power Rainbows
29/09/201320:01RT @FreeBarrett_: Please share and sign these petitions by @fightfortheftr: and @demandprogress:…
29/09/201320:00RT @PeterMcColl: Great news as Edinburgh University withdraws investment from company manufacturing drones:
29/09/201302:19RT @1DeenaRae: The hiatus is over @1DeenaRae is back #stream
28/09/201323:36>> @Orlajonotdead said it. #FreeBB
28/09/201315:20@Mr_Buckaroo @Paul_Fledge I really want to see Bookcity 'design, printing, logistics, and distribution as a one-stop process' sounds IMMENSE
26/09/201321:38Autumn Losses #autumn #losses
26/09/201321:00Follow #BarrettBrown on Tumblr >> #FreeBB
26/09/201316:04RT @MWheelaghan: MT Great interview with @Smicht, author of #TheMile, on how he became a writer: @YesScotland http:/…
26/09/201315:59RT @carolafrediani: But they won't be sentenced the way hacktivists have been right? > Britain's GCHQ hacked Belgian tlc firm #snowden http…
26/09/201314:43RT @kennethlipp: Russians Censor Website About Russians Censoring Websites via @Techdirt
26/09/201314:43RT @FledglingPress: Debating the 100 best novels? A surefire way to start an argument, but worth a look -
26/09/201314:39My friend Barrett Brown >> >> also a chance to check out crowdsourced blogging platform 'Ghost'
26/09/201308:29@GreggHoush Thanks 1,000,000! It's great.
26/09/201308:28You don't have to agree with things Barrett's done to see the charges are bad for America and Journalism > #FreeBB
26/09/201308:26RT @GreggHoush: A post about My Friend Barrett Brown -
26/09/201308:23@J_Ross_Stewart OMG just watching some C-beams glittering in the dark near the Tannhauser gate
25/09/201321:47'To link is a right without which democracy rots' Tim Berners Lee #FreeBB
25/09/201316:39@J_Ross_Stewart As far as I recall, JF Sebastian or someone says: 'You're one of the new Nexus 7s' - - I shall have to check this shiz tho
25/09/201311:44What is the link between the new #Google tablet the NEXUS 7, and the Nexus 7 played by Rutger Haeur in #BladeRunner? #muh?
25/09/201309:08@Paul_Fledge It's something like this:
24/09/201320:15RT @BiellaColeman: The legacy of Barrett Brown (very nice nice) @FreeBarrett_
24/09/201320:15RT @FreeBarrett_: Want to know how you can help Barrett? Make a donation to his legal defense, which is only 25% funded so far.…
24/09/201320:15RT @GreggstheBakers: @leamingtonbooks "pie-oneers" - love it. Thanks for the appreciation, Peter!
24/09/201320:14@Paul_Fledge Have you seen the guns one?
24/09/201318:21I have just listed: 'What They Say About You', for £6.00 via amazon BUT WILL ANYBODY BUY IT?? #aberdeen #liverpool
24/09/201318:08I have just listed: 'One O'Clock Gun Anthology', for £7.00 via Amazoneybooks 4 real
24/09/201316:56@scottishbktrust Scottish Writers sought for podcasting opportunity >> . . . could be fun . . .
24/09/201315:29RT @1DeenaRae: Calling #ScottishAuthors - speak up and be heard -
24/09/201314:55@GreggstheBakers So I really enjoyed the Caramel and Pecan Momento, your latest, luscious creation. #greggs #biscuit
24/09/201310:55@Lucym808 @tracykewley yep, couldn't decide on name for our publishing op so we just used our address in Edinburgh, hence Leamington
23/09/201318:20Salinger -- bunker dweller, Republican, and extreme lab experiment via @FictionAtelier #salinger
23/09/201312:01@Lucym808 There is one very similar in Cleish, Kinross, I'll post you a photo; I featured it in 2600 magazine. Thanks for now!
23/09/201311:49@Lucym808 Is that Book Box in Cleish?
23/09/201311:15Mike Russell on #freetopiary >> #ows #pardonmanning #aberdeen
23/09/201310:32#freetopiary >> A review:
22/09/201301:13The art of Lauren Spitzberg #FreeBB for @BarrettBrownLOL … just lovely
21/09/201316:21Barrett Brown gold: The cyber misinformation campaign against USA Today 2012 #FreeBB
21/09/201308:26RT @lgbtcouk: Marriage should be up to individual conscience but some ministers are "too picky"... @LennoxHerald #Eq…
21/09/201308:26RT @FledglingPress: We talked about Malcolm Archibald's latest book #Mendick this week, but he's a great Victorian historian too - http://t…
21/09/201308:26RT @GreggHoush: The legacy of imprisoned investigative journalist Barrett Brown #Opinion via @dailydot
21/09/201308:25RT @AnonyOps: Barrett Brown's legacy is amazing. Please read
21/09/201308:25RT @cubbie9000: Pretty impressive legacy in such a short time. Probably why the gov't overreacted with such fury: #F…
21/09/201308:25RT @StealThisSingul: Don't ignore this. Tracing the Surveillance-Industrial complex based on work done by Barrett Brown and others http://t…
21/09/201308:25RT @jilliancyork: Great piece on "the legacy of Barrett Brown" and the entities he reported on
21/09/201308:22A good round up of NSA security contractors, the private intelligence industry, and what they are up to
21/09/201307:50RT @BernardKeane: The gagging of Barrett Brown is another example of the US government's corrosive obsession with secrecy…
20/09/201310:23RT @FledglingPress: A Burden Shared by Malcolm Archibald is a gripping historical crime novelwhere Scotland Yard comes to #Dundee - http:/…
20/09/201309:55Silencing the universities? >> >> #freebb >>
20/09/201309:46@digitalfolklore KERMIT University - audio not so good but I get the gist
20/09/201309:42Misguided prosecution of journalist Barrett Brown endangers the right to link, message of support from Article 19 >>
20/09/201309:32The brief popualrity of the 'paranoid woman film' >> #filmnoir >> >> #fritzlang >> #noir
20/09/201309:30@digitalfolklore No one writes HELL on their chests anymore
20/09/201309:21@digitalfolklore that is so good TY v much
20/09/201309:18@digitalfolklore yep, and the other judge? BTW Clinton REALLY looks like a Koala, I've always thought so.
19/09/201316:21@digitalfolklore BREAKING though it happened in May
19/09/201315:45RT @NewPakistan2020: 10 Chemical Weapons Attacks Washington Doesn't Want You to Talk About
19/09/201313:57Defending Barrett Brown, Linking and Transparency
19/09/201312:26Moses Belongs to Glasgow! via @GlasgowAFed
18/09/201320:27Where the Sidewalk Ends - - #noir #preminger #filmnoir
18/09/201311:15Barrett Brown / September 22nd / Sundown / >>>
18/09/201311:07@digitalfolklore 15 seconds, optimum. I take SHANE over BOND but hey.
18/09/201311:06RT @fredrickkolyszk: Pls RT: 1 yr since Barrett Brown was arrested for doing his job #FreeBB. End war on journalism:…
18/09/201311:00Why Have It Be Real?
17/09/201316:01RT @kennethlipp: Julian Assange calls for release of Barrett Brown #FreeBB
16/09/201314:13RT @timberners_lee: To link is a right without which democracy rots. #netrights #freespeech #righttolink @webfoundat…
15/09/201318:48The Largest Pearl in the Crown of Scotland came fromthe river #ythan in #buchan nr #aberdeen
15/09/201313:36@digitalfolklore trolls lols fags gags snitches bitches Feds neds ... Never give up #FreeBB
15/09/201312:39@ggreenwald just send in the Tribbles NOW
15/09/201312:31RT @Beltrandroid: Yesterday night in Kadıköy. #DirenKadıköy
15/09/201312:24@digitalfolklore close up you look a bit stoned
15/09/201312:22@digitalfolklore Better that radicalism be cleansed of Anonymous than vice versa #freehammond
15/09/201312:19RT @LillyLyle: Interesting RT @RT_com: Argentina, Brazil agree on cyber-defence alliance against US espionage
15/09/201300:21RT @the1stStarr: I believe I will keep my dumb phone!
13/09/201312:04@BlackwellEdin It must be The Secret Garden by my great Auntie Francis
13/09/201312:02So ATOS expect people with incurable conditions like cerebral palsy to "get better" #evilquacks
13/09/201309:48RT @JayLeidermanLaw: In a year of incarceration, the govt has turned Barrett from an often hated and often ignored figure into the center o…
13/09/201309:47RT @OpPenPal: Barrett Brown has been in federal custody for one year today. Donate to his defense fund:
13/09/201301:06Barrett Brown Defense >> latest comments on Storify >> #FreeBB
13/09/201301:06@_cypherpunks_ Barrett Brown Defense >> latest comments on Storify >> #FreeBB
13/09/201301:06@USDayofRage @FreeBarrett_ @ioannabibi @evilmatthew Barrett Brown Defense >> latest comments on Storify >> #FreeBB
12/09/201308:55RT @digitalfolklore: could be a lesson here for all activists #Anonymous #wikileaks #BlackFlag
11/09/201321:24(Officers) #babylon #edinburgh
11/09/201313:52Free Barrett Brown >> #tumblr >> #FreeBB
10/09/201323:18RT @EyeEdinburgh: Chelsea Manning requests Presidential pardon @BarackObama #FreeChelsea #ProtectWhistleblowers http…
10/09/201323:13News of Wife Fighting reaching us from #Unst
10/09/201323:06@digitalfolklore those lawyers tikka lot of money
09/09/201322:55RT @apblake: I'm OK with Assad having chemical weapons as long as Newt Gingrich is on his shit list.
09/09/201321:29Demand Progress | Or Ask Nicely | Either Way: Tell the Justice Department: Stop the war on journalists,
09/09/201318:57I got this @Shnarf picture of #BarrettBrown on the go again, I love it:
09/09/201310:38New York Times article says it best >> #BarrettBrown
09/09/201310:33RT @ggreenwald: Regarding @carr2n's column on Barrett Brown, you can support his legal defense fund at the link at the bottom here http://t…
08/09/201318:59RT @BarrettBrownLOL: U.S. gov't does not act in accordance with rule of law. Surveillance state expands. #opmeta…
08/09/201318:58RT @LibertyBlitz: This is the longest write up I have done on American political prisoner Barrett Brown: @FreeBarre…
08/09/201313:10RT @HampsteadTrash: Article on #Trashgate and @SLUDGEz's expulsion by ex-Hampstead student (now at the BRIT School) @DelphiBaker: http://t…
08/09/201313:09Head Teacher Calls the Police in About a Boy Who Criticised the School Ⓐ + Ⓐ + Ⓐ +
07/09/201319:42The FBI's summer reading list #taste
07/09/201318:40Writers Retreat >> >> !
07/09/201317:50Your #BarrettBrown limericks are served! >> >> #FreeBB
07/09/201309:21RT @FreeBarrett_: Follow us on Facebook: Google+: and Tumblr:
07/09/201309:21RT @FreeBarrett_: Media hardly listened to Brown in 2011 as he pressed contractor issue and proved unethical scheming by security firms. No…
06/09/201316:54@onetoughcarrot they're greetin in Kinlochbervie moanin in Auchtermuchty fashin in Kirkcudbright and gettin minkered in Strichen
06/09/201316:52@onetoughcarrot ... we'll just turn our attention here >> 4 Scottish films showing and that is a lot
06/09/201313:32Barrett Brown on Writers Retreat >> #freebb #writersroom
06/09/201301:43Free Barrett Brown >> #freebb
06/09/201301:36WHERE IS BARETT BROWN?? Picture Just In from Google: He's There. #freebb
06/09/201301:31#freebb >>>
05/09/201323:47Believe Out Loud
05/09/201320:46Raucous #freebb
05/09/201317:54RT @DeathAndTaxes: UPDATE: Barrett Brown gag order now imposed... @djpangburn dissects the ruling @AnonymousIRC @Yo…
05/09/201317:54RT @jcstearns: Gag order approved today in the case of Barrett Brown. Another blow to press freedom: More https://t.…
05/09/201317:54RT @Salon: In latest abrogation in First Amendment, Barrett Brown handed gag order by federal court
05/09/201317:52RT @FreeBarrett_: Obama Administration Secures Gag Order To Prevent Activist From Discussing Online Surveillance by …
05/09/201311:21RT @LGBTFinance: Twelve hours til tonight's #LGBTQhour!
05/09/201311:21RT @LGBTFinance: She's back, she's bossy and she's talking about money. Ms Thrift, our favourite expert is back. #lg…
04/09/201319:18RT @DouglasLucas: Agent Smith testified @BarrettBrownLOL discussed @whowhatwhy article with @ageis/@FreeBarrett_ BB …
02/09/201323:01RT @Lookingglassbks: Storytime at 11am - 101 Dalmations AKA The Great Dog Robbery by the brilliant Dodie Smith. FREE & all very welcome htt…
02/09/201311:29@digitalfolklore good one
02/09/201311:26Why does 'the court believe a hearing on this matter is necessary' ? This is an issue for all #journalism #freebb
01/09/201321:18RT @AnonActi: I'm a very calm person, BUT THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT! @opbac0n @anon99percenter @Anon_Central
01/09/201321:15@ElviraXMontana quotes 'hilarious but really hard to get rid of' - - bit like its subject lol
01/09/201315:40@ElviraXMontana the tinfoil does not work againt that tune #damn
01/09/201315:34Love Poems in Adelaide .. with my pal Alsion Flett .. … #poetry
01/09/201312:03RT @ggreenwald: On the lies told by the UK government about passwords and "58,000 documents"
01/09/201312:01#primer <3
01/09/201311:48Three steps ... . . . . from Fife Psychogeography
01/09/201311:09Free Barrett Brown - a bouyant zest for living - and gay good humor - c/o Douglas Bader via @digitalfolklore #freebb
01/09/201308:52Pinterest board falsely attributes Hitler quotes to Taylor Swift >>
31/08/201320:06@FictionAtelier small-town rectitude, Mason bent double under the weight of medical bills, it's also the dark twin of Rebel Without a Cause
31/08/201320:04RT @cubbie9000: Inspired protest song here. Worth watching, for realz. via @leamingtonbooks #FreeBarrettBrown
31/08/201320:04RT @digitalfolklore: @leamingtonbooks Nietzschean madness.don't wait, donate. #FreeBB
30/08/201314:40Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950) ... good and bad flow away in the gutter #filmnoirfriday
30/08/201313:19Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950) #filmnoir #filmnoirfriday
30/08/201310:32RT @reidelaine: Congratulations@sarabandbooks -Saltire Society Scottish Publisher of the Year and @florisbooks for the commendation! http:/…
30/08/201310:03zettel: Bigger Than Life (1956)
29/08/201323:36RT @toptopiary: August Savings from Toptopiary! #Gardengifts#topiary#summer#august
29/08/201323:33@FoolishReporter It's using RoundTeam etc, keep tweeting Topiary and it should keep RTing you. It should RT this, actually because topiary
29/08/201321:06Particulations: One Kemble Street: The Sixties Space House
29/08/201315:53@Seeds_ONE Jeezuz! - - Sorry but I've never even been there ;) I do love pens, graf, spray though
29/08/201313:40Waldoscope: Los Angeles Vintage Macadam Series 146 #psychogeography
29/08/201312:28 #edinburgh #Lgbt
29/08/201312:06#freebb >> Anonymous donor pledges $20,000 matching donation <<
29/08/201312:03FREE BB via @Seeds_ONE #freebb graf from London >>awesome<<
29/08/201312:00@Seeds_ONE That is beautiful, totally awesome ;)
29/08/201308:54US Planned to Attack Syria This Weekend, Prepared to Delay Strikes Until Tuesday via @LeakSourceNews
28/08/201322:58RT @AmberLyon: .@dellcam interviewed the Syrian Electronic Army yesterday after they hacked the New York Times:
28/08/201322:57RT @EyeEdinburgh: If one of your MSPs has not yet signed the motion on #BillWalker you can #Z…
28/08/201322:45@onetoughcarrot Thank you! But what of America? I guess I'm just grateful we've no SWAT in Scotland.
28/08/201322:33@digitalfolklore It's this that I miss: #wanker ... the fire extinguisher always gets me ... and Sgt Donger.
28/08/201322:11RT @FreeBarrett_: Barrett's case calls for resources he doesn't have. Your donation is crucial to our efforts for his defense.…
28/08/201320:02Veisalgia (vice-algia?) 'Uneasiness after debauchery'
28/08/201318:50Blues for Barrett Brown >> "Heritage Parkway Blues" >> >> #freebb
28/08/201314:44RT @FreeBarrett_: To understand Barrett Brown's treatment by the Justice Dept., one need only consider the criminal conspiracy he helped ex…
28/08/201312:50Sundown Deal September 22 - $20k dollar for dollar.: via @LeakSourceNews #freebb
28/08/201312:16Peter Burnett--The Studio Game via @FictionAtelier
28/08/201312:02@FledglingPress #studiogame
28/08/201310:09#WhitePower - - what are they thinking?!
28/08/201309:42#psychogeography Community:
28/08/201308:07@digitalfolklore "dot com" - - - nice though - - - Don't wait, donate - - - very catchy - - -
27/08/201320:56RT @bookyvikki: Wowsers. RT @edbookfest: Here's another photo of Stuart Kelly as THE RIDDLER at @strippedfest #edbookfest…
27/08/201317:01RT @liminalcity: Rt @journeysinbtwn Walking towards our true natures Brewing Umber: a magical tale in 2 parts from me & @thehermitage http:…
27/08/201317:01RT @lgbtcouk: LGBT Helpline tonight #Oxford: Listening, support, & info @OxfordFriend on 01865 726893. Tuesday 7-9pm
27/08/201316:22RT @SaintRPh: Good buddies: John Kerry and Assad #syria
27/08/201314:30RT @sabzbrach: If you haven't already, please sign the petition to grant clemency to Pvt. #Manning:
27/08/201313:57These artists may never have made it without the CIA:
27/08/201313:03RT @FreeBarrett_: It's been one year and mainstream media (NYT, WSJ, CNN, MSNBC, FOX) still ignores Barrett Brown case, even while their ri…
26/08/201316:41Zettel: Craig Gibson #edinburgh
26/08/201315:43RT @EyeEdinburgh: Red / blue recycling boxes to be binned as council invents new sorting for kerbside rubbish @thesp…
26/08/201315:42@fictionatelier >> Women in Chicago being arrested for wearing 1 piece bathing suits without covering their legs 1922
26/08/201312:334 Journalists Jailed for Telling the Truth:
26/08/201312:32RT @AnonymouSkullar: 4 Journalists Jailed for Telling the Truth #FreeBB #Anonymous #FreeSpeech #PoliceState
26/08/201312:32RT @AnonymousVideo: ►#FreeBB ►Support the defense of Barrett Brown ►Help raise funds #Anonymo…
26/08/201312:31RT @digitalfolklore: @PLF2015 "don't wait ,...donate!!" #FreeBB #FreeBarrettBrown
26/08/201308:45Google and the NSA by Julian Assange:
26/08/201308:43RT @BarrettBrownTX: This Twitter page literally just started today. Any and all help in sharing/helping it grow would be greatly appreciate…
26/08/201308:36Is Windows 8 a Trojan horse for the NSA? The German Government thinks so
25/08/201323:10RT @YouthAllies: British public school elects openly #gay 17-year-old as "head boy," an apparent 1st in Britain: #lg…
25/08/201323:06RT @digitalfolklore: @leamingtonbooks Alan Turing ...he was chemically castrated for being a homosexual
25/08/201313:19RT @Lookingglassbks: Today we are a Julia Donaldson tribute shop:) 75 minutes to go...
25/08/201313:19@digitalfolklore I am such a propagandist - - :(
25/08/201313:14RT @BiellaColeman: Royal household withdraw advert for maid in wage row - Top stories - The Scotsman:
25/08/201311:59Peter Ludlow on Democracy Now re #freebb
25/08/201309:59Read about journalist Barrett Brown facing 105 years for copying and pasting a link:
24/08/201313:19A Crap Beneath the Gallows #Breugel
24/08/201310:43"Feminism and Family" Lucy Ellmann ROCKS #teammimi via @FictionAtelier
23/08/201315:07@Fifepsy Recent Your New Town drift produced some worthy sights, most enjoyable.
23/08/201315:07@Fifepsy Thanks, I was hoping that would happen I shall add it. Loving yr feed, as ever, it is epic work, best wishes P
23/08/201314:58@ShottsJimmy Friend of Dorothy! #pardonchelsea
23/08/201314:57RT @kennethlipp: FYI, I'm not over @PhillyDailyNews despicable Chelsea Manning headline, "Manning's Latest Trans Action." Love them to resp…
23/08/201314:54zettel: misty in #edinburgh last evening . . . . . .
23/08/201302:37Mary MacLane -- I Await the Devil’s Coming via @FictionAtelier
23/08/201302:33Irony, appreciated via @EyeEdinburgh
23/08/201302:13"Feminism and Family" (Edinburgh Book Festival Debate) via @FictionAtelier
22/08/201323:33I support Chelsea
22/08/201311:42RT @lgbtcouk: Come to the #EdFringe Stand Up For #LGBTRussia gig outside 58 Melville Street at 2:30pm! #ToRussiaWith…
22/08/201309:37#snowdon Spycatcher!
22/08/201308:31Punk Fiddle by Jim Ferguson, bran new fierce fiction from Scotland reviewed in @bellacaledonia
22/08/201308:20Yo, this is today >>
21/08/201322:22RT @Graphics_Fledge: "If you see anyone holding a glass of wine by the stem, run away" #TheStudioGame by @LeamingtonBooks…
21/08/201319:27RT @ChMadar: People who blame teachers unions for child poverty & bike lanes for traffic can now blame #Manning for the Iraq War: http://t.…
21/08/201319:01"Feminism and Family" quality thoughts from Lucy Ellmann >> via @FictionAtelier
21/08/201317:39Review of Jim Ferguson's PUNK FIDDLE on Bella Caledonia: #glasgow #edinburgh #books
21/08/201312:07RT @shokufeyesib: Free #BradleyManning
21/08/201312:04Doing this event tomorrow at Blackwells, Edinburgh >>>
21/08/201309:40A Situationist Bibliography >>> #situationist #debord #derive #psychogeography #wolman
20/08/201314:08Claims That Will be Rejected
16/08/201313:20RT @uafscot: 12pm leaflet area around Chambers St. 13:00 Speeches. 13:30 March to parliament 14:00 Music #StopTheRacists…
14/08/201315:28@Bad_kitteh12 @angelamcguinne2 mmmmm #chris
14/08/201314:01Jay Leiderman: A Benefit for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond
14/08/201313:57@digitalfolklore "Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking, Free Barrett Brown."
14/08/201313:55RT @MWheelaghan: Woot! Me & others are doing our writer stuff at @BlackwellEdin 22/8 :) @shinola32 @leamingtonbooks …
14/08/201313:50RT @publishingtalk: Fifty Shades of Publishing by @BBCDouglasF: #selfpub #ebooks
14/08/201311:58RT @fcmalby: @MWheelaghan and others writers will be at @BlackwellEdin 22/8 @shinola32 @leamingtonbooks #edinburghf…
14/08/201311:00RT @BlackwellEdin: We're only 138 followers away from hitting the 3K mark. Can we do it before August is out? Spread the word, and the word…
14/08/201307:33#freebb birthday to you #freebb birthday to you #freebb birthday dear Barrett #freebb birthday to you :)
14/08/201307:31happy birthday #barrettbrown
14/08/201307:31RT @Samarkhand: This one may become known as the craziest legal case ever to result from "cut-and-paste" via @FightForTheFtr…
14/08/201307:31RT @cubbie9000: Read this because it's funny: || Donate here because it's the right thing to do:…
14/08/201307:29RT @kennethlipp: Possible #FreeBB flyers tomorrow on property of Ft. Meade during #Manning trial. I suspect it will be subversives, general…
14/08/201307:29RT @nozomimagine: Daily drafting table, Portrait of Barrett Brown #FreeBB #FreeBarrett
14/08/201307:27RT @JayLeidermanLaw: A Benefit for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond
14/08/201307:26Saudi prince defects: ' Brutality, oppression as gov't scared of Arab revolts ': via @LeakSourceNews
13/08/201323:02The Sea Inside a review : Philip Hoare sets out to discover the sea
13/08/201322:45The latest stupidity from #Scotland is dipping a #Swizzells Refresher into coffee >>>
13/08/201322:43RT @scotgp: .@bellacaledonia piece quoting Patrick Harvie on indyref. Chance to take responsibility for challenges of 21st Cent. http://t.c…
13/08/201321:39RT @FoolishReporter: lol! RT @leamingtonbooks: Illegal "Wife Fighting" continues to be popular on the Scottish island of Unst…
13/08/201321:33RT @williemeikle: The Hole is back in the top 100 horror books on Amazon. Which is nice. @darkfuse
13/08/201320:52@angelamcguinne2 So here's what happened, it was sore for three minutes, then OK, I normally #dunk a kitkat
13/08/201320:36@AnonUKRadio Barrett Brown's 32nd birthday tomorrow ➲➲➲ gonna dedicate a song to him PLZZZZ??
13/08/201320:32Key article about imprisoned author Barrett Brown >>
13/08/201320:27@digitalfolklore old bags at close range
13/08/201320:23@angelamcguinne2 incoming!
13/08/201318:45Illegal "Wife Fighting" continues to be popular on the Scottish island of Unst
13/08/201313:24@angelamcguinne2 just off to the sweetie shop now actually so I'll let you know
13/08/201313:09RT @lumphananpress: Some quality discussions about Scottish publishing in the comments section of this article by @leamingtonbooks: http://…
13/08/201312:24@scotsman_arts Time to raise your game?
13/08/201312:23RT @FledglingPress: @Paul_Fledge both Darkest Walk and Dundee Murders are available in the @edbookfest book shop on the Fledgling Shelves #…
13/08/201310:54@angelamcguinne2 going to put one to dissolve in a cup of boiling coffee #experiment shivering at the thought
13/08/201310:52@Mr_Buckaroo Thanks Mark, just now and then I have to do a CAT ➲ PIGEONS job, and I've enjoyed the responses.
13/08/201310:49@DoubleJake Do you remember this barbaric practice from your days on #Unst?
13/08/201310:45Wife-Fighting returns to the island of #Unst >> #BARBARIC
12/08/201322:00Bread in the South . . . great look at the Land Reform Bill and worth seeing the opinions of Sir John Nutting >>
12/08/201321:59RT @andywightman: NEW BLOG The Strath of Kildonan Clearances, Sir John Nutting QC & the £7 million estate
12/08/201321:58@andywightman tremendous . . . 'bread in the south' & 'they're lucky if they wash their faces' . . . Thanks for this article, very good
12/08/201319:49@angelamcguinne2 my sis is daft about them :) #wham
12/08/201318:46@angelamcguinne2 Been meaning to ask >>> but to where did you mail them juicy WHAMS?
12/08/201318:43@scotsman_arts Time to back Scottish publishing >>
12/08/201318:42@cargopublishing Scottish writers YAY Scottish publishers NAY #publishing #scotland
12/08/201318:21"Christianity is popular among inmates—almost as popular as crime" . . . great line from BARRETT BROWN #freebb →
12/08/201318:16RT @apblake: This week in Vice: Barrett Brown reviews a 38-year-old memoir about finding God during the Watergate scandal.…
12/08/201317:30Don't Overlook Me. . >> #lgbt
12/08/201316:28Don't Overlook Me. . >> #lgbt #glasgow #pride
12/08/201315:12Aikey Brae . . . . what happens when you insult a shaman.
12/08/201312:02@SarabandBooks Congratulations on the Saltire nomination, hope it serves you well, you deserve it ;)
12/08/201311:59RT @SarabandBooks: MT @bellacaledonia Scottish writing in great shape. Scottish publishing isnt & nobody doing anything about it: http://t.…
12/08/201311:53RT @kgosztola: Still no evidence presented in open court that anyone was killed because their name was in war logs #…
12/08/201310:23RT @kennethlipp: Goin' out to the hardcore hip-hop
12/08/201309:52@lumphananpress I posted a reply to yr comment at
12/08/201309:38RT @goldipipschmidt: Good article on lack of coverage of Scottish publishers in The Scotsman by @leamingtonbooks
12/08/201308:49What do Scottish Publishers have to do to impress @scotsman_arts ? ☛ ☛ ☛
12/08/201308:48@LuathPress We can't disagree with the facts, as perfectly exhibited by @scotsman_arts ➜➝➞➟➠➡
12/08/201308:45@digitalfolklore @5hm00p Still: fuck in the actual what?
11/08/201320:19@lawrencebroadie @iaincartergolf #wireless? You must mean #transistorradio . . . ? unless you be streaming via . . . #wi-fi?
11/08/201320:09RT @Fifepsy: An old blog post on the same enigmatic collection of megaliths at Machrie Moor on the Isle of Arran
11/08/201320:08RT @maira: Are we done with copyright? // Yes, if it's used to suppress competition + wreck content availability v/…
11/08/201320:07RT @lgbtcouk: Support Edinburgh's LGBT Centre for Health & Wellbeing and Alzheimer Scotland @PedalScotland @alzscot…
11/08/201320:06RT @psychogoddess: "I don't want easy,I want crazy"
11/08/201318:13RT @DustinSlaughter: A comprehensive list of #BarrettBrown's reportage: His defense fund is still anemic: http://t.…
11/08/201318:12@canongatebooks Scottish Writers YAY! Scottish Publishers NAY!
11/08/201317:55@literarydundee Scottish Writers YAY Scottish Publishing NAY
11/08/201317:54@PublishScotland Do you ever feel the press is helping Scottish Publishing?
11/08/201317:52@FreightBooks Scottish Writing YAY Scottish Publishing BOO
11/08/201317:50@PhilipJEMiller Is there a media agenda against Scottish publishing?
11/08/201317:49@TheHeraldPaper Systematic prejudice from @scotsman_arts ? #publishing
11/08/201317:48How are Scottish publishers expected to impress @scotsman_arts ?
11/08/201316:12RT @msbellejones: Really enjoyed #Starbird by @MullTheatre @ScotStoryCentre this morning. If looking for a show to see with wee ones I high…
11/08/201316:06RT @bellacaledonia: Scottish writing is in great shape. Scottish publishing is not, and nobody is doing anything about it:…
10/08/201314:26@digitalfolklore righteous ... I am listening to krs one he says the same thing
10/08/201311:38Link to a 34 minute #deathgrips track
10/08/201311:09@shinola32 Good luck today, enjoy it, sorry I can't be there P
10/08/201311:08RT @edbookfest: At 4pm in Guardian Spiegeltent first of @edincityoflit's free #StoryShop readings. Today: Vicki Jarrett…
10/08/201310:43@digitalfolklore #freebeer too while we are at it
10/08/201310:41RT @vivienweisman: The US Government Killed Three Secure Email Services This Week | Motherboard @subverzo
10/08/201310:23@digitalfolklore I has Lego Star Wars so I can't complain
10/08/201310:16@ivoryfishbone 3 plus guest children :(
10/08/201310:15@anonabeats @angelamcguinne2 @thejediknight1 @kathryndacota @BJTkittyluv @Bad_kitteh12 @TheBlisster 1st big lol-of-the-day
10/08/201308:55@missnovocaine Enjoy though, that is my festival rant over *early this year* :)
10/08/201308:41@missnovocaine It is beautiful . . . but at a cost! . . .do you know how much each shelf costs a publisher to sell there?
10/08/201300:47RT @cubbie9000: @leamingtonbooks @BarrettBrownLOL Trolling clears the head and sharpens the wits. For both parties, natch.
09/08/201323:19Death Grips #deathgrips
09/08/201322:58RT @shokufeyesib: Month before hacktivist @BarrettBrownLOL trial date in downtown Dallas, attorneys wrestle over delay, gag order http://t.…
09/08/201322:58This is from 1904 - 'The Standard Oil Octopus'
09/08/201322:53RT @ronbryn: EXCLUSIVE: "BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief ignored May 2012 email about possible #Hastings probe" related to Project PM…
09/08/201322:44RT @AdrianChen: The time Andrea Dworkin and Gloria Steinem wrote an angry letter to Knopf about "American Psycho"
09/08/201322:10@ronbryn @DoubleJake I like it
09/08/201322:10RT @ronbryn: "Autism 'corrupted' Ryan Cleary into a hacker, and 'the computers ruined our lives,'" an absurd fable by @DoubleJake http://t.…
09/08/201322:08RT @digitalfolklore: #FreeBB Barrett has been upsetting the Government even in jail...ha! #FreeBarrettBrown
09/08/201322:07@cubbie9000 @BarrettBrownLOL Totally well done bud ;)
09/08/201322:06RT @cubbie9000: For his 32nd bday, I'm sending @BarrettBrownLOL that terrible Richard Cohen column about Anthony Weiner. #FreeBB http://t.c…
09/08/201322:01@Rep_DanGordon @shokufeyesib @GonzoPhD #sabu
09/08/201321:39Who is Barret Brown? #barrettbrown
09/08/201319:11@aaronsocio_ freaked by that Johnny Cash bit
09/08/201318:56Supporters of #barrettbrown: now more than ever you are urged to exercise your rights of speech as MUCH as possible #freebb
09/08/201318:51RT @AnonymousVideo: ►A Benefit for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond * #FreeAnons #FreeHammond…
09/08/201318:51RT @freeanons: ►Barrett Brown Retains Top Lawyers For Legal Defense ►Help raise funds #Anonymous #FreeAnons #FreeBB
09/08/201318:51RT @FreeBarrett_: Order first edition #FreeBB T-shirts now from CafePress.
09/08/201318:51RT @kennethlipp: Adding up to 105: The Charges Against Barrett Brown | Digital Media Law Project - v. Harvard @berkmancenter…
09/08/201318:50RT @Kallisti: Look at all the high profile cases that has received far more media attention than Barrett's and yet no gag order for those c…
09/08/201318:50RT @SplendidSpoon: I don't know whether to laugh at the absurdity of the gag order or rage because it's the rest of Barrett's life we're ta…
09/08/201318:49Please. Somebody's cat has to show more enthusiasm than Lola does for this. #freebb #catsforbb
09/08/201314:59Free Luke Wright Workshop (Aug 20) via @InkyFingersEdin
09/08/201308:09Postcard to Barrett Brown
08/08/201317:50Texas Kills Two Year Old Because Parents Smoked Pot . . .
08/08/201314:46RT @roseannestuart: Lol 😃
08/08/201314:45RT @catsrimportant: Check these out! Great pics taken at #LGBT Pride, for World Suicide Prevention Day 2013 #nostigm…
08/08/201314:41@digitalfolklore Yeh I'm chillin at google plus with my home-built guitar got it on ebay & assembled and painted it
08/08/201311:50RT @jeniflumper: Lots of lovely and literary events on today at the @HendricksGin Carnival of Knowledge in #Edinburgh!…
08/08/201311:45RT @carwinb: Sentencing maximum per offense GRAPHIC after UMC ruling yesterday reducing exposure from 136 yrs to 90 years…
08/08/201311:10This innocent dog will be executed by Sean Connery unless we do something now!! #savebarkie #barkie
08/08/201308:38Mae Martin is reliving the traumas of her melodramatic adolescence and the disappointment of the 2012 Apocalypse
08/08/201307:47@digitalfolklore sent birthday cards yesterday
08/08/201307:46RT @conservingc20: Great post, great idea! “@heartchitecture: Cycling & architectural history, together at last 14 Sept @BlitheWompom...htt…
08/08/201307:44RT @AngelaRoberts2: 'PM visited Salford Royal this a.m.' Well he'd better get these little publicity stunts in Fast before no more To Visit…
07/08/201320:32RT @langarthHV: Vintage social media icons - brilliant!
07/08/201320:12Drama at Anarchist Memes
07/08/201320:11Drama at the #Anarchist Memes page on #Facebook
07/08/201318:48Enjoy the Pleasure of a Happy Seaside Holiday at Fraserburgh #broch #faithlie
07/08/201315:59 new guitar home built in 10 days painted blue looks good in the night and when filmed on a phone by candlelight
07/08/201314:10Matthew Hulbert writes: Do I think gay politicians have a moral responsibility to 'come out'?
06/08/201322:58Barrett Brown does not face 105 years in jail for hacking . . . but for reporting. True: #freebb
06/08/201322:57Useful summary of the Barrett Brown case: Journalists - - - BEWARE! #freebb
06/08/201321:21RT @FledglingPress: This will be a good event! @leamingtonbooks and @BlackwellEdin 22nd August
06/08/201318:56Great article on Manna (=Burgers) from the Super Rich. Are we grateful? via @bellacaledonia
06/08/201318:30Nude . . . . . . #vorticism . . . . . . . #wyndhamlewis
06/08/201316:19I'm performing GOOD - - - -
06/08/201316:11cop / car / hat - - - - - -
06/08/201311:12new zettel: Medieval Shoes
05/08/201323:12RT @ScotRevBks: On day of Bradley Manning verdict, David Kenvyn's timely review of '#Freetopiary :an Occupy Romance'
05/08/201315:24False Fears and Real Ones
05/08/201310:03Cate Update: It’s All in the Details
05/08/201300:11RT @barryeisler: Proud to be part of this list RT @BiellaColeman: More supporters for @FreeBarrett_ b/c what's happening to him insane http…
05/08/201300:11RT @FreeBarrett_: "Govt. using wildly disproportionate prison sentences as a blunt instrument to silence a journalist."—@ChrChristensen htt…
05/08/201300:08RT @FictionAtelier: Equality is not enough. It's time for female supremacy.
05/08/201300:08RT @CharliNice: Reading "Mimi" by Lucy Ellmann. This passage about real love made me smile...Because it's true.
04/08/201323:20RT @InfernoJourno: This #stratfor email provides background to refugee "solutions" in Australia. PNG mentioned back in 2011.…
31/07/201318:19RT @BiellaColeman: Surprise of the day @FreeBarrett_ flyering material sent to my office. It is most excellent and will show pics later.
27/07/201313:49Now make a noise like a cow. Someone will be along to milk you in the morning.
26/07/201321:45@digitalfolklore tenda
26/07/201319:42The PNG Solution ~vs~ Operation Sovereign Borders 'Jesus Will Personally Punch You in the Face'
26/07/201318:28@small_affair @AnonymousLiberi I <3 it
26/07/201318:27RT @small_affair: @AnonymousLiberi I don't have money to print stuff but I have markers & paper & little info cards. #FreeBB too http://t.…
26/07/201318:15@freeanons These are doing the rounds, thank you muchly #freebb
26/07/201318:08RT @peterkofod: @Farcist Land of the Spree - Home of the Slave @Asher_Wolf
26/07/201316:49@digitalfolklore @Farcist Fa*cist
26/07/201314:51Journalist faces 105 years in prison, for sharing a link. True story.
26/07/201314:24One who participates in farce, I reckon.
25/07/201321:32RT @carwinb: Journalists sending me emails telling me soldier stationed right behind me with a gun. I tell you, OVER THE TOP JUDGE LIND #M…
25/07/201321:25@AnonUKRadio @0ut51d3 Lol ... Fuck yes
25/07/201321:06Mistrust all in whom the urge to punish is strong.
25/07/201321:01The big bang is suspiciously similar in theory to the moment when the #matrix was switched on and this VR came into being . . .
25/07/201320:58@AnonUKRadio Just been taken from an #EDL post" #RingRing holla #EDL Its#Anonymous here. #Lulz RT.” Muslims call now!
25/07/201320:49RT @bookyvikki: Loving #hebrides? You might love these too: & & #shame…
25/07/201320:49RT @carwinb: Three cheers for @charlie_savage for speaking up to the guard snooping on him #Manning
25/07/201320:48RT @KCOccupyPress: @CarrieFoTruth: Please sign the petition, and share it with your friends!Prison for cut-and-paste?!cms.fightfo... http:/…
25/07/201320:47RT @CarrieFoTruth: #Journalist spends almost a year in #jail for #sharing a #link?! #FreeBarrettBrown
25/07/201319:29Read about St Barry Vilitatis, the patron saint of golfers, West Hartlepool and Perth (Australia)
25/07/201319:26St Barry Vilitatis A great northern saint - - - c501 -553 AD
25/07/201316:31@digitalfolklore @Timcast admission costs over £30 (*that is nearly 50 bucks or over $50AUS*) . . . :(
25/07/201313:27#Kafka on #Books :
25/07/201311:33Book Launch St Andrews
24/07/201323:31@digitalfolklore immortal
24/07/201318:44@digitalfolklore weiner in the news again . . .
24/07/201317:27@digitalfolklore gross, but about sums it up
24/07/201316:49@DOLLATALINA I'll do it, good to hear from you, merci bien pour votre aide :)
24/07/201316:26Storms and journeys in the Old Town
24/07/201315:34My Hair on #seanconnery 's Head
24/07/201309:10Save Our Barkie!!!! Don't Let This Innocent Dog Get Tooled #savebarkie
23/07/201322:43@ElviraXMontana @Emyylii @6 @2 @8 the rest are dull especially fucking @4
23/07/201322:31@Emyylii @ElviraXMontana DAVIS IS ALIVE?? *expression of surprise, distress*
23/07/201322:29@Emyylii I know ;) I do follow @ElviraXMontana in fact I follow the whole gdamn circus . . . I like her style though
23/07/201322:15@Emyylii The song! It was primarily for Bradley Manning, but yeah was very into my #freetopiary back in the day
23/07/201322:13@Emyylii I noticed the other day that I don't even follow Barrett, that was a bit weird . . . but I do follow Jake, I do
23/07/201318:14@greekemmy You can get all current PDFs here: still got some to send round UK though
23/07/201317:47Barkie is an INNOCENT alsation-baboon cross bitch. SAVE OUR BARKIE! #freebarkie #savebarkie
23/07/201317:45Save our Barkie #savebarkie
22/07/201316:30RT @StuartWilde2: Half Man Half Biscuit - Breaking News
22/07/201313:16RT @BiellaColeman: Hmm seems like @rabite is not getting his mail #weev
22/07/201313:07RT @georgeeaton: 10 questions about Cameron's 'war on porn', forensic post from @PaulbernalUK
22/07/201311:34RT @andreafed: Social media is gonna get pretty lonely if a mere hyperlink becomes a felony. #BarrettBrown
22/07/201310:57RT @OccupyOakland: Can mainstream media journalists now go to jail just for linking to hacked or leaked material? Barrett Brown did. https:…
22/07/201301:10@kennethlipp they're beautiful u r gonna be shocked as well as #stoked
22/07/201301:06@kennethlipp it shall 'appen this week #ohyeh
22/07/201301:05RT @SomersetBean: Authoritarian states genius at damaging themselves by obsessive persecution of dissidents #freebb …
22/07/201300:45Psychobitches -- The Bronte Sisters: #FUNNY - - - - - - oh yeh - - - via @youtube
22/07/201300:01He's Got It
21/07/201320:50RT @Emyylii: Twitter = /b/ for the mainstream.
21/07/201320:16For me this article explains it the best: "Barrett Brown, Political Prisoner of the Information Revolution" #freebb
21/07/201316:25RT @davidtmanderson: Psychogeography and The Devil's Plantation. Writing my introduction at this very minute!
21/07/201310:59@SomersetBean In print again, thanks for these ;)
21/07/201310:55UK Supporters of #freebb message me if you want some leaflets! I got em.
20/07/201310:27@robimages you must have had that syncing feeling ....
20/07/201310:25RT @scnnr: Today's must read: "Anyone for bitter?" @Nigel_Farage and @MarinaHyde go for a pint
20/07/201310:24RT @carver22: This is the closest I've come so far to world domination.
20/07/201310:24@carver22 that's funny, you may have a point ;) !!
20/07/201310:19RT @andrewspong: .@ViragoBooks may be feted by the @guardian but they've done a lousy job of curating their legacy digitally:…
20/07/201310:08RT @kevinmitnick: Wow! Julian Assange depicted as terrorist in children's coloring book
20/07/201302:09RT @VizualObzerver: The Strange Case of Barrett Brown | The Nation
20/07/201302:08RT @sethgoldstein: Barrett Brown Prosecution Threatens Right to Link, Could Criminalize Routine Journalism Practices…
20/07/201302:07RT @exiledsurfer: Thanks to #Snowden, people are starting to pay attention to Barrett Brown. If you don't know him, here's his story: http:…
20/07/201302:07RT @TelecomixBSRE: The final outcome of USGovt case against #BarrettBrown will impact future of the internet, info sharing and press. http…
20/07/201302:06RT @ioerror: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution:
20/07/201302:05RT @Asher_Wolf: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher
20/07/201302:05RT @deuszu: @Asher_Wolf We need more Barrett around and none of these other fuckheads around that only thinks of Pulitzers and their own s…
20/07/201302:04RT @AnonymousVideo: ►We do not forget Barrett Brown. Abby Martin speaks to Kevin Gallagher + …
20/07/201302:03RT @edieangelo: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the info evolution | Kevin M Gallagher
20/07/201302:02RT @Bluelustreak: Kevin M. Gallagher on "Breaking the Set" with Abby Martin on #BarrettBrown 's indefinite detention, day 300, which... htt…
20/07/201302:02RT @Tech_All: #Guardian #Tech #News: "Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher"…
20/07/201302:02RT @christinazaba: Ominous > RT@guardiantech: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher http://t.…
20/07/201302:02RT @Feltonsolicitor: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher: If th... #…
20/07/201302:01RT @harsh0402: #in Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher: I... #startu…
20/07/201302:01RT @openlta: #news Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher
20/07/201302:01RT @lunacharsky: Snowden, Manning, Swartz and now:Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher http…
20/07/201302:01RT @garrigaj: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher via @guardian #Fre…
20/07/201302:01RT @jrconsultancy: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher: If the US gover...…
20/07/201302:01RT @ArtesianLaw: Cyber wars: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher via…
20/07/201302:01RT @klifc: #Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher via @guardian #right…
20/07/201302:01RT @Dakoda_1022: #BarrettBrown, political prisoner of the information revolution if #US succeeds All in jeopardy | Kevin M Gallagher http:/…
20/07/201302:01RT @Tr0ttr: Kevin M Gallagher: The potential criminalization of linking is an affront to us all and must be resisted.
20/07/201302:00RT @FaineBlackadder: #BarrettBrown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher
20/07/201302:00RT @Tideliar: 105yrs?! Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher via @guar…
20/07/201302:00RT @cliffsull: #Richardo part II“@guardiantech: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher http://…
20/07/201302:00RT @guardiantech: Barrett Brown, political prisoner of the information revolution | Kevin M Gallagher
20/07/201301:58RT @SplendidSpoon: Photo: sharkchunks: William S. Burroughs by Charles Burns
20/07/201301:40RT @bagmansgirl: #FF Please follow @FreeBarrett_ Barrett Brown & the charges against him are very important. This is another case that will…
19/07/201317:51RT @FreightBooks: Finishing work? long weekend ahead? Don't know what to read? Then buy The Falling Sky, 99p in the Kindle #DailyDeal http…
19/07/201310:32RT @goldipipschmidt: 'She hovers just above the event horizon of the black hole.' Buy 'The Falling Sky' for 99p on Kindle - today only! htt…
19/07/201310:27RT @FreightBooks: @EdinCityofLit The Falling Sky, excellent debut by Pippa Goldschmidt is Kindle Daily Deal - only 99p!…
19/07/201310:24@digitalfolklore @AspenInstitute Before the rising sun we fly So many roads to choose We start out walking And learn to run
19/07/201310:18RT @ClaireSquires: Pippa Goldschmidt's debut novel The Falling Sky from @FreightBooks is only 99p today via (sssh) Amazon…
19/07/201310:18RT @ronbryn: Twitter is like bugs vs. fascists in Starship Troopers: no one to root for. Online left and right lie. Anons dox; ProSec troll…
17/07/201309:41super livestock reimu
17/07/201309:2753 Bookshops in Edinburgh on this free app: #edinburgh #books
17/07/201309:06TransAtlantic - Colum McCann - - - a jolly good review - - - via @FictionAtelier
12/07/201309:30@DoubleJake Thanks for the Feltham stuff yesterday, interesting. Now. Ever been tagged by @G4S_UK ?
12/07/201300:14RT @THEEDGELondon: James Joyce in 1920s Paris
12/07/201300:12RT @thejediknight1: Leaks coming: Microsoft Windows, Apple iPhone, Intel chips & Cisco routers ALL have built-in #NSA backdoors. Get out of…
11/07/201321:21RT @alby_51: @annewitha_e Trident … Excellent read. If we all knew these fact's. We'd be independent already.
11/07/201321:20Trident, good article #methinks
11/07/201318:52@DelphineHalgand Thanks for talking about Barrett on HuffPostLive it was very good
11/07/201312:37Ms Thrift and the fortune teller:
11/07/201312:04#freebb #teamthemis
11/07/201311:49Apple found guilty in conspiring to raise the prices of e-books
11/07/201311:07@digitalfolklore Catchy, too catchy = HIT SINGLE!
10/07/201320:18Some folks to avoid on Twitter:
10/07/201320:18@EvillySexyBitch Tennis Champion
10/07/201320:12RT @lgbtcouk: Baroness Farrington: "All schools should teach ALL children to love and respect ALL members of their communities." #EqualMarr…
10/07/201320:07A routine day during Western occupation:
10/07/201318:43RT @digitalfolklore: @jaraparilla @SomersetBean
10/07/201317:12@digitalfolklore yotube message for download link
10/07/201317:08@digitalfolklore ken
10/07/201316:35RT @AbbyMartin: #BarrettBrown is facing 100 yrs for online activism. Helping terrorists build a nuke carries only 20 yrs. Make sense? http:…
10/07/201316:34@digitalfolklore these just came in:
10/07/201316:00@digitalfolklore you will make it gold
10/07/201315:48@digitalfolklore public
10/07/201314:54@digitalfolklore sm in the house now using 4 track cassette as shit mixing desk
10/07/201314:31I liked a @YouTube video from @freebarrett_ Barrett Brown Case Discussed on Breaking the Set
10/07/201310:09Pertinent thoughts from Mo at Pay4Tweet . . . Twitter feels he's suicidal
10/07/201301:28Kevin Gallagher talking about Barrett Brown #freebb
10/07/201301:21RT @apblake: I rely a bunch of attentive journalists for Bradley #Manning updates. To be fair, though, @ElviraXMontana nails it…
09/07/201323:34Equal marriage: arguments against
09/07/201322:42@J_Ross_Stewart #nailofbrangy good night
09/07/201322:22RT @J_Ross_Stewart: Beta Mn magnetism explained in PRL published today.
09/07/201318:10Barrett Brown versus Howard Beale #freebb
09/07/201318:08RT @apblake: Barrett Brown has been in prison for 300 days. He investigated intelligence contractors, yelled at the FBI and shared a link. …
09/07/201318:02@digitalfolklore Ah thanks very much, that's 'diamond' . . . I'll know where to go now for all my Enterprise Resource Planning needs
09/07/201318:00@digitalfolklore he does somewhat straddle both shades
09/07/201313:58@norendition TY ;)
09/07/201313:25Final Words of Barrett Brown #freebb
09/07/201313:07@raincoaster I just wrote this for Barrett's 300th day in prison Hope you like
09/07/201313:04Barrett Brown's Last Words #Anonymous #snowden
09/07/201313:02A look at Barrett Brown's parting tweet #freebb #alaneverett #anonymous #jimbutterworth
09/07/201313:01@blumo0n 300 days too many I say #freebb
09/07/201313:01RT @blumo0n: #AssangeEffect: Barrett Brown imprisoned without bail or trial 300 days. #FreeBB
09/07/201313:01RT @SomersetBean: Please help Barrett Brown with legal expenses via @WePay | #FreeBB #Anonym…
09/07/201313:00Barrett Brown 300 days in prison today #freebb
08/07/201312:53@raincoaster Foot / Mouth / LOL / #Boris! Hope you like ;)
08/07/201312:52RT @textuallimits: Why do women go to university Boris? "they've got to find men to marry" h/t @hannahswiv
08/07/201303:04venice whale ahhhhhhh
07/07/201321:15RT @garyjamespowell: .@PeterOuld @godinthis @adaminkent Incest is morally wrong. My article explains why: BTW nothin…
06/07/201319:58I know at least 2 people that can help #StopChildAbuse - You and Me. Donate a tweet. I did - #DT @helpspreadthis
06/07/201316:47@digitalfolklore 'You've got no choice, feel like Christopher Boyce.' #luna
06/07/201316:27RT @hitchaiku: Launch of my new book ‘A Twist of Lime Street – New and Selected Poems’ is at Blackwell Books, Edinburgh, 31st July at 6pm.
06/07/201309:14This just arrived from @RedSquirrelUK New and Selected #EddieGibbons highly recommend!
06/07/201309:00RT @culturelaser: Bumper #poetry helping from #ReelIraq @reelfestivals w @JohnGlenday, Jen Hadfield, Ghareeb Iskander, William Letford htt…
06/07/201309:00RT @LGBTFinance: How the power of sandwiches paid off my mortgage early.
06/07/201308:58RT @andibrownauthor: 2 words for readers: #LucyEllmann. Clever, wise, funny. Reading Mimi, will gobble rest of her work.…
06/07/201308:57RT @concretepost: View from the Mirror: A Taxi Driver's London #psychogeography
06/07/201308:53RT @deanprocter: MericanA Nuclear Reactors 'Its the Bomb, in your Backyard'®* *please ask about our Pre-installed #NSA STUXNET® program+ wi…
05/07/201317:41RT @GeorgieBC: Barret Brown: Superceding Indictment, featuring the stupidest first paragraph ever seen in a court of law.…
05/07/201317:38@DoubleJake Topiary, Occupy and Bradley Manning in this Young Adult novel for beginner activists . . . hope you like
05/07/201315:50RT @McDroll: The McDroll Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @SeanChercover @angryrobotbooks @LeamingtonBooks
05/07/201315:47New Computer, less than £30 folks . . . #wizardry
05/07/201314:28Paddling Pool #scotland
05/07/201314:25RT @FreeBarrett_: As BB spends his 296th day in jail, follow our Facebook page & subscribe to our mailing list: http…
05/07/201312:25More shit from the land of the free 1 yr in jail? #idiocy
05/07/201312:20@digitalfolklore I will next time
05/07/201312:19@digitalfolklore I'm going to build my own drone
05/07/201312:18RT @digitalfolklore: @LeamingtonBooks > Feb 29 2012< leap year
05/07/201312:18@digitalfolklore 'king nerds
05/07/201312:11@Paul_Fledge Gotta show you our new PC! #RaspberryPi
05/07/201312:07My new computer is a #raspberrypi
05/07/201312:06@digitalfolklore They're counting?
05/07/201312:03My new computer is less than half the price of a Windows install #excited #raspberrypi #linux
05/07/201311:03RT @lgbtcouk: Countdown to Same Sex Marriage Legalisation in England & Wales #equalmarriage @C4Mtweets #ssm
05/07/201311:02RT @ekspct: @PAanonymous Twitter Storm Package: Support Edward #Snowden and Anti-#NSA #PRISM Protests. Read and s…
05/07/201311:01RT @edbookfest: "What makes Roman Britain, to me, such a rich place is that it was literate." ~@chiggi, Under Another Sky, 22 Aug http://t.…
05/07/201311:00RT @literarydundee: Afternoon all! To celebrate our new followers & #IBW2013, follow us & RT for a chance to win some lovely mystery books!…
04/07/201320:55RT @liminalcity: Virtual tourism Rt @psychcomm The Mystery of Argleton, the 'Google' town that only exists online
04/07/201319:04RT @EvillySexyBitch: This #July4th REMEMBER ..... #NSA #PRISM #EdwardSnowden
04/07/201319:03Dotcom Weighs In #surveillance
04/07/201319:02Apologies are not enough, says #bolivia #snowden
03/07/201302:05Tubman birthday parade - Liberia: via @youtube
03/07/201302:011995 #1995 Some of the language is familiar *but not DISTURBING!*
03/07/201301:49@darielgarner Thanks for the follow Dariel, I just kinow it's gonna be fruitful . . . . #clips
03/07/201301:47@digitalfolklore you too funny! But since my nigga biggie gotta an itchy one grip; ; I'm on this:
03/07/201301:33Michael DeMatty "Absolute" Scritti Politti cover I AM SAYING it is HOT : via @youtube
03/07/201301:04Peter Bur! @LeamingtonBooks 22 Jun <3 … wood beez
03/07/201301:00@ggreenwald TY
02/07/201320:45@digitalfolklore Jakuelin LOL . . . . one day I will tell you the whoooole story (it's short and sad)
02/07/201314:53RT @carver22: Free from Wed 3 to Sun 7, my novella on MMORPGs (but it's about people really). UK USA…
02/07/201314:40RT @cleliabrite: The personal side of taking on the NSA: emerging smears | Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald RT @kgosztola…
02/07/201314:35RT @WeRAllAnonymous: Glenn Greenwald: #Obama pursuing #Snowden to “intimidate future whistleblowers.” #IStandWithEdw…
30/06/201323:14Twitter CEO Dick Costolo Can't Tell You About NSA Abuses
30/06/201321:24@digitalfolklore here is the accusative (how apt!) and the ablative - - acc (s) Barrettum (p) Barrettūs abl (s) Barrettū (p) Barrettibus
30/06/201321:23@digitalfolklore Barrettus, m. nom (s) Barrettus (p) Barrettūs gen (s) Barrettūs (p) Barrettuum dat (s) Barrettuī (p) Barrettibus
30/06/201321:18@digitalfolklore Saor in Aisce Barrett Brown
30/06/201321:18@digitalfolklore Δωρεάν Barrett Brown #freebb
30/06/201321:17@digitalfolklore Ah . . . I had the mannie Woodman, 1 year also. It took me a while to find a translation of yo handle tho
30/06/201321:15RT @digitalfolklore: @LeamingtonBooks Brown liberum Barrett
30/06/201321:14RT @YourAnonNews: Someone is lying: new #PRISM slides put denials by firms that you know and use further into doubt.
27/06/201318:11@digitalfolklore is it true you know Latin?
26/06/201321:51RT @BarrettBrownLOL: Hope Rumsfeld's shut-down-net provision goes into effect so I can move to ranch, raise cattle, never talk to Yankees a…
26/06/201321:24@digitalfolklore my don't think so :(
26/06/201320:25RT @apblake: Around 50 supporters attended today's Bradley Manning hearing. This is great news
26/06/201319:36@EvillySexyBitch I've been to Har Homa, everyone is openly armed it is a foul place, a complete city . . . 'settlement' doesn't cover it :(
26/06/201319:35RT @EvillySexyBitch: DAMN THEM !!! ---> #Israel OKs New ILLEGAL Settlers Units ;( #FreePalestine ❤
25/06/201311:39Stand by your beds, it's Ms Thrift
24/06/201318:59@AnnieMachon Amazing interview this evening, thanks for your advice
24/06/201318:58VIA @AnonUKRadio Annie Machon says use #openpgp with #Thunderbird check it out
24/06/201318:53@EvillySexyBitch AnonUK Live Interview Ex MI5 agent Annie Mechon #NSA #Prisim #GCHQ #Snowden ON NOW
24/06/201318:52NOW! AnonUK Live Interview Ex MI5 agent Annie Mechon #NSA #Prisim #GCHQ #Snowden #BigBrother
24/06/201318:44#Tempora A spike into the vein of every communication in and out of the UK to be stored in case it is ever 'useful'
24/06/201318:28@SnatchyPatchy Can print . . . printing #freebb postcards this week also
24/06/201318:23AnonUK Radio Show listen to ex m15 agent about Snowden …
24/06/201318:23RT @thejediknight1: I just discovered The AnonUK Radio Show on @spreaker listen to ex m15 agent about Snowden
24/06/201318:21#Snowden is being charged by the US gov for revealing its and other govs’ unlawful actions that violate human rights
24/06/201315:07#anonymous #masks No More?
23/06/201319:31RT @bookyvikki: Just a few hours left to get one of oors in oor summer sale: We're awfy nice that way!
22/06/201322:52RT @Beltrandroid: In the middle of Taksim Square while the police eviction was happening around me. #çapulculartaksime #direngeziparki http…
22/06/201316:21@DicksonTelfer epic #sig7
22/06/201316:21@shinola32 @FledglingPress @goldipipschmidt @DicksonTelfer @spbbest I loved it thank you all, what great fun :)
22/06/201315:54@shinola32 @FledglingPress @goldipipschmidt @DicksonTelfer @spbbest aye and this: There was much analysis .. til dawn
22/06/201303:55 wood beez
22/06/201303:35@FledglingPress @Paul_Fledge #sandy
21/06/201316:24RT @EdinCityofLit: Drum roll, please! Introducing our @edbookfest #StoryShop writers for 2013!
21/06/201313:38RT @blueprinteditor: Looking forward to @FledglingPress #sig7 event tonight and catching up with some #Edinburgh based pals too!
21/06/201312:30As we consider Michael Hastings's death, a look back on Barrett Brown's defense of him #freebb #hastings
21/06/201312:06The Revolving Door of #K Street
21/06/201312:02RT @lgbtcouk: Westboro Baptist Church Responds To 'Lemonade For Peace' Sale With Anti-Gay Taunt #NotHomophobic? #NoF…
21/06/201311:43RT @MotherJones: The Supreme Court just made it easier for big business to screw the little guy:
21/06/201311:41#hastings Rest in peace . . . compliation clips
21/06/201311:39@digitalfolklore you are right and I shall definitely bring this up tonight
21/06/201311:33@digitalfolklore @Cryptomeorg Chemicals, yes. Cars these days, for example, burn much brighter than they used to.
21/06/201311:32@digitalfolklore Article: I need better press quotes. Unreadable might be a compliment, but 'not unreadable' sucks
21/06/201310:52@digitalfolklore @Cryptomeorg Fell a Rockefeller . . Mush a Bush
21/06/201310:51@digitalfolklore I was just thinking that about 10 minutes ago. I think it means my book is not the most accessible text on the block #naff
21/06/201310:46@digitalfolklore @Cryptomeorg Jeb's Cell? I wish he was in one.
21/06/201310:45RT @digitalfolklore: the #FBI told @Cryptomeorg to remove the #Bush family details...#Guccifer. So we put it up on #Leaksource…
21/06/201310:44Later . . . #sig7 Hope you can make it, Edinburgh
21/06/201309:12@goldipipschmidt See you this evening! Bring some books to sell if you have any, as we've a small shop set up.
20/06/201317:13RT @goldipipschmidt: come along to hear 6 fab authors tmrw night - and me! #sig7 @FledglingPress @LeamingtonBooks @shinola32 @DicksonTelfer…
20/06/201311:30RT @scottishbktrust: Fancy doing a creative writing team builder at work? Read about how we got together to write our Treasures stories: ht…
20/06/201311:28@FreightBooks Pippa Goldschmidt reading from the excellent The Falling Sky tomorrow evening in #Edinburgh #sig7
19/06/201321:56Equal Marriage: three French hens
19/06/201321:36Vous Avez Appuye sur le Bouton 'Twitter' #wolman
19/06/201321:33#coogan #wolman
19/06/201321:31#psychogeography #ʎɥdɐɹƃoǝƃoɥɔʎsd
19/06/201321:30#situationist #wolman #debord #pɹoqǝp #lettrism
19/06/201321:21RT @lgbtcouk: ,@ReachEd @stonewalluk Lord Eden of Winton voted against repealing #Section28
19/06/201320:35@garyjamespowell Thanks for an excellent article on @lgbtcouk Gary, I love it and am sharing it where and when I can.
19/06/201320:28Equal marriage: arguments against
19/06/201319:58RT @scottishbktrust: .@discoverkelpies, Scottish publisher @FlorisBooks's imprint, celebrates 10th b'day with three #SCBA13 nominations: ht…
19/06/201316:32RT @carver22: Interview with Philip Paris featuring a novel on a controversial subject that tends to be kept hidden.
19/06/201316:32Great Line Up This Friday #sig7 #edinburgh
19/06/201309:36The Significant Seven ride into Edinburgh this Friday - - - yee haw. #edinburgh #books #sig7 #bloodygood
18/06/201322:12RT @Helena_Torry: #DontKeepCalm Fight the #BedroomTax @The_SSP_ @No_BedroomTax @BedroomTaxHeil
18/06/201322:09RT @ShaunDellenty: Some teachers in some schools use & allow word 'gay' to be used for something considered to be crappy-they must not! htt…
18/06/201322:02RT @FreeBarrett_: Government Motion for Protective Order on discovery evidence in USA v. BB
18/06/201318:48RT @EvillySexyBitch: ✔✔✔ REAL LIFE #Spy DRAMA On #US Bound Plane “I’m Dead Already, They’re Gonna Kill Me” {Video…
18/06/201318:41RT @ggreenwald: The congress of Brazil, a country very good on gay rights, votes today on whether to fund research for a gay "cure" http://…
18/06/201316:35Inside and Outside of Blue Slushee - s i m u l t a n e o u s v i e w ! ! ! #slushee
18/06/201316:00@RichardLafette TY 4 RT !
18/06/201315:53There is a magpie on the gallows. #magpie #breugel #gallows
18/06/201315:50Two pound joint confiscated by spoilsport Santa Cruz police, results in foiled world record attempt.
17/06/201321:47RT @FledglingPress: Countdown to #sig7 here @LeamingtonBooks @shinola32 @DicksonTelfer @spbbest @goldipipschmidt Goo…
17/06/201319:56RT @ThaRealEdPark: For @mcnallyjackson: My mildly unhinged endorsement of Todd McEwen's WHO SLEEPS WITH KATZ—one of the great NYC novels: h…
17/06/201319:55RT @bisutun: A better review, still critical of LE's stylistic quirks WHICH IS FINE:
17/06/201308:54@OneNightStanzas Hi Claire, can I DM you with a Shore Poets question? . . . been trying to get in touch with you, Thanks Peter
15/06/201317:07RT @newtalesoldtown: Share your dreams for the Old Town, from now to Sept 2013! Post on or look out for our postcard…
13/06/201316:31#sig7 - not a cowboy theme in sight. But you know the bit where Coburn proves his knife is faster than a gun? Mmmm..
13/06/201316:29@Echelon2_PPM @FreeBarrett_ I'm trying to recall my user name but I'll get back to you ;) #vindication #freebb
13/06/201316:26@subverzo Absolutely. . . #vindicated many times over already in my opionion
13/06/201316:25RT @subverzo: Mark my words, Barrett Brown & #ProjectPM will be vindicated for its' research. The surveillance is more insidious than I can…
13/06/201316:25I like Breugel so much now I may blog about him forever more #breugel #flemish #peasants
13/06/201314:54TV Nation via @bellacaledonia Guess who's back? Nigel's Back.
13/06/201314:47Range of the Awful Hand . . . . listenable files: #rallyandbroad
13/06/201311:16Equal Marriage at Westminster II
13/06/201310:18@digitalfolklore armourdillo LOL
13/06/201309:20Range of the Awful Hand tomorrow night @RallyAndBroad #yay
13/06/201309:16RT @justinlucent: Skeuomorphism makes the BBC Magazine
13/06/201308:40RT @lgbtcouk: This is really interesting RT Why is Russia so homophobic?
12/06/201310:32They don't write themselves, you know.
11/06/201321:06RT @lgbtcouk: "If you think #equalmarriage will lead to bestiality..." #thingsihatemost #StupidAntiEqualMarriageArguments…
11/06/201321:03RT @Nell_Nelson: Brad on Iain M Banks: not an obit, but better
11/06/201321:02RT @spbbest: I'll be reading something new at this great night of live literature: #sig7 Friday, June 21st - free e…
11/06/201321:01@RichardLafette I didn't like them that much first time round but thanks, I'm actually watching Prince Far I ... No competition really ...
11/06/201320:57@destinylover09 Dickson Telfer 'The Red Man Turns to Green' hilarious human comedies on every page ... It's great!
11/06/201320:55RT @FledglingPress: Live Literature at Henderson's at St Johns, corner of Lothian Road Fri 21st June Come along!
11/06/201320:52@RichardLafette I saw them once, a wash out. Black polo neck. All I really recall is the Commotions guitar player didn't wear shoes on stage
11/06/201320:46RT @SherilCoal: Any Smiths/Morrissey fans in the building? Check out his review of the weeks singles from Smash Hits 1984…
11/06/201320:46@SherilCoal Genius from The Morrissiah
11/06/201320:45@RichardLafette I played 5 Easy Pieces the other week, Lloyd tries so hard to emulate Mozz but fails in so many different ways!
11/06/201320:35@justinlucent Have you links pertaining to last Friday's meet? Thanks....
11/06/201317:18 earth from moon gif
11/06/201312:34@spbbest Could you DM me yr email address for arrangements about next week? Thanks P
10/06/201316:56Still lots of time left to win a free book, The Studio Game a novel by Peter Burnett
10/06/201309:24RT @BarrettBrownLOL: And then U.S. can explain why ex-employees of Booz Allen Hamilton are so fucking scared of what their employer does in…
10/06/201309:23You'll be shocked! #whistleblower #freebb
10/06/201309:22RT @vickyvibes: "The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. With this capability, the... http://t.c…
10/06/201309:22RT @subatomic: Edward Snowden: the whistleblower answers the essential questions on the biggest leak in NSA history :
10/06/201309:22RT @claudesilver: Unbelievable and chilling. The Edward Snowden interview needs to be watched
07/06/201318:22The #Morrissey Interview! If you believe I met him, you believe I met him.
07/06/201314:16The Evergreen, 8 publications in Edinburgh in 2014 / 2015, a public meeting
07/06/201314:13RT @Evergreen2014: Open meeting to plan The Evergreen, is on 13th June at Riddle's court #Evergreen #Edinburgh
07/06/201314:13RT @Evergreen2014: Anonymous Fix My Street report leads to Leith Late street art project
07/06/201314:03June 13th Open Meeting on The Evergreen via @eotdt
07/06/201312:23My #morrissey interview! It's purely #palare! …
07/06/201312:15#sig7 That's 2 weeks today, The Significant Seven . . .
07/06/201311:56#sig7 Edinburgh 21st June
07/06/201311:16Time for another #morrissey interview!
07/06/201311:00RT @spbbest: Fancy interning with @_INSP? They're looking for an Editiorial Assistant:
07/06/201309:44@justinlucent Great discussion of #SVG today, thanks very much, plenty food for thought and mention of the dear ZX Spectrum also ;)
07/06/201309:23@DicksonTelfer Class event last night, you were very good indeed, really enjoyed it, aw the best :)
06/06/201319:21@lumpinthethroat Hi Mairi, looks like we alreday follow each other . . :) nice to meet you though P
06/06/201314:55RT @randolin: New Competition Question: to win a copy of @LeamingtonBooks 'The Studio Game' #competition #books
06/06/201314:50Look out for Rikki Fulton in Laxdale Hall (1953)
06/06/201314:36Great Scottish Cinema, Laxdale Hall (1953) . . . Prunella Scales in love with Fulton Mackay
06/06/201314:35Wall of Death (1951) by Lewis Gilbert . . . reminds me of the #Morrissey song #speedway
06/06/201310:33Poe Bon Bon
04/06/201314:35RT @lgbtcouk: Lord Mackay of Clashfern claims that infertile couples can't be allowed to marry: #equalmarriage #LordsVigil…
04/06/201313:08What Don't You Know? It's going to be #dontknowweek next week via good ol' @bellacaledonia
04/06/201310:50@athenadennis Great, I liked yr blog, lots of good stuff there P
03/06/201321:56RT @StuartFurley: #equalmarriage Great to see gay couple holding hands on journey home today on this special day @HouseofCommons #symbolic …
03/06/201318:05RT @kgosztola: Here's a full report on government's opening argument in Bradley Manning's trial:
03/06/201317:27RT @lgbtcouk: Dame Jill Knight, one of the original supporters of #Section28, now claiming teachers being forced to "teach homosexuality" …
03/06/201317:26Review of The Studio Game
03/06/201316:59Sandy Christie! #sig7
03/06/201316:58Eddie Gibbons! #sig7
01/06/201310:20RT @carver22: Saturday surprises: a review of Rory and Daisy and an interview with a children's writer – me. http://…
01/06/201310:20RT @lgbtcouk: 51 men & 2 women say their religious beliefs make equality for #LGBT people "unjust & unfair" #equal…
01/06/201310:19@ronbryn Yeah! Journalist=RSS aggregator, silly.
01/06/201310:15RT @williamsonkev: "Bruce's tone is extremely conciliatory. He seems to be offering to do anything possible to establish peace." http://t.c…
30/05/201318:45@NYC_Jenn Hi Jenn, I am so pleased you like the Occupy Romance, thanks so much for yr interest! PB
30/05/201318:23@digitalfolklore not seen that. won't be able to say that in 2hrs time. cheers mucker
30/05/201318:21@digitalfolklore eyes open . . . but hmmm . . . familiar
30/05/201318:20@digitalfolklore when I say LOVED I had two k7s of their albums c.1985 played them a lot never knew the musicians only now I am learning?!
30/05/201318:11@digitalfolklore kcuf me I used to love The Residents, live and learn
30/05/201318:10RT @AmyInStilettos: RT @FledglingPress: Another chance to win a copy of The Studio Game by @LeamingtonBooks Have a g…
30/05/201310:09RT @x7o: Welcome #JeremyHammond, to the brotherhood of Mandela, Gramsci, Gandhi, Russell, Debs, Vanunu, Solzhenitsyn, Gallileo, Socrates.
30/05/201310:08RT @deCespedes: Jeremy Hammond press release concerning his plea in court. v @BiellaColeman #JeremyHammond #LuzSec
30/05/201309:02RT @WISEUpAction: Support the June 1 international day of solidarity with Bradley #Manning. London: US embassy. 2pm. #FreeBrad…
30/05/201309:02RT @carwinb: The mad brilliance of BB’s comic irony is proportionate to the gutless stupidity of the Justice Dept's...…
30/05/201300:20@Lookingglassbks I'm so sorry Curti puked in your beautiful shop :( If there is anything I can do to make it up to you...#bugs #books #boke
29/05/201321:56RT @blumo0n: Why will we unite to raise 100's of K to shame a fat, possum-like bastard we could just vote out, but not #FreeHammond #FreeAn…
29/05/201321:41RT @mikegloady: @SDL_Scotland Be sure to delete everything but the most VILE tweets. Those need to stay as evidence - the minor stuff can g…
29/05/201321:41RT @mikegloady: So hurrah! The Anonymous dudes have taken over @SDL_Scotland twitter account. Beautiful.
29/05/201321:40RT @mandybhari: @SDL_Scotland haha fucking morons have been taken over by #Anonymous #UK
29/05/201321:35RT @z3r0nin3: @geraldcelente @EvillySexyBitch better still the daily 8million they give to israel daily use on the usa instead ?
29/05/201321:33@digitalfolklore Don't know Snakefinger, it's good. You like Buckethead?
29/05/201320:46RT @EvillySexyBitch: Let there BE an #OpBilderberg ❗❗❗❗❗❗
29/05/201320:46@EvillySexyBitch U never tire! And that is why we <3 U #anonfamily
29/05/201320:25Could it be Gregg's The Bakers? Try this easy peasy competition and win a copy of The Studio Game.
29/05/201320:17There is a competiton and you can win an IRL paper for real copy of my book, try it out ;)
29/05/201320:16RT @FledglingPress: New competition to win a copy of The Studio Game by @LeamingtonBooks The lucky winner for last …
29/05/201319:59@randolin we are skyping without you tonite! looks nice though . . . .
29/05/201319:07@SplendidSpoon I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK. I wish.
29/05/201319:04Equal Marriage & Independence? #lgbt #indyref #yes
29/05/201313:26RT @FreeBarrett_: @AJStream #AskJulian Julian, what do you think about the prosecution of Barrett Brown, and will you make a statement in s…
29/05/201313:25RT @ZoeSmart21: You say you're so hungry you could eat a horse but as soon as there is horse meat in things you don't want to eat it?
29/05/201310:27RT @nazipova: @LeamingtonBooks "The Studio Game" was a good read indeed. An interesting & honest intake on art commercialism plus an eterna…
28/05/201317:01'Over-charged and made to experience a level of pretrial punishment before being convicted' sounds familiar #freebb
28/05/201317:00Stark contrast to the recent sentencing of #LulzSec hacktivists … #freehammond
28/05/201316:58#hammond vs #usa a guilty plea to “outdated” and “vague” computer crimes statute
28/05/201316:33Equal Marriage & independence?
27/05/201319:57RT @FledglingPress: Have you seen our fan page? Chance to win a copy of 'The Studio Game' by @LeamingtonBooks #competition -…
27/05/201311:21a maelstrom of #sanding begins in #dunbar
27/05/201309:58The Political Evolution of #WikiLeaks
25/05/201303:56Peter Burnett ‏@LeamingtonBooks - now - @hirst_official The #spots are used, most effective @fledglingpress #britart
25/05/201303:55Peter Burnet ‏@LeamingtonBooks 22 May @hirst_official The #spots are used, most effective @fledglingpress … #britart
25/05/201303:33RT @SheilaJRamsey: How do you know that you are ready for your next step? Sheila j Ramsey
25/05/201303:32#eminem best>>> #weasamericans I think so yeh! the jury is in no doubt, this is tnat #crackerass prick's #best track
25/05/201303:24eminem's finest
23/05/201323:24RT @randolin: Chance to win copy of 'The Studio Game' by @LeamingtonBooks - like us on #facebook & answer the question!…
23/05/201313:38RT @FledglingPress: Chance to win copy of 'The Studio Game' by @LeamingtonBooks - like us on #facebook & answer the question!…
22/05/201320:15@Paul_Fledge More #Moore Dempster Dingbunger is my name, Sputwang is my nation The depths of space gob in my face… The stars my degradation!
22/05/201320:12The AnonUkIre Radio Show via @spreaker
22/05/201320:04@Paul_Fledge Yep that's an affirmative and a lol
22/05/201320:03@Paul_Fledge It's great! Gully Foyle is my name And Terra is my nation. Deep space is my dwelling space And death’s my destination #moore
22/05/201319:50@Paul_Fledge he passed me by!
22/05/201319:44Win and #irlbook A copy of The Studio Game fab competition
22/05/201319:42Win an #irlbook The Studio Game plus the answer is easy peasy ;)
22/05/201319:29Publisher of the month: #scotland #irlbooks
22/05/201318:47#Gay. Always Offensive.
22/05/201309:46@hirst_official The #spots are used, abused and copied, most effective #britart
22/05/201309:42RT @Paul_Fledge: After the horse meat scandal is this now human meat in dog food? #morrisons
22/05/201309:39@Paul_Fledge The @Lookingglassbks twitter meet is on the 3rd of June, are you game? Hope to see you there.
22/05/201309:38@Paul_Fledge Hey, cool background P, j'adore! #hirst
22/05/201309:30@lgbtcouk This guy is nuts
22/05/201309:29RT @lgbtcouk: Can @aidenrussell please explain what the connection is between pink guns & gay marriage? #equalmarriage…
22/05/201309:28Q&A with Dickson Telfer #scotland #books #falkirk
22/05/201309:24RT @SabineB1uEYE: How exactly is @aidenrussell going to be able to spot gay ppl in order to not serve them?
22/05/201309:21Winchman is coming to #kirkwall at the end of the month . . . #scotland #books
21/05/201321:03Most deaths are stress related. #garden I always had the love and friendship of the ineffible
21/05/201320:21Who is Topiary? #anonfamily #opbigbrother
21/05/201318:11RT @peeriemagnie: A send off and a welcome aboard via @wordpressdotcom - well done to @saltpublishing , and to @Rall…
21/05/201317:03RT @DrPizza: I want to know what new features Xbox will add for calling people faggots (since that is Live's main purpose). Maybe holograph…
21/05/201313:09@carver22 I had a great time, you were lookin splendid I thought. It was nice to remember those helicopter rides we used to make ;)
21/05/201313:09@lumphananpress Yep I had a great time, I hope you keep doing these meets, i'm sure i'll be back ;)
21/05/201313:08RT @lumphananpress: A fantastic night at books and banter last night, thanks @LeamingtonBooks and to everyone else who came along :)
20/05/201309:34It's the Aberdeen Literary Salon this evening at 7pm, Belmont Cinema #aberdeen
19/05/201321:02mein gott check this #freetopiary #killbabylon #opbigbrother
19/05/201321:00It's never too late to #freetopiary
19/05/201319:30@McDroll We should organise something. Lochgilphead Literary Salon? My publisher lives in Glendaurel, so that's a start . . .
19/05/201319:24RT @OpBigBrother: Anonymous Message to the people of the #UK << The Internet has helped us to evolve >> 1st June #ID…
19/05/201314:48@newriters Aberdeen's Literary Salon is tomorrow evening at the Belmont Cinema, 7pm.
19/05/201314:46@TheBelmontPH Aberdeen's Literary Salon is Monday, 7PM at the Belmont Cinema Bar
19/05/201314:44@WaterstonesABUB Aberdeen's Literary Salon is Monday evening at Belmon Cinema, 7pm.
19/05/201314:44@WaterstonesAbLS Aberdeen's Literary Salon is Monday evening at 7pm, Belmont Cinema
19/05/201314:40The correct link for One O'Clock Gun #12, feat. Angus Calder, @james_w_wood, Reggie Chamberlain King and Suhayl Saadi
19/05/201314:38 Why the AP phone records seizure and the #LulzSec sentences are related #freehammond
19/05/201310:15Download One O'Clock Gun number 12, feat. Angus Calder, @james_w_wood, Reggie Chamberlain King and Suhayl Saadi
19/05/201310:09@carver22 Thanks Bill, it hasn't been publicised that much so I am stepping in, RT mucho appreciato #aberdeen #literary #kenfitamean
19/05/201310:08@McDroll I shall let you know!
19/05/201309:56RT @octaviusmag: Looking for advice on getting #published? Check out @kirstylogan's great interview with @Jenni_Fagan on @IdeasTap: http://…
19/05/201308:43@aboutaberdeen1 Aberdeen Literary Salon, tomorrow at 7pm Belmont Cinema Bar
19/05/201308:40@carver22 Aberdeen's Literary Salon is tomorrow evening at 7pm, in the Belmont Cinema Bar
19/05/201308:39Aberdeen's Literary Salon is tomorrow evening at 7PM, Belmont Cinema Bar
18/05/201321:32RT @ronbryn: Investigative journalism is too hard for most MSM reporters who would rather write press releases for sources they protect @Le…
18/05/201316:43RT @SeekVeracity: It's going to be a crazy summer of #Activism and Civil Disobedience. You may want to participate while big brother still…
18/05/201316:38RT @SeekVeracity: 31 Cameras added surrounding Dewey Park of Occupy Boston #DoxDystopia #CCTV #Surveillance #BigBrot…
18/05/201311:26@ronbryn This post is prolly biased, & I believe Barrett interned for the Observer's crosstown rival when he was in high school.
18/05/201311:15@ronbryn The media has a hard time labelling BB cause he reports on stuff they SHOULD be 'journalising' about, not being corporate schills!
18/05/201311:03LGBT events and things ... in the UK #lgbt
18/05/201311:00RT @McDroll: FEELING IT by McDroll - you might possibly enjoy it via @amazon
18/05/201310:59#bigbrother Documenting Dystopia #trapwire #trackingtrapwire #projectpm
18/05/201310:49@digitalfolklore @SeekVeracity #freehammond Ooo I spotted him! But the thugs are watching :(
18/05/201310:45Documenting Dystopia
18/05/201310:441 June - International Day of Action for Bradley Manning #iabm #wikileaks
18/05/201310:33RT @octaviusmag: .@literarydundee International Book Prize shortlist revealed. A whopping £10K book deal with @cargopublishing prize! http:…
18/05/201301:35RT @EvillySexyBitch: 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 #GeorgeOrwell 〰〰〰 How RIGHT he WAS !!!
18/05/201301:34@EvillySexyBitch Tibet!!! >>> #free
18/05/201301:32@EvillySexyBitch nicely put Mrs ESB <3 #freetibet
18/05/201301:30RT @EvillySexyBitch: #FreeTibet .................. 💚
18/05/201301:30RT @catsrimportant: Moyers & Company: How Money Rules Washington #p2 #occupy
18/05/201301:25#sandy MEETS he is mental but also RATIONAL plz check it >> #scotland #lulz #edinburgh
18/05/201301:22#freetopiary location action
18/05/201301:13RT @ScottDehn: “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion.” - Francis Bacon, Sr.
18/05/201301:13@GreggHoush Got to be some WTF in the legal system? #hhmmmmm
18/05/201301:12#freebb #iabm these are revolutionary tweets?
18/05/201301:10RT @GeorgieBC: Because they were funny. The End. "Why are the #LulzSec hackers being locked up?"
18/05/201301:09 #freebb #freetopiary #freepublicity
18/05/201301:08 #lulzsec
18/05/201301:07I am going to suffer a MILLION years in prison just for tweeting :( #freebb @FreeBarrett_ @BarrettBrownLOL
18/05/201301:05#anonfamily have a look at #freebb 's tweets: 11.07.12 mmmmmmm #barrett
18/05/201301:047th September last year, here's what #barrettbrown was tweeting: 100 yrs for this? I don't thnk so #freebb
18/05/201300:15#freetopiary <3 #anonfamily <3 #iabm <3 #lulzsec <3 #tflow
18/05/201300:13#parmy <3 #jake <3 #lulzsec <3 #lulz <3 #dollars <3 #scotland <3 #trump <3 #topiary <3 #murdoch <3 #thatcher <3 #farage <3 #tupac
18/05/201300:08RT @EvillySexyBitch: #FreeTibet .....
18/05/201300:08You #freetopiary and #lulzsec and #freebb guys better get a load of this tonite: #anonfamily
17/05/201323:34RT @ronbryn: Great article by @reidpillifant about "helpful" professional campaign workers "volunteering" on #Weinermania pre-tour http://t…
17/05/201323:33RT @FreeBarrett_: DoJ obtains AP phone records: Recall, FBI was interested in Barrett's sources in March 2012.
17/05/201323:33RT @ronbryn: Irony. @BarackObama manipulates the media with leaks to win elections, then aggressively spies on media to plug leaks http://t…
17/05/201318:56Download some One O'Clock Gun back issues if you are game. #edinburgh #oocg
17/05/201310:07Listen to Chevy Chase by Eubie Blake: #ragtime #piano
17/05/201309:35Jake Davis in priz but the Hedge lives on #freetopiary #lulzsec
17/05/201309:30Scottish Hax0r goes to priz for rehabilitation #lulzsec
17/05/201309:29RT @AnonvnOps: Phạt 4 thành viên nhóm tin tặc LulzSec 86 tháng tù giam: Ryan Cleary, Jake Davis, Mustafa Al-Bassam và Ryan...…
17/05/201309:29Contrite Jake Davis opens up about how bad, bad, bad, bad, bad the internet really is #freetopiary #lulzsec
17/05/201308:46'Chevy Chase' played by Eubie Blake, 1920 #ragtime #jazz #piano
17/05/201308:45RT @PhilipJEMiller: A generation of Scottish contemporary art to be celebrated in £1m, 50-show nationwide exhibition in 2014.…
16/05/201321:44RT @sloneAnon: LulzSec: the unanswered questions. The sentencing of four members... … #Anonymous #Antisec #LulzSec #…
16/05/201321:41"Catastrophic losses for amusement." #lulzsec #freetopiary #freetflow
16/05/201321:36RT @SnappleLlama: “@MyFrenchNinja: Wizard.” #FreeTopiary
16/05/201321:34RT @DrPizza: FYI, the only people to support #freetopiary were people from IRL. There was no Anon presence at court at all.
16/05/201321:34RT @AnonManufacture: I'll buy you a pint in 24 months @atopiary...#FreeTopiary #LulzSec
15/05/201321:57RT @EvillySexyBitch: #FreePalestine ... ❤ NEVER GIVE UP !!!
15/05/201320:59Hamilton Appalled! #wonderwall
15/05/201320:42Dickson Telfer at Waterstones:
15/05/201319:53@randolin I really that handle of yours, G...
15/05/201319:13Hamilton was appalled by the fucking racket from next door. #noise #wonderwall #hamilton
15/05/201319:12Aberdeen's Literary Salon is on Monday 20th at 7pm
15/05/201316:29Aberdeen's Literary Salon is this Monday at 7pm
14/05/201320:12SETTLING IS A WARCRIME | Yet Israel established 130 illegal settlements in the West Bank | #Palestine4Palestinians
14/05/201320:10THE ONGOING NAKBA | The Prawer Plan | Bedouin KristallNacht has begun | #Palestine4Palestinians
14/05/201320:09EVERY RED DOT ON THIS MAP | 1 by Israel ethnic cleansing towns. | Vanished from earth | #Palestine4Palestinians
14/05/201320:08OUR PARADISE ON EARTH | #Palestine4Palestinians
14/05/201320:08THE NAKBA SURVIVORS | #Palestine4Palestinians
14/05/201320:06Before the NAKBA: Oct 1937: Ben Gurion wrote: "We must expel Arabs & take their place." #Palestine4Palestinians
14/05/201320:05MUST SEE > @AJEnglish documentary charts birth of Israel, Zionism & al-Nakba +60 yrs before 1948
14/05/201316:20tetter: a skin disease characterised by eruptions and itching.
14/05/201315:29RT @WikileaksTruck: Thinking of Barrett Brown and why journalists need to form a militia. Pen is mightier than sword, until the swordsmen t…
13/05/201323:07Karl Jaspers gig announced #jaspers
13/05/201322:52Karl Jaspers gig announced. #karljaspers #philosophy
13/05/201312:24Escher Politics
13/05/201311:27Book Trust Writing Blog ... Kirsty Logan Wins 2013 Scott Prize for Short Stories
13/05/201309:44This from the SRB Event Review: Caesura #13 10/05/2013
13/05/201308:16RT @writingthenorth: Writing the North is now fully underway with the launch of our dynamic website! Come and learn all about the project h…
13/05/201308:09The Trouble with Prince Harry as royal salesman for war in #Afghanistan. By Heathcote Williams:
12/05/201319:58April in pictures
12/05/201314:26Kurt Raab in Satansbraten #rwfassbinder
12/05/201312:45Meme Warfare, Occupy and Indy Scotland
12/05/201312:04RT @gregmoodie: Where are all The Scotsman's VILE, ABUSIVE CYBERNATS when I need them?: #yesscot #indyref #bettertog…
12/05/201311:59@Paul_Fledge This is quite hard to read but it's article Number 4:
12/05/201311:24Ma Jian: The Dark Road (Chatto & Windus, £16.99)
12/05/201311:23Like Dystopia, Love these Danielle Tunstall works . . .
12/05/201311:21Does anyone still have a copy of yesterday's Scotsman?
12/05/201311:19@McDroll TY Loving yr blog IMMENSELY I have a lot to catch up on but I think I will read it all, had to follae ye!
11/05/201310:29Scotland Loves Trident?
11/05/201309:18Charles Emmerson: 1913 - The World Before The Great War (The Bodley Head)
10/05/201302:49@MitchyBoyK totally it is tomorrow
09/05/201316:01For readers in Scotland ... Making Arthur 's Dream Boat sail
09/05/201315:32RT @EdinCityofLit: Thursday's got Peter Burnett @Lookingglassbks on hacks, internet security tips & how to beat the system…
09/05/201315:28Live Literature Scotland Where there 's muck, there 's poetry
09/05/201315:08Book Trust Writing Blog ... A question of origins and the birth of an idea
09/05/201314:21@andrewspong ah, you gotta do a lil weeding now and then, Andy.
09/05/201314:18Vivienne Westwood #freebrad #ows #iabm She IS Bradley Manning
09/05/201314:09RT @Anothergreen: Interview with Karl Marx by H.Chicago Tribune, January 5 1879
09/05/201313:506.30 This evening dark glasses and network intrusion! #freetopiary #edinburgh @Lookingglassbks
09/05/201313:47@digitalfolklore what are you waiting for?! I know you <3 bhavans who doesn't?!
09/05/201313:33@sophmackintosh While I am ladling out the compliments, website very nice too :) (Ok that's enough!)
09/05/201313:29@sophmackintosh Those memes are totally great! You got the #lulzfactor big time, no doubt about it ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ
09/05/201313:27RT @sophmackintosh: i made some memes about business for work lol
09/05/201312:40RT @nickbrindley: It wasn’t Keynes’ homosexuality that made him cavalier about future generations – it was his eugenicism…
09/05/201312:35Free Event @Lookingglassbks this evening at 6.30PM . . . hacking and dark glasses with Peter Burnett
09/05/201309:30The most beautiful music in the world: #topiary
09/05/201309:24Looking Glass Books in Edinburgh this evening, 6.30, I am reading . . . #expectlulz #freetopiary An Occupy Romance
08/05/201321:04RT @mcflyhh: blog: us plans to increase wiretapping
08/05/201318:15RT @nazipova: “@LeamingtonBooks: Tomorrow at Looking Glass Books, what is behind the dark glasses? #freetopiary”
08/05/201310:12RT @Evergreen2014: Action day targeting rogue traders hailed a success
08/05/201310:03RT @deCespedes: .@k3r3n3 : " #Hackers are the heroes of the 21st Century ." #rep13
08/05/201310:01@Lookingglassbks Wow, great line up! (BTW Sp: McEwen and Ellmann) can't wait to see them, I love Mimi #teammimi
08/05/201310:00RT @Lookingglassbks: So we have @LeamingtonBooks @MWheelaghan Alice Thompson,Ruth Thomas,Gregory Norminton, Todd Mcewan & Lucy Ellman e…
08/05/201309:54Tomorrow at Looking Glass Books, what is behind the dark glasses? #freetopiary
08/05/201308:34Zombie Nation
08/05/201308:26Cherchez La Femme Burroughs: #beat
08/05/201308:25Odium is 'breathtaking stuff' according to (my employers at the time of quotation) Scotland on Sunday
08/05/201308:24Notes on the contributors to my website
08/05/201308:22Arthur Miller condemns Ezra Pound to Death!
08/05/201301:21@raincoaster Bollocks.
07/05/201320:57In Praise of Uncertainty
07/05/201317:03RT @williemeikle: RIP Ray Harryhausen. A constant source of joy and entertainment over my whole life. Time to line up the DVDs.
07/05/201316:34Lots of #freetopiary this Thursday @Lookingglassbks (IRL translation: "at Looking Glass Books" 6.30 PM >>
07/05/201316:08RT @DharmaTemple: Life is a group effort
07/05/201315:29RT @reinouttebrake: 100 Google Glass Apps
07/05/201315:28@lumphananpress Oh I'm pleased mssg got through I just got 404 BOO HOO! I gave up here's link for @scottishbktrust
07/05/201314:54@raincoaster If I saw yr house correct in one of yr posts; didn't look like you *had* neighbours! #sorry #anyway
07/05/201314:48@lumphananpress Contact form on yr website returning a big 404, but @scottishbktrust need details of the Aberdeen salon as soon as you can!
07/05/201313:36No matter how many times I edit a webpage, there are always still typos.
07/05/201313:36RT @Lookingglassbks: This Thu 6.30pm #freetopiary An Occupy Romance. Hacker chat, publishing talk, the point of book reviews..join us! http…
07/05/201313:33Spot Barrett Brown on camera #freebb #trapwire #projectpm
07/05/201313:31Documenting Dystopia
07/05/201312:50Can anyone tell me, what was the (heroic) acct jailed for too many 'twitter favorites' recently? Heard about it but didn't catch the name...
07/05/201312:32@digitalfolklore U interested in another song?
07/05/201312:29@cypheranonymous The police ALWAYS seize the xbox
07/05/201312:26RT @transhuman: The secret of existence is to have no fear #FreeTopiary
07/05/201312:22RT @MisterTollcross: #freetopiary: An Occupy Romance with Peter Burnett. @LookingGlassbks Thu 9 May, 18:30.
07/05/201312:18@digitalfolklore I ken, what m I like ?! #nonsense #poxy #proxy
07/05/201312:07#freetopiary An Occupy Romance Another world is possible. Make ready your dreams. #ows #scotland #books #iabm
07/05/201310:49House of Dracula! (1945) #dracula #horror #notscary Death of genre disappointment!
07/05/201309:52If you're still running a Windows 9x box .. try and run Black Edition XP try it first on a VM
07/05/201309:36Proxy Loopholes in Hotels #proxy #internet #hack
07/05/201309:24Lords Lawyers and Racist Tweets
06/05/201316:48Mother Kusters Goes to Heaven gallery shots #fassbinder
06/05/201315:47A modest selection of #monster #movie #trailers
06/05/201315:18Live Literature Scotland Where there 's muck, there 's poetry: Poetry workshops in a nature reserve, part 1
06/05/201315:02Book Trust Writing Blog ... Roy Gill featured in the Baillie Gifford Schools Programme
06/05/201314:45Lauren Beukes: The Shining Girls ( Harper Collins, £12.99)
06/05/201314:26#FilmNoir - mmm hats. The Crooked Way, I really enjoyed it.
05/05/201316:15Event this Thursday at @Lookingglassbks hackers ahoy! #freetopiary #occupy #scotland
05/05/201300:58RT @flouroscotland: I've just found a fiver. Is it yours?
03/05/201321:42@anneliesemack Congratulations, enjoy it ;) it will be GREAT!
03/05/201321:37RT @AnonymousVideo: @LeamingtonBooks ►Barrett Brown Retains Top Lawyers For Legal Defense ►Help raise funds #Anonymo…
03/05/201321:33@digitalfolklore hold the chicken
03/05/201320:09High Alert!! This is the first time CRISPS (yes #crisps) ever appear in a movie. "Time Gentlemen, Please!"
03/05/201319:05On the Road
03/05/201316:30RT @FictionAtelier: Todd McEwen will be reading from the AMAZING Five Simple Machines May 9, 6:30-8:30 at Daunt Books, Holland Park. RSVP i…
03/05/201316:29@FictionAtelier 'It's a dog eat dog world out there. Worse than that. It's a dog doesn't return other dog's phone call world.' Woody Allen
03/05/201312:46@FelicityBristow #freetopiary: An Occupy Romance Free Download also available there for the time being XP
03/05/201310:32@CaladMedia Here is the infamous Structured Data Testing Tool! Best of luck with it. #google #richsnippets
03/05/201310:31RT @CaladMedia: How to Supercharge your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Employee Sharing: Employers have always known tha... http://t.…
02/05/201322:49RT @wikileaks: WARNING: document has some very unsavoury details about what Sweden+CIA did to Egyptian refugees … #A…
02/05/201322:45RT @ChristianStork: Update on the trial(s) of @BarrettBrownLOL: New defense team; the feds fish for activists … #Fre…
02/05/201322:33RT @raincoaster: Royalty by Arthur Rimbaud Read more here:
02/05/201320:56@vkootstra Thanks for the follow ;) Re Self Promotion, your work will sell you in the end . . . best of luck with it
02/05/201320:54@FelicityBristow yes, so so, still in the same place, been looking at your work, it's great, especially the book stuff ;) FAB XX
02/05/201320:49RT @Lookingglassbks: What you up to on 25th May? We have Alice Thompson AND Ruth Thomas reading and chatting about their books & writin…
02/05/201319:27@digitalfolklore Vanishing Point . . .Two Lane Blacktop . . . am I ever in sad 70s movie heaven
02/05/201319:26@Rabbitrunrunrun aah well, I am sorry nonetheless. In case of anger, here is the Twitter 'table-flip' ascii >> (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
02/05/201319:22@kirstiw There isn't a website in the world that doesn't call Electra Glide in Blue 'existential' - - is it better than Vanishing Point?
02/05/201319:21@beltiewriter @CurlyTaleBooks Done! ✲´*。.❄¨¯`*✲。❄。*。¨¯`*✲
02/05/201319:18@ZoeSmart21 I'm trying to get the file for TMD off my publisher just now to make it into an ebook. . . thanks tho ;)
02/05/201319:12@FelicityBristow Hey Flick, thanks for the follow. . . you well?
02/05/201319:11@digitalfolklore they can already pin anything on anybody, I don't like this world, not one bit #projectpm
02/05/201319:10@amber_blundell Thanks very much, I'm so glad it found some readers. =^..^= You look like you have two twitter accts. Is it so?
02/05/201318:11@HughesPeg @literarydundee Hey, good luck with that Peggy ۜ\(סּںסּَ` )/ۜ . . . . ye fair flit from fleurr tae fleurr :)
02/05/201318:08Interesting Typos of Our Time #onlymildlyinteresting
02/05/201317:37@Rabbitrunrunrun Could another publisher be found to pick up where they left off?
02/05/201317:19Collecting data no one will see
02/05/201317:17RT @hurleycreugh: #whys The wealthy have a duty to support to the country that has supported and made them wealthy. Disproportionate wealth…
02/05/201317:17@hurleycreugh TY fur the folla!
02/05/201317:04Thanks to @whowhatwhy for reminding the world that #ProjectPM is, was and will forever be COMPLETELY LEGAL #yo #freebb
02/05/201317:03RT @small_affair: @FreeBarrett_ I am so happy ppl can donate to #FreeBB defense fund b/c we are having political prisoner day at #JusticeFe…
02/05/201317:02RT @FreeBarrett_: There are many ways to contribute to #FreeBB | PayPal: | Bitcoin: 1FreeBBjTK5XXXsnjYB8foyFhGG…
02/05/201317:00RT @freeanons: ►Come out & support #AaronSwartz #FreeBrad #FreeBB #FreeHammond #Weev #Whistleblowers ►The Medium of Treason #Berlin htt…
02/05/201317:00A New Line of Defense for Barrett Brown #freebb
02/05/201316:58RT @anon_pinko: Barrett Brown Update: New Defense Team, Feds Fish For Activists via @WhoWhatWhy
02/05/201316:58Feds Fish For Activists . . . They haven't a hope! #freebb
02/05/201316:57For that, he and his family are paying a price.#freebb
02/05/201316:57Barrett Brown used the Internet to democratize information access & dissemination shifting the power balance between citizen &state #freebb
02/05/201316:53Barrett Brown Update: New Defense Team, Feds Fish For Activists via @WhoWhatWhy #freebb #dojsux
02/05/201316:51The prosecution of Barrett Brown is an over-prosecution #freebb
02/05/201316:50DOJ war on dissent being shown for the invidious farce it is. #freebb
02/05/201316:48RT @whowhatwhy: Barrett Brown Update: New Defense Team, Feds Fish For Activists
02/05/201316:48#BarrettBrown and Jake Davis, together in #TinyChat
02/05/201316:45Twitter is now so insecure, they are recommedning you dedicate a computer to your tweets ALONE. #nutz
02/05/201315:44➽ FreeTopiary! An #Occupy Romance - - -
02/05/201315:11RT @liminalcity: Rt @JulianHoffman Announcing @EarthLines essay prize for 2014 exploring relationship between people & natural world ht…
02/05/201315:09RT @FictionAtelier: McEwen and Ellmann will be reading from THE 5 SIMPLE MACHINES and MIMI May 9 Daunt Holland Park 6:30 - 8:30. RSVP info@…
02/05/201315:08RT @FictionAtelier: Lucy Ellmann will be discussing MIMI in San Francisco, June 4. Book Passage, 6:00.
02/05/201314:37Does anyone recall Electra Glide in Blue (1973)? It's beautiful.
02/05/201313:46New batch of graphic novels are picture perfect
02/05/201313:29#freetopiary An Occupy Romance Another world is possible. Make ready your dreams. #ows #scotland #books #iabm
02/05/201312:40The Axis of Incredulity
02/05/201312:20House of Dracula! (1945) #dracula #horror #notscary Death of genre disappointment!
02/05/201311:59The Fiction Atelier - free editorial consultations via @FictionAtelier
02/05/201311:34Book Trust Writing Blog ... Unlocking the writer inside: The End
01/05/201321:39@EvillySexyBitch Oh God I need my sheeple vaccine!
01/05/201321:27RT @EyeEdinburgh: And speaking of Chris Grayling, here's how he rooked #MPexpenses for his profit @zoesqwilliams @gu…
01/05/201321:24RT @Lookingglassbks: #freetopiary event @LeamingtonBooks next Thu 6.30pm Hacker chat, publishing talk, the point of book reviews . . . htt…
01/05/201319:52RT @ExtremelyAvg: Solar Powered Tent
30/04/201315:56@ChesterLGBT OK 5!
30/04/201315:55#trapwire homonymous(!) predictive software that analyses who you meet and where you meet #freebb
30/04/201315:51Moody Brando "Night of the Following Day" #brando goes French.
30/04/201315:42Arthur Miller condemns Ezra Pound to Death:
30/04/201314:46CyberBrits and Spectator Sports
30/04/201311:47Interesting Typos of Our Time #onlymildlyinteresting
30/04/201310:48@kaela3000 This is good, but you gotta have a US credit card :( I tried. . .
30/04/201310:47RT @SeekVeracity: Because #barrettbrown doesn't have the opportunity to tweet this at the moment... #TRAPWIRE look it up. #freebb
30/04/201310:44RT @IrisMurdoch: 'We need a theology which can continue without God.' Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals.
30/04/201310:42May 1 11.30 Fed Courthouse Commerce St. Dallas, Judge to determine fate of Barrett's legal funds Please turn up show your support. #freebb
30/04/201310:40May 1 11.30 Federal Courthouse Commerce St. Dallas, TX 75242 Please come out and show your support. #freebb #barrettbrown
30/04/201310:38Some good news about Barrett Brown's defense team #freebb
30/04/201310:34Epic Volumes: The Nameless by Ramsay Campbell Oooh Yeh, Scary Book, Rotten Film!
30/04/201310:28Sex Clubs of the Enlightenment #sex #history #enlightenment
30/04/201309:23Cornered (1945) starring Dick Powell - - great #filmnoir
30/04/201308:10Richard Burton in "The Robe" - stern - epic - classy - - #cinemascope
29/04/201321:30RT @FledglingPress: This is a good place to sample lots of books @Jellybooks @LeamingtonBooks @philcave1
29/04/201321:20I like Ebooks but my heart is with the good old IRL Books. … #irlbooks
29/04/201316:55I like Ebooks! But I also like IRL Books. #irlbooks ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
29/04/201314:36RT @DouglasLucas: Esquire profile of one of @BarrettBrownLOL's new defense attorneys, Charles Swift: #FreeBB
29/04/201314:35RT @timmytyper: I spoke w @BarrettBrownLOL. Dude sounds happier, more lucid than ever. If Feds are trying to break him, it's not working. @…
29/04/201314:26Have I got a new laugh for you innit …
29/04/201313:38Human nature could certainly stand some improvement.
29/04/201312:33House of Dracula! (1945) #dracula #horror #notscary Death of genre disappointment!
29/04/201311:25I can't cut out my obssession with #filmnoir - This is the epic 'Fallen Angel' (1945)
29/04/201310:12McEwen's is the Best Buy in #beer #scotland #ye_ken
29/04/201309:57The Pound In Your Pocket
29/04/201309:08 I'm at Looking Glass Books next week, telling you how to turn your old sattelite dish into a wireless receiver...
29/04/201309:07Some biographical notes on the contributors to my website. Thanks Guys, I dig you!
29/04/201308:55Book Trust Writing Blog ... Unlocking the Writer Inside: Books as a team sport!
28/04/201303:01@tramplord You Shook Me All Night Longboat #nordicrock
28/04/201302:58@tramplord #nordicrock The Norse Are Back In Town
28/04/201302:55@tramplord #nordicrock Scandanavian Rhapsody
28/04/201302:52RT @tramplord: Helsinki ain't a bad place to be #nordicrock
28/04/201302:49@ourbookrvws thanks!
26/04/201314:16Trust victory on Canongate Venture? via @eotdt
26/04/201313:47RT @scottishbktrust: BOOKBUG WEEK UPDATE! Hundreds of events for little story lovers across Scotland now waiting to be found on our site: h…
26/04/201313:45@LadyEmoDude Hi Nabeela. Your account looks kosher to me but you keep sending me porn DMs. Is this you or is you h4x3d?
25/04/201321:13RT @HomoCarnula: "every action you perform online, every site you visit, every message you send is intercepted and stored." - #Assange
25/04/201321:13RT @PiranhaVonBosch: Savages. QT @Rahmantwittwer: Israel using Palestinian child as human shield #boycottisrael @georgegalloway @palestine …
25/04/201321:01RT @RichardLafette: Those who support the Establishment controlling the press should note what happened to our 3rd greatest journalist... h…
25/04/201320:59RT @OpManning: #StopCISPA action guide | Letter template: | Pro-#...
25/04/201320:58RT @OpManning: How many more usurping bills will this corrupt/incompetent Congress, Senate pass, against the rights of US citizens? #CISPA …
25/04/201320:54RT @bozzyfest: Strachey's 'Eminent Victorians'- read it. At 4.45pm,Sat 18 May, chat about it with James Naughtie, at BBF Book Club! http://…
25/04/201319:16Mother Kusters Goes to Heaven gallery shots #fassbinder
25/04/201319:12Osbornes Toxic Legacy
25/04/201318:15‘Hey you — I’ve seen the sleeping act before. You know your ticket ran out the last stop!’ "Fallen Angel" #filmnoir
25/04/201317:08A lesser known #Amicus horror portmanteau - "Torture Garden" (1967)
25/04/201309:44Korea Advice
25/04/201308:55RT @rustygreen59: Why does America lose its head over ‘terror’ but ignore its daily gun deaths? #GunControl #MADNESS
25/04/201308:54RT @Doemela: #cGaN2012: Nestor Makhno #AlexanderBerkman #Anarchism #AnarchisminUkraine
25/04/201308:44Orson Welles cracks me up in 'Ferry to Hong Kong' #lewisgilbert
25/04/201308:38There's some serious dark stares to be had at the #filmnoir gallery
25/04/201308:34The Dundee Book Prize (Aberdonians are Jealous)
25/04/201308:27Isabel Macduff! The Caged Lady of Buchan #buchan #bruce
25/04/201308:23#FreeTopiary An Occupy Romance, downloads, details, reviews and extras. Dedicated to #bradleymanning
25/04/201308:17Film Noir Gallery, just for you, black and white heaven #filmnoir
25/04/201308:13Marlon Brando! Mggh Rggh Uggh Aggh. The Island of Dr Moreau #brando #movies
25/04/201308:10Behind the scenes shots from popular movies
25/04/201308:03A collection of images from my Home Planet #space #cadet #burnett
24/04/201316:07Air Cuan Dubh Drilseach
24/04/201315:42Who Is Topiary??
24/04/201309:47No more maudlin
24/04/201309:34British Inequality and The Nordic Alternative
23/04/201320:26The Essence of Noir, hats and coffee? #filmnoir
23/04/201316:16Northern Exposure
23/04/201315:02Fair Daffodils, we weep to see You haste away so soon; #Herrick
23/04/201314:02The probable results of Iceland’s upcoming elections …
22/04/201320:44Thank you MOLE whoever you are. This is the exact review I wanted to read! Touched. XX @marymayf
22/04/201314:14The Irn Lady
22/04/201310:47Darcey Bussell at Aye Write!
22/04/201309:43Thatcher ’s Disputed Legacy
21/04/201317:30I love a free download, specially if it's musical . . . #edinburgh #music
21/04/201316:33 This show opens in Edinburgh this Saturday, it will be well worth seeing ;)
20/04/201322:33David Remnick: The Brothers Tsarnaev #newyorker (╯︵╰,) this is sad …
20/04/201322:02@FictionAtelier For Lucy #mimi
20/04/201308:12The Caged Lady of Buchan! #buchan #bruce
19/04/201321:33I love these new songs from The Range of the Awful Hand #edinburgh #music
19/04/201316:18Cornered (1945) #filmnoir
18/04/201309:56RT @ScottishReview: What do we mean by #'Scottish values'?: Walter Humes:
17/04/201319:45RT @chaos_kind: does anyone know if there is a map like #TrackingTrapwire for the UK too?
17/04/201319:45RT @78KGG: #TrackingTrapwire - Google Maps - #map of locations where #trapwire is operational. #Abraxas, #cubic #Wo ...
17/04/201319:45RT @CIApressoffice: HELP: #TrackingTrapwire Pinning locations of #trapwire cameras around the world. #OpTrapwire #A ...
17/04/201319:44RT @TNAJoeWolverton: TrapWire: The Federal Gov't is Literally Watching Every Move You Make: #TrackingTrapwire #TrapWire
17/04/201319:44RT @CIApressoffice: #Trapwire mapping project is underway. Contribute any cameras you see to #TrackingTrapwire: #A ...
17/04/201319:44RT @Capricedude: This project is for pinning the location of security cameras #TrackingTrapwire Updated: 8/29/2012 ...
17/04/201319:43RT @digitalfolklore: seen cameras like these before? #trapwire #optrapwire #trackingtrapwire #ProjectPM
17/04/201319:43RT @SeekVeracity: @youranonnews Formerly #TrackingTrapwire: launches website and forum Crowd-sourcing a surveillan ...
17/04/201319:43RT @yinyangman69: RT“@SeekVeracity: We now have a forum at Feel free to join up!” #DocumentingDystopia #TrackingTra ...
17/04/201319:43#freetopiary #trapwire #trackingtrapwire
17/04/201318:03@EyeEdinburgh She's buried! Can we all get back to getting on with stuff now?
17/04/201311:14RT @lgbtcouk: Margaret Thatcher: a gay Tory remembers the PM who almost sent him to prison... #LGBT #ageofconsent ...
16/04/201317:36Post Chavismo
16/04/201317:04RT @andrewspong: 3D printed hip replacements c/o the @MayoClinic | prsnlz #hcsmeu
16/04/201315:27Guy Debord at the Bibliothèque nationale de France #situation #debord
16/04/201312:19@FledglingPress @DicksonTelfer sort of
16/04/201309:46Book Trust Writing Blog ... Marion McCready published in the Poetry Salzberg Review
16/04/201308:27Risk Assessment
15/04/201314:51Had Yer ’ Gob, Bonny Lad
15/04/201313:55Book Trust Writing Blog ... Unlocking the Writer Inside: Being Someone Else!
15/04/201313:31RT @JaniceForsyth: We're talking contemporary Scottish poetry on today's @BBCJFCulture with @louisewelsh00 & @ZoeStrachan. 2.05pm @B ...
15/04/201313:17Marianne Faithfull @Faithfull_M in "Made in USA" had us enraptured with an a cappella The film's hi-light for sure! X
15/04/201313:10Spotted @Faithfull_M in #godard "Made in USA" last night, it's a beautiful cameo, and she sings so well. ٩(^‿^)۶
15/04/201312:22For readers in Scotland ... St. Madoes Primary School: Preparing for an author
15/04/201311:38Book Trust Writing Blog ... Pippa Goldschmidt published by Freight Books
15/04/201309:29RT @MichaelGannon: I love Scottish fitba. It's bonkers. We can even bet on how clubs will vote at a meeting. Ignore the doom merchants, ...
15/04/201307:59RT @LFC: Emotive reading - Hillsborough families: what we want to happen next #JFT96
14/04/201320:12RT @AnonyOps: A LOT of what Anonymous has done in the last 5 years wouldn't have been necessary if the art of Investigative Journalism w ...
14/04/201320:12@AnonyOps Favorite that and #freebb
14/04/201316:22"Crap Ghosts" by Gavin Inglis - - a hilarious read!
14/04/201316:21@gavininglis Hi I just read this again and thought I'd comment this time! #crapghosts
14/04/201313:24RT @ChMadar: Why we need to free @Rabite, #JeremyHammond, @FreeBarrett_ Then prosecute the prosecutors. #BradleyM ...
14/04/201313:23How to return a blank Facebook status update: Maybe you want to, maybe you don't.
14/04/201313:15#filmnoir classic "Phantom Lady" (1944) starring Ella Raines, links and thoughts:
14/04/201308:50Judy Fairbairns: Island Wife (Two Roads Publications)
13/04/201322:04Hacktivists as Gadflies, by Peter Ludlow via @NYTOpinionator (article includes Barrett Brown) #freebb
13/04/201321:58@tap_poetry Hi, looks good ;) anything to do with Tapsalteerie Theatre, well known to many of us in the 1980s?
13/04/201321:57RT @tap_poetry: Breaking news... Tapsalteerie have reached our funding target. A new Scots language poetry publisher is born. Ya beauty!
13/04/201319:52Are you saying, @FledglingPress that you are 'not down'? @Paul_Fledge
13/04/201319:38@FledglingPress @paul_fledge ... Oh and some Smiths in #freetopiary An Occupy Romance xx
13/04/201319:34@Paul_Fledge @fledglingpress Yes, we'll spotted! Thanks very much ;) ;)
13/04/201314:57We need National Collective
12/04/201321:57@RichardLafette I think I may wear a tie tomorrow.
12/04/201321:28RT @FreeBarrett_: As of today, Barrett Brown has been in jail for 7 months, or 202 days. Let's free BB.
12/04/201321:24RT @garyjamespowell: @lgbtcouk @Tara_Hewitt I do think that we LGBT Conservatives today mustn't airbrush or excuse Lady T's strident opp ...
12/04/201318:46The Scottish News Commons
12/04/201318:06RT @apblake: Gov. Jerry Brown is freaking out cuz he doesn't think state prisons needs to be at 135% capacity. They're at 149.5 % http: ...
12/04/201317:03These are great transcripts of Barrett Brown's videos ➥ (Even includes his burps!) #freebb #welldone #awesome
12/04/201317:00Your One Stop Drop In for Barrett Brown Links ➽ #awesome #freebb
12/04/201316:59Interesting comparison of offences for all #anons to consider ➵ #freehammond #opitaly
12/04/201316:55Hashonomy telling me it can't find the tag #freebb ( ➪ Guys We Gotta Try Harder ➪
12/04/201316:52#pleasestepup ➡ #freebb
12/04/201316:52#toastforanons and #freedom for Barrett Plenty Videos Here: ➔
12/04/201316:44Barrett Brown by him, about him and above all for him #FreeBB Website Updated and Looking Good ➼
12/04/201313:03Post-Thatcherite Scotland
12/04/201312:06The Chopstick Pickpocket 'Suit Man' WANG . . .
12/04/201310:19This from the SRB 'The Revenge of History' by Seumas Milne
12/04/201310:04Live Literature Scotland The Otter King: storytelling and puppet workshop
11/04/201322:49RT @iLouminator: Bought new colander. Left it on counter. Return 5mins later to this scene #shakeshead
11/04/201317:46RT @davidmerelind: How absolutely stupid can one hospital be? "Gay Man Arrested At Hospital For Refusing To Leave Sick Partner."
11/04/201317:44@apblake Sorry to hear about the account abuse ... How about this for consolation:
11/04/201314:22Book Trust Writing Blog ... Novel Writing: The germ of an idea
10/04/201320:48RT @lgbtcouk: Edinburgh's award-winning Arkle theatre company present one of David Mamet's most sparkling comedies: ...
10/04/201320:47RT @lgbtcouk: Scotland's very first #LGBT football club is Edinburgh's @HotScotsFC, in the First Division of @GFSNleague ...
10/04/201316:22Public Library of Diplomacy - The Map
10/04/201316:20RT @Paul_Fledge: What did forcing the cookie warning on websites actually achieve? Does anyone even consider it now? Its another annoyin ...
10/04/201315:57@digitalfolklore Yo
10/04/201314:29Twiends Twerps etc
10/04/201314:18In Solidarity with National Collective [Part 1]
10/04/201313:50@PublishScotland Maybe this matters, maybe it doesn't. I'm counting anyway ;)
10/04/201313:14Review time and The Scotsman scores ZERO out of FOURTEEN for effort, but full marks for AFFRONT.
10/04/201313:12RT @SplendidSpoon: Free Alfred Anaya! => A hacker by any other name. Technology is always morally neutral.
10/04/201313:06In its Books Pages, The Scotsman printed 14 book reviews. But how many of these titles were published in Scotland?
10/04/201311:02RT @vivienweisman: weev is being moved "soon" to minimum security prison camp. @rabite @subverzo @asshurtACKFlags ...
10/04/201311:00#freetopiary sentenced next month
10/04/201310:59RT @karnag: #lulzsec Scots hacker Jake Davis, known as Topiary, to find out fate next month #freetopiary #freegary
10/04/201310:45Charles Glass: Deserter - The Last Untold Story Of The Second World War (HarperPress)
10/04/201310:04Apply for your Odalisque Revolution Certificate - - Yes! #TeamMimi
10/04/201310:02Some Mimi reviews Mimi reviews Mimi reviews - - - Have you read it yet?
10/04/201310:01February and March in photos
10/04/201309:35From Bella Caledonia You are absolutely wrong on the Structural Funds, Mr Moore
09/04/201323:50RT @FictionAtelier: MIMI reviews
09/04/201323:50RT @FictionAtelier: The 5 Simple Machines by Todd McEwen – review via @guardian
09/04/201323:50RT @chasingray: Really interesting interview at Bookslut with Lucy Ellman abt her screwball comedy novel MIMI & rape & abuse htt ...
09/04/201323:50RT @canal_literario: : Book of the Week: Mimi by Lucy Ellmann Mimi walks and talks like a screwball comedy. It's all madcap zanines... h ...
09/04/201323:49RT @FictionAtelier: bookslut interview
09/04/201323:49RT @john_self: And here is an extract from that book, Todd McEwen's The Five Simple Machines, mainly concerning the narrator's dik. http ...
09/04/201323:49RT @Book2Book: PR: Union Books Acquires A 'Film Memoir' By Novelist Todd Mcewen
09/04/201323:49RT @thebookslut: My book of the week pick is a screwball comedy that hides a smart dark center. My Q&A with Mimi's Lucy Ellmann: htt ...
09/04/201323:49RT @FictionAtelier: Todd McEwen will be reading at The Object as Actor symposium, Royal College of Art, Battersea LT3, April 10. Subject ...
09/04/201320:59RT @raincoaster: “@rufus_lingo: Halifax teen gang raped, commits suicide. Plz share”
09/04/201320:54Calling monkey business "cyber-terrorism" is pathetic. #freetopiary
09/04/201320:54And nothing of value was lost. For that matter, nothing of value was gained, either. #freetopiary
09/04/201320:53A little chaos in the system keeps everyone honest. #freetopiary
09/04/201320:51Receiving angry emails from the man you just sent 10 dildos to cause he can't secure his Amazon password is priceless
09/04/201320:49No moral support for #freetopiary
09/04/201320:47Ryan, your botnet was legion #freeanons
09/04/201316:32From Bella Caledonia The Patriot Prime Minister
09/04/201313:53From Bella Caledonia Province of the Cat #14: Easter In Atomic City
09/04/201313:32Letter to JannieJumbo
09/04/201311:49Linda Darnell is great in Fallen Angel (1945) if you love noir, then she's the one for you, bub.
09/04/201311:40Book Trust Writing Blog ... Pink! The Musical: Getting Started
09/04/201311:01RT @lgbtcouk: Today is #freeconeday at @benandjerrysUK - the company that brought us Hubby Hubby & Apple-y Ever After ...
09/04/201311:00@TelecomixBSRE You can get a free download here
09/04/201311:00@TelecomixBSRE Hi, some light reading for when the day's work's done: #freetopiary An Occupy Romance
09/04/201309:43Hollywood amnesics and a fim noir favourite - "The Crooked Way" (1949)
09/04/201308:37This from the SRB Frank Kuppner – The Same Life Twice.
09/04/201307:42Via @williamsonkev Largest donor to #BetterTogether has links to Serb war criminal. Yet Scot media looks other way.
09/04/201307:38From Bella Caledonia Gotcha
09/04/201307:36Searching #Kissinger #Wikileaks cables for "Scotland" this morning shows interesting debate about oil
09/04/201307:14RT @mimi_cmoi: @Horus105 Moi aussi ils ne me trouveront pas ;-)
08/04/201321:54RT @LeakSourceNews: Has #WikiLeaks Set a "New Normal" for Investigative Journalism in the Mainstream Press? #Offs ...
08/04/201321:51@ronbryn hmmm trolling by proxy . . . What next?
08/04/201321:50RT @TelecomixBSRE: .@LeamingtonBooks Prison rules for mail in the US are ridiculous. Even greeting cards larger than a postcard will be ...
08/04/201321:49@ronbryn Last I heard the non-convicted Barrett doesn't even have corrlinks, it's just not fair
08/04/201321:47@TelecomixBSRE thanks for the tip, gov makes so many things so pointless
08/04/201319:05@digitalfolklore yeah this has been the favourite one actually, shared it with a few people and they are like totally SOLD on the Snordster
08/04/201319:04@digitalfolklore This is Barrett, it was red wine of course
08/04/201317:27Apparently I am sending CONTRABAND to Texas correctional facilities. I deny this charge. #freebb #freeanons
08/04/201316:30You will all be interested to see who is on the board of Monsanto #nosurprises
08/04/201314:02Book Trust Writing Blog ... Flash Fiction: Can you write a story in just 50 words?
08/04/201313:25From Bella Caledonia Bella ’s Easter Break
08/04/201312:46For readers in Scotland ... Peter Bently Tour: On the Road
08/04/201312:24@BreitbartUnmask Yes, I tried it. And they made me tweet that too, the swine.
08/04/201312:23Live Literature Scotland River of Words: Inspiring Students
08/04/201312:20 Unlocking the Writer Inside
08/04/201312:13RT @meandmybigmouth: Do we get a day off?
08/04/201312:13RT @WordPowerBooks: Time to start planning our long-awaited street party! Who's in?! #Thatcher
07/04/201321:10RT @lgbtcouk: Petition Scotland's Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service: Trans Privacy Not Jail #LGBT
25/03/201321:59@CaladMedia That is a crazy bean-stalk graphic in that jeff bullas article
25/03/201321:58RT @CaladMedia: 40 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers plus Infographic: The question that seems to be on everyone’s lips ... http:/ ...
25/03/201310:49RT @skyhorsepub: We're hiring for a paid summer internship! RT and tell your friends!
24/03/201323:53RT @mohawko: what if you were eating mac n cheese at the same time as david bowie
24/03/201323:46RT @LeakSourceNews: Save the #Rohingya blog by @JamilaHanan: Info on the planned massacre and 2 previous massacres. #RohingyaNOW http:// ...
24/03/201323:25@digitalfolklore ok tomorrow ...
24/03/201315:14RT @lolkittyspoon: #FreeTopiary #FreeAssange #AaronSwartz #FreeW0rmer #FreeManning #FreeHammond #FreeWeev #FreePalestine #Rohingya #Steu ...
24/03/201310:01The Mufti’s remarks were not intended for all Twitter users but for "corrupt" people who sabotage the thoughts of youth with corrupt tweets
24/03/201310:00Welcome to the council for jokesters #twitter
23/03/201315:38RT @LeakSourceNews: 15 Members of Congress Demand Investigation of #DHS' Ammo Horde
23/03/201305:44TY & GN I like #duchamp hey baby bring me something to drink in here
23/03/201305:25 The Studio Game - Chat About #duchamp
23/03/201300:23RT @Beltrandroid: "#freetopiary: An Occupy Romance" Interesting book, Topiary, Occupy, internet , Scotland, Bradley Manning & novel ...
22/03/201319:44There is a free extra with this book, I'd really like to tell you about it, a transcript of Manning's statement
22/03/201313:39@digitalfolklore Did you see this slightly obvious machine?! Somebody's lol-ing. … … via @rj_gallagher
22/03/201313:35RT @rj_gallagher: Photo of Guantánamo eavesdropping device that looks like a smoke detector revealed by war court:
22/03/201313:27 #freebb
22/03/201311:31 #freebb Nifty Article
22/03/201311:27RT @adamkokesh: Barrett Brown faces life in prison for doing what feds did to him: via @YouTube
22/03/201311:25RT @ggreenwald: The persecution of Barrett Brown - and how to fight it
22/03/201311:24RT @barryeisler: For anyone who cares about justice & govt transparency, donate to @FreeBarrett_ at or PayPal ...
22/03/201311:24RT @FreeBarrett_: All hats off to @ggreenwald and @rj_gallagher for their excellent writing on BB this week http: ...
22/03/201300:20RT @LeakSourceNews: Dying #IraqWar Veteran #TomasYoung Explains Decision to End His Life
22/03/201300:15RT @LeakSourceNews: #freetopiary: An #Occupy Romance @YourAnonNews h/t @digitalfolklore Via @LeamingtonBooks
22/03/201300:12@EyeEdinburgh Yes, it was (I think) Thanks!
22/03/201300:06RT @Lookingglassbks: So @AngelaJ @goldipipschmidt @MWheelaghan @LeamingtonBooks @nicolamorgan Alice Thomson and Ruth Thomas all events c ...
21/03/201316:12RT @lolkittyspoon: #FreeTopiary: An Occupy Romance:
21/03/201316:12RT @lolkittyspoon: Free Kindle file of #FreeTopiary: An Occupy Romance
21/03/201313:48RT @OneWoow: [New post] #freetopiary: An Occupy Romance: LeakSource posted: "#freetopiary: An Occupy Romance by ...
21/03/201313:48RT @WavPin: #freetopiary: An Occupy Romance
21/03/201312:58RT @Op_Palestine: #freetopiary: An Occupy Romance #Anonymous #OpIsrael #OpPalestine #Gaza #GazaUnderAttack
21/03/201312:35@EyeEdinburgh since you closed that Firefox window, I've forgotten what the name of that new Twitter service was! Remind me?
21/03/201310:09Why my books require viewers, not readers. #duchamp
21/03/201309:43@Paul_Fledge Coulda deleted had I not retweeted :)
21/03/201309:43RT @Paul_Fledge: Oops should point out twitter chat on Monday (in my last tweet) is a #lbf13 hosted event and not fledgling. But we wil ...
21/03/201309:40Free Kindle file of #freetopiary: An Occupy Romance #ows
21/03/201309:38RT @Paul_Fledge: "Our next Twitter chat is with digital supremo @r_nash who will talk new business models - join us at 2pm on Mon 25 Mar ...
20/03/201310:57@FledglingPress #duchamp Demonic Brilliance!!
20/03/201310:56The Demonic Brilliance of #Duchamp #concept #art
20/03/201310:45RT @Rabbitrunrunrun: @EdinCityofLit Help MSc Publishing to publish a print edition of Olalla by RLS! We're nearing our target! http://t. ...
20/03/201310:43RT @SnappleLlama: “@_cypherpunks_: Topiary SMS 2012 (pdf):” #FreeTopiary #SrslyGetBackOnline
20/03/201309:53Free download of my new book can be found here: #ows #occupy
19/03/201314:47RT @WildlifeBlog: @LeamingtonBooks Peter. Thanks for the follow. I enjoyed #FreeTopiary very much. Alan Stewart is an interesting charac ...
19/03/201313:33RT @AdrianChen: I'm at @rabite's sentencing hearing. He just read from "The Fall of Hyperion" in front of the courthouse for like 6 minutes.
19/03/201313:32RT @mollycrabapple: . @rabite's party is the best of all possible parties
19/03/201313:29RT @as_kell: @WeRAllAnonymous Such fucked up abuse of power. I get it, they're 'sending a mssg' but it's backfiring & making them vi ...
19/03/201313:27RT @Doemela: Top story: US hacker Andrew Auernheimer given three-year jail term for AT&T breach …, see more h ...
19/03/201313:24RT @PhilipJEMiller: "it's time to stop thinking about root problems and start thinking about routes forward." David Greig quoted at #csopen
18/03/201323:36@digitalfolklore wow, to be worn with honour then
18/03/201321:26 Get #freetopiary all free for Kindle, EPUB, Sony . . . Sony? How ironic!? New Novel #freetopiary: An Occupy Romance
18/03/201321:17@digitalfolklore he needs more and more cuddles . . . :(
18/03/201321:13RT @digitalfolklore: @PoppyHarlowCNN apologise to everyone EXCEPT the victim #Steubenville
18/03/201321:10@digitalfolklore Happy days! LOL
18/03/201319:13Free ebook of #freetopiary try your luck with your own edevice works for #kindle
18/03/201314:24RT @liposuctor: dude, relax
18/03/201314:24RT @gaystheword: I Am Divine: An Interview with Jeffrey Schwarz about his documentaries Vito and I Am Divine, #LL ...
18/03/201314:22RT @ianhblyth: T' north
18/03/201301:27RT @Wotansson: "@Havittaja: is TANGO DOWN #FreeTopiary #FreeKayla #FreePwnSauce #FuckSa..who? Is typing F5 a cri ...
17/03/201318:58@SkrivaWriting Good luck with Skriva, it looks very promising, nice website too ;)
17/03/201318:52Bone Marrow Quackers, Donkey Dunkers!! #teatime
17/03/201318:50MInted Lamb Grillsteaks! Breaded Liver Nibblers! Pork and Beef Kiev!
17/03/201318:49Gordon "Turkey" Drummer #chops #breaded #snacks
17/03/201309:31The Reuters Journalist Who Played with Anonymous and Got Burned | VICE Canada
17/03/201300:51RT @1Kaizen1: @subverzo I remember the days we were chatting in Pure-Eliate IRC chat!!!!! #Lulz #Lulzsec #Letitflow #FreeTopiary
16/03/201316:03RT @SnappleLlama: #FreeBrad #PardonManning #ThankManning #OpPenPal #FreeHammond #FreeHammondKeepSabu #FreeKiriakou #FreeAssange #FreeAno ...
16/03/201305:45RT @JeffTebelak: If you are in search of a night full of characters, humor, and right down sexy you need a Vonda Norwood book :0) http:/ ...
16/03/201305:43RT @TheRealChronic1: @TheLulzDeptxx @JagerJohnson I love when the seeds start germinating inside the peppers baby pepper in big pepper lol
16/03/201305:42RT @JayLeidermanLaw: Cyber-Attacks Eclipse Terrorism in Impact, US Leaders Say
16/03/201305:42@Star_Fawkes pss'ssi'n is 9/10ths o' the law, innit?! #yes
16/03/201305:39RT @FearDept: According to NBC News, the 9/11 Commission Report was based largely on the testimony of people we tortured. ...
16/03/201305:39RT @JayLeidermanLaw: FBI 'secret subpoenas' are unconstitutional, says federal judge
16/03/201305:39RT @BrevSpreadMag: Another Good Thing about Ice Cream by John Tang - The photo above, “The Right to Know,” is by Ms. Donnalee/... http:/ ...
16/03/201305:39RT @JamesViser: YOU are the Second American Revolution! - Like many commuters, I often listen to talk...
16/03/201305:32RT @TheLulzDeptxx: #opbeardforweev #opbeardforweev #opbeardforweev #opbeardforweev #opbeardforweev #opbeardforweev #opbeardfo ...
16/03/201305:32 #freetopiary
16/03/201304:17How Annoying!
16/03/201303:56 IRL books - - - - - - - - - is that a term? . . . . . wah prolly not . . . . . . I use it anyway. #irlbooks I do them
16/03/201303:46 #freetopiary
16/03/201303:31 #freetopiary #freetopiary you can't arrest a design #lovethis
16/03/201303:29@TheLulzDeptxx auch Hähne LOL TY
16/03/201303:28RT @TheLulzDeptxx: also cocks
16/03/201303:27RT @trutherbot: Authentic causes are only sponsored by the will of the people.
14/03/201321:36RT @noirfoundation: This looks interesting! A play about Raymond Chandler and Billy Wilder writing the screenplay for DOUBLE... http://t ...
14/03/201321:34RT @ScranAndScallie: Welcome followers! Still a lot of work to be done but we're on target for opening very soon... Not long now... http ...
14/03/201321:18RT @bridgetbradley: @LeamingtonBooks Good luck with the new book #FREETOPIARY
14/03/201320:45tweet sins :(
14/03/201316:36@WikileaksTruck Yay, he sure duz #freebrad
14/03/201316:35Pope Hopeful Blames The World!
14/03/201316:35Loser in Pope Race Blames Media!
14/03/201316:34Loser in Papal contest ruminates bitter on end of boyhood dreams
14/03/201316:33Bitterness from runner up Papal candidate
14/03/201316:32Audio of Bradley Manning's statement, the world shall hear it x
14/03/201302:53@SeraDarkley there always appear to be new ways to publish, it's invigorating.
13/03/201320:33 Not Broke / Don't Fix #lgbt
13/03/201311:47RT @ByLeavesWeLive: We're trying to raise funds for a poetry anthology to be given to each new doctor in Scotland. Read why in our blog: ...
13/03/201311:09@EyeEdinburgh This will soothe you after a hard day on Google! An introduction to Alex Jones. PB
13/03/201311:08RT @ByLeavesWeLive: "When this auburn head lies / on my shoulder and my breast / the dawn of triumph opens / however gloomy the darkness ...
13/03/201301:28RT @OpRaziel: #FREETOPIARY #KEEPSABU
12/03/201323:08RT @An0nylulz: Do you guise no how hard it is 2 leave teh fam if only for a short while… ?? Pl0x @atopiary I needz help from teh #intern ...
12/03/201323:08RT @An0nylulz: Yes I miss #topiary I tried living without teh #internetz It’s a hard life 2 give up.. I #Anonluhvs 2 teh guy. Problem?? ...
12/03/201323:08RT @An0nylulz: #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #Fre ...
12/03/201316:02Limited licence | The Bookseller
12/03/201315:53Fascinating and effective way to get free #ebooks
12/03/201311:59The Bookseller considers possibility of granting a licence, rather than full term-of-copyright contract.
12/03/201311:56Limited licence | The Bookseller via @sharethis
12/03/201311:54 Peter Straus on the need for limited licensing in the digital era
11/03/201314:46@FictionAtelier ... as you well know, it's the BROADS not the RODS that are bringing us low #guns #guncrazy
10/03/201319:51RT @ChrisLongmuir: Famous Five Plus: ISBNs Do We Need Them? #FFP #lahe #books
10/03/201319:37Gun Crazy (1950) Don't blame rods, blame broads. … #noir #women #guns
10/03/201318:49Gun Crazy (1950) don't blame rods, blame broads. #noir #filmnoir #gun #guncrazy
10/03/201315:27Flood the Mail Rooms #ThankManning
10/03/201315:26Thank Manning #freebrad #ows
10/03/201315:20 Pursuant Thoughts #anonfamily
10/03/201313:50@KimDotcom #freebb
10/03/201313:45RT @EdinQuartet: Hear @EdinQuartet on Jazz Line Up with @timgarlandmusic tonight 2300 @BBCRadio3
10/03/201313:14COPYPASTA IS NOT A CRIME #freebb
10/03/201313:11RT @cubbie9000: .@BarrettBrownLOL's trials have been delayed until September. cc @FreeBarrett_ #FreeBB
10/03/201313:10RT @digitalfolklore: "never in history has it been so practical for good people to unify against their evil counterparts" #FreeBB http:/ ...
10/03/201313:08@FictionAtelier #freetopiary guys, I am now in #teammimi ! How about that?!
10/03/201313:06@bridgetbradley Yo!
10/03/201312:42RT @AnonymousVideo: ► The United States of Shame #Anonymous #FreeAnons #FreeHammond @Free_Hammond @Gothic_Artisa ...
10/03/201311:01RT @lgbtcouk: Huge damage done to children by religious claims that being gay is "wrong" or that we can be "cured". #bbctbq http://t. ...
10/03/201310:43Kids just produced this #angrybirds IRL game weird for e-natives but it beats them nicking my phone
10/03/201310:38@digitalfolklore I swiped one of yr vids for this site I'm building: but I will include links also
10/03/201310:35@digitalfolklore Great . . . not what I heard tho. . . typical internet confusion prevails
10/03/201310:20@digitalfolklore I'll DM
10/03/201310:01A Guide to the Establishment of Autonomous Online Entities
10/03/201309:58RT @NicolaSturgeon: This piece by @AndrewWilsonAJW is a must read today
10/03/201309:30RT @digitalfolklore: #OpPursuant #FreeBB #Anonymous #YAN #PLF
10/03/201304:01RT @AnonymousOpsIRC: #FreeTopiary
09/03/201309:39RT @EdinBookshop: Been hearing all about the author's signed up for @GoodToWrite Excited. Make sure you keep an eye out here; https://t. ...
08/03/201317:51RT @DicksonTelfer: Well chuffed! Have just signed with Edin publisher @FledglingPress. Book out in the summer at Waterstone's etc and ...
08/03/201313:04@whatyousow #amreading Mimi it's also incredibly funny, I'm loving it
08/03/201313:03@AlexandraPring #amreading Mimi it's stunning and funny
07/03/201322:56 #freebb
07/03/201322:49RT @pulpfiction_ed: Come tomorrow at 1pm to see the play!
07/03/201322:45RT @GreggHoush: Barrett's trials moved back to September: #FreeBarrettBrown #FreeBB #freeanons #anonymous
07/03/201322:44#freebb I'm so sad to hear Barrett's trial has been put back means like Hammond he'll do a YEAR of time without being convicted of ANYTHING
06/03/201323:08RT @carver22: Guess who had a note from an L.A. film company which wants to adapt 1 of my stories for the screen. (The clue’s in the pos ...
06/03/201321:29RT @flouroscotland: Changed my name, bought a pie, eaten a pie, added an avatar I'm having a busy afternoon...
06/03/201301:24@EvillySexyBitch EvillySexyBitch, you *are* Twitter :)
05/03/201322:59@lgbtcouk Chavez : 'It's a state of opinion.' Sort of Bushlike in its quality.
05/03/201322:57RT @lgbtcouk: Hugo Chavez on LGBT persecution & marriage equality #equalmarriage
05/03/201320:30RT @KenBuchananMBE: I am doing book signing in Edinburgh this friday please can you retweet this. I ask you all to help me thanks champs ...
05/03/201313:06@AnonymousVideo great pic, and a complete travesty :( Note to self: must photoshop Barrett Brown's face on 'the kid' #freehammond
05/03/201310:37RT @digitalfolklore: #FreeBB the paste from 26th Dec
05/03/201310:36I didn't know this but the Catholic Church has proclaimed that Isidore of Seville is the patron saint of the Internet
04/03/201323:48#secretcourts #cmp shitty straw rides again
04/03/201323:45RT @LudditeWebDev: This is probably one of the most shameful days for Parliament. And that's saying something, considering the stiff com ...
04/03/201323:42RT @21stCscribe: I have 5 books on #kindle if you like contemporary literary fiction & novels of ideas My Ama ...
04/03/201323:19RT @WikileaksTruck: I said earlier @Carwinb has most accurate/comprehensive Bradley Manning coverage. @onearmedmaninc, @kgosztola, @nath ...
04/03/201323:17RT @lgbtcouk: Homophobia, religion, & the pain of rejection #scotnight @ScotlandTonight
04/03/201321:23RT @williamsonkev: Nigel Blackwell is England's uncrowned Poet Laureate. So give him the feckn crown. #nigelblack ...
04/03/201321:23@williamsonkev I'll back that, never forget them at The Venue in Abdn, #backinthedhss #sealclubbing and my favourite #timefliesby
04/03/201320:10@lgbtcouk Transgender First-Grader BANNED From Girls Bathroom! That's BULL-SHIT!!! …
04/03/201319:22@digitalfolklore "Just like the time Commander X announced his move to Canada….that was fake as well….right?" LO freeakin L !
04/03/201319:19 An awesome assessment of an awful entrapment. #freebb
04/03/201319:11Just logged on to IRC and there was NOBODY THERE. That's never happened before. Where'd everybody go?
04/03/201313:46RT @doublegonedod: Churches rife with abuse and hypocrisy but worry not: 'Religious' Easter egg on sale after bishops 'pester' shops: ht ...
04/03/201313:45 Freze It! #lulz #tupac #biggie #newzealand #themwasthedays
04/03/201313:44RT @BarrettBrownLOL: Don't post #FreeTopiary unless you took ten minutes to read info he's charged with helping to get.
04/03/201313:43RT @BarrettBrownLOL: #Anonymous - Here's your precious #Topiary phone call #FreeTopiary #TflowWasBetter #ProjectPM ...
04/03/201313:43For those in the North East . . . Inverugie Castle
03/03/201321:50@EvillySexyBitch Yep, likely Shimon Peres has more power in Congress than duz Obama..BTW Shimon!! didn't Michael Jackson used to shout that?
03/03/201320:42 lol, smoking during a video conference. Who does he think he is? Clint Eastwood ? Nope. He's #barrettbrown
03/03/201320:37RT @digitalfolklore: @JayLeidermanLaw BB's indictments were for dead info. cards cancelled 17th Dec. paste was 29th. Friedman admits t ...
02/03/201322:06RT @AnonNewsINT: Cardinal Keith O'Brien: how Britain's Catholic leader fell from grace #Internet #World
02/03/201322:04RT @FreeBarrett_: BB in Rolling Stone | The New Political Prisoners: Leakers, Hackers and Activists
02/03/201313:27RT @WikileaksTruck: Borrowed a neighbor's @NYTimes. Made a small edit, now I'm off to return it to their doorstep.
02/03/201313:26RT @WikileaksTruck: Drawing of Bradley Manning reading his statement. #FreeBrad
02/03/201313:25RT @WikileaksTruck: Bradley reading his statement
02/03/201310:07@Paul_Fledge INVASION!
02/03/201309:56@culturelaser me follower #101 <*_*> cool show ta! P
01/03/201319:58RT @worthoftheworld: It's epic to hear @StanleyCohenLaw giving the US Marshals hell in the hall, regarding their screwing up travel arra ...
01/03/201319:57Food junkie. Hipster-friendly music fanatic. Twitter geek. Internet evangelist. Devoted beer trailblazer. Evil social media enthusiast. #bio
01/03/201319:56Infuriatingly humble bacon specialist. Passionate explorer. Reader. Student. Wannabe writer. Food trailblazer. #bio
01/03/201319:56Subtly charming entrepreneur. Travel buff. Freelance communicator. Wannabe music trailblazer.
01/03/201319:55This helps:
01/03/201317:27 The Curse of Scotland
01/03/201317:26Pussy Riot member Tolokonnikova placed in punishment confinement for 15 days via @RichardLafette
01/03/201317:18 Now you cannae even fix yer own car (stateside only for now)
01/03/201314:27 Moral Victory for Protestor who says BBC 9/11 Coverage was False
01/03/201314:26RT @staffandscrip: Moral Victory for Protestor who says BBC 9/11 Coverage was False.
01/03/201314:25Excellent compilation of Barrett Brown clips from Future Radicals documentary about Anonymous … @FutureRadicals
01/03/201314:24RT @FreeBarrett_: Video: Compilation of Barrett Brown clips from Future Radicals documentary about Anonymous @Fut ...
28/02/201323:44RT @kgosztola: Bradley Manning describes 'Collateral Murder' video as 'war porn'
28/02/201320:23 This is Downcome #fonts
27/02/201317:11Reactionary article about the books pages
27/02/201311:15Why Twitter is more interesting than The Scotsman books
27/02/201309:49They should make a car that texts you when the car in front of you brakes.
27/02/201309:44Don't you hate it when you go to pet a very large pug but then you realise it's just Steve Buscemi?
27/02/201309:43RT @cleliabrite: DOJ Admits Aaron's Prosecution was Political via @CelaenoHybrid
25/02/201322:06RT @AnonymousVideo: We do not forgive! FUCK The Informants #Anonymous #FreeAnons #FreeHammond #FreeBB #PayPal14 h ...
25/02/201320:48c'est arrivé presque chez vous
25/02/201320:47RT @AnonymousVideo: #Anonymous « Hear Us Now » #FreeAnons Benefit CD #PayPal14 #FreeBB #FreeHammond #Freew0rmer h ...
25/02/201320:37RT @baddabyng: "Languages are portable homelands." Elif Shafak
25/02/201319:23RT @lesleyblood: #FreeBB
25/02/201319:13twix for ma fly cup
25/02/201319:13RT @AnonymousVideo: [Posters] 100% #FreeAnons - The #Anonymous Solidarity Network - Wont get fooled again! #FreeH ...
25/02/201319:09RT @epivalent: @apblake careful now, you might get Barrett Brown'd for that link...
25/02/201318:11RT @Occupied_Air: Cosmic Code? Hacktivist Heroes All Have Double Letter Names - Julian aSSange, Bradley maNNing, baRReTT Brown, Jeremy h ...
25/02/201318:07RT @AnonTitan: @hughejarse Thats the sad truth :/ #FreeTopiary
25/02/201318:07RT @blogdiva: FREE BARRETT BROWN #Hacktivism #Anonymous #OWS
24/02/201318:06@lesleyblood @FreeBarrett_ nah it was Fort Worth, sent two days after Christmas he must have moved by then
24/02/201317:17RT @PeaLind: Really? #sainsburys
24/02/201317:06RT @doublegonedod: Bus full of rugby wanks. Something about their "we're nicer than football fans" schtick really ticks me off.
24/02/201316:44RT @lgbtcouk: What do @LGBToryUK & @ukiplgbt think of anti-gay views expressed by both right-wing candidates in #Eastleigh? http://t ...
24/02/201316:43RT @raincoaster: RT @AnonymousVideo: « Hear Us Now » #FreeAnons Benefit CD #FreeBB #FreeHammond #Freew0rmer http: ...
24/02/201316:40@lesleyblood browsing tanker manifests ... not found pm mirror yet tho
24/02/201316:30@lesleyblood killing joke thanks to you
24/02/201316:28Paranoia is reputed to destroy you. But if you’re a whistleblower in search of a safe, neutral outlet, it just might save you instead.
24/02/201316:20RT @AnonTitan: 124 years ?! For a fucking government lapdog Sabu! Imagine what #Topiary will be in for #FreeTopiary #FuckSabu
24/02/201316:19RT @ParmyOlson: #opRadiogaga #Mannings 1000th day in prison without trial. #freebrad " Tope and I support this.
23/02/201320:58advice to young founders
23/02/201320:57Apple's 'depression era attitude to money'
23/02/201320:47RT @jackherer20: #IDP13 #louisville #Paperstorm
23/02/201320:43RT @FreeBarrett_: Video: Barrett Brown speaking about Anonymous activities, etc. at Pro-Bradley Manning/WikiLeaks gathering in New York ...
23/02/201319:15@FreeBarrett_ 8920 mile round trip homing documents return unread UNDAUNTED I shall try again . . . . ! #freebb
23/02/201300:07RT @StanleyCohenLaw: Two systems of justice; For Jewish Israelis complete, for every one else, none.
23/02/201300:04RT @RichardLafette: Our political establishment needs John WIlkes to come back, kick it around and shake things up.
23/02/201300:02RT @FreeBarrett_: Outrageous charges, worse sentencing. Does this look right to you? #FreeBB
22/02/201323:52RT @Doemela: Meet The Scary Face Of #Anonymous March 1st #FreeAnons #March1 #OpPaypal #PayPal14
22/02/201323:45RT @InfernoJourno: 1,000 days! Think about that... That's just under three years... In jail.... Without charge. #FreeBrad ...
22/02/201323:29RT @SplendidSpoon: The Saga of Barrett Brown: Inside Anonymous and the War on Secrecy (I helped with this one) #F ...
22/02/201323:16RT @sebastian0wl: "There will come a time when it isn't 'They're spying on me through my phone' anymore.. it will be 'My phone is spying ...
22/02/201323:14@digitalfolklore gone since at least Tuesday I asked twitter what was the deal heard nada
21/02/201321:12@digitalfolklore old av back glad 2 see it
21/02/201317:21 #freebb Barrett Brown in New York
21/02/201317:20@GreggHoush a BBC edit of #wearelegion . . . it was either you or "pedro" :) what was good is that Barrett is now known to the UK #atlast !!
20/02/201323:12#freemercedes haefer has been partially cut out of BBC4 broadcast of #wearelegion #weird #anonymous
20/02/201323:01@GreggHoush You's on British telly - the now!
20/02/201316:19RT @TelecomixDA: An international call to action: #FreeBrad #Manning PLZ RT, Reblog & share
20/02/201316:17RT @LeakSourceNews: Jeremy #Hammond and the Broken Rule of Law – The Other Bradley #Manning #FreeHammond #FreeBrad ...
20/02/201314:53A sinister cyber-surveillance scheme exposed by Barrett Brown (2011-06-22) …
20/02/201314:52RT @SplendidSpoon: The Church Committee demonstrated that US intelligence agencies ran amok during the 60s and early 70's. Today it's t ...
20/02/201314:46RT @BarrettBrownLOL: This took HBGary a week and a crisis communications advisor to write. #hbgary # ...
20/02/201314:46RT @BarrettBrownLOL: @anony_ops Remember that #aaronbarr lied not only to Anon but to media, repeatedly. Claimed Feds called HIM. http:/ ...
20/02/201314:46RT @BarrettBrownLOL: Remember that Penny Hoglund of #HBGary lied to #Anonymous in our own home just like #AaronBarr did. http://pastebin ...
20/02/201314:45#AaronSwartz FBI Tracked Swartz
20/02/201313:03RT @carla_creative: Poetry workshop with john glenday march 9th at the retreat. Call 01309674489 for details
20/02/201313:03@carla_creative this is a jpg but here's how it came out #freetopiary
20/02/201313:02@digitalfolklore this is the cover fo' my new book, out in the next week, will get you an e-copy soon #freeanons
20/02/201312:58 Ratner speaks #hammond . . . government entrapment . . or what?
03/12/201123:18RT @robertburnsbard: Please RT Save Leith Waterworld: FF @splashback
18/10/201117:4616 fried eggs in one year isn't that many, is it? #average