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19/10/201217:07RT @ElviraXMontana: He walks away, the sun goes down. #freebb #makeasignorsomethingidk #lotsofspace
19/10/201212:51RT @antbaxter: Trump's extraordinary attack on You've Been Trumped & Local Hero Director Forsyth ahead of our #BBC2 premiere http:// ...
17/10/201220:51@doublegonedod BTW George, the great A/donian novel is here to be written on this topic Title? 'The Feugh of Menie' Think I'ma start tonight
17/10/201220:49@doublegonedod I am actually standing in the rain at Menie, pissing on that golf course right the now ;)
17/10/201220:47@colinjherd je suis ein americano
17/10/201220:46@Sarah_Crown NTB was as fair and secure as anything else online this article on the perils of polls for web dev people
17/10/201220:39Asking your friends to vote for you is not a hack! #notthebooker
17/10/201220:37@MrEwanMorrison Hi Ewan, belated congratulations, I am interested in online voting and wrote this:
17/10/201220:32@iamchrishello Hi Chris, thought you might like this: Asking Your Friends To Vote For You Is Not A Hack ;)
16/10/201223:41RT @safeworld4women: R @cliffsull: PINCH ME !! @safeworld4women @JanisSharp #GaryMckinnon #Freegary :-) #NotADream #GarysFree :):):):)
16/10/201218:22RT @TruthIzSexy: GaryMcKinnon has done 10 years of Gov torture and treason - let tomorrow end that! All my love and prayers with @JanisS ...
16/10/201218:21RT @NoExtradition: Reading that US intends to issue an Interpol red notice on Gary McKinnon, if true, complete harassment of British ci ...
16/10/201212:38@susanhillwriter the consequences of what gary did are playing out today! And they are #freedom #support US will not bully us #RichardO next
16/10/201212:24RT @nnelken: Gary McKinnon extradition stopped on human rights ground after 10-year fight
16/10/201212:21#garysfree #freegary very happy
16/10/201211:16RT @info_dox: #FREEGARY #NOEXTRADITION Garry McKinnon Must Not Be Extradited. Keep your promises, politicians. The world is watching you.
16/10/201211:13RT @tom_watson: Tory MP David Burrowes. There's more to this guy than I normally see in his colleagues. Here again, on #freegary http:// ...
16/10/201211:07RT @RT4FreeGary: Could everyone retweet and show appreciation for @tweet4gary - amazing dedication and campaigning for a #Freegary
16/10/201211:06RT @Annabel_Giles: Please can we all cross our fingers, pray and hope that poor Gary McKinnon and his mother @JanisSharp hear good news ...
16/10/201211:04RT @jamesmb: As we wait to hear whether Teresa May will do the right thing, spare a thought for his mum @JanisSharp and her 10 years of ...
13/10/201210:00RT @dimspace: @valmcdermid @scotpaulabear to be fair, Avril Lavigne would make a better manager than Craig Levein right now.
13/10/201209:55RT @occpal: #IAmPalestinian | I'm 7 month old Adham. #Israel refused a permit to go to a hospital. I died. | http:/ ...
11/10/201220:54 Bradley Manning led away by his doppelgänger - strange photo #freebradleymanning #Wikileaks #Manning #FreeTopiary
11/10/201219:14RT @boringconferenc: I may have mentioned this already, but the first batch of tickets for Boring 2012 go on sale tomorrow at 1pm: http: ...
11/10/201200:11RT @freeanonsnow: Waiting for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond and ALL the other good souls caught in bad circumstances. ALL. http://t.c ...
11/10/201200:07@lesleyblood that suits me 'how dyou like them apples?' I like mine #free
11/10/201200:05#Lancaster #Brown
09/10/201222:0120122012 the end is coming really soon so until then I'ma party party party! Can't wait.
09/10/201221:46RT @InkyFingersEdin: Guest Blog at Our Sweet Old Etcetera
09/10/201221:26@lesleyblood can't help myself sort of been writing one got some friends want in on it too so I don't see why not. #freebb
09/10/201221:23@philaddison13 genius also pleased you didn't crash getting the photo ;) thanks v much tho it's CLASSIC !!
09/10/201221:22I like the chirping of birds and the smell of hay. But life is more serious than my tastes and I'm counting not with myself but with life.
09/10/201217:37RT @FreeBarrett_: Media: Reporting about @BarrettBrownLOL? Please contact: #FreeBB
09/10/201211:22 #rothko #yellowism #deface
09/10/201208:53As my new novel is about art defacement, I thought I'd post an excerpt for all the #yellowism crowd to enjoy... Thanks!
08/10/201221:08@lesleyblood some people believe works of art are valued more than they are (they're right) #yellowism
08/10/201220:30 #freebb
08/10/201220:29A sinister cyber-surveillance scheme exposed | Barrett Brown via @guardian
08/10/201218:35RT @jrodwyer: #Media will you please stop lumping Brits #BabarAhmad #TalhaAhsan together With #Hamza he is in New York they in Connectic ...
08/10/201216:30RT @OpBradley: #FreeBrad #WL #truthontrial @blumagicn1: That's what they call war RT@OpBradley:
08/10/201216:15RT @Graphics_Fledge: Wonder if guy who defaced #Rothko work at the #Tate has same ideas as @FledglingPress upcoming ...
08/10/201214:43RT @Freegary: Mail -'Unfair' Gary extradition law must be scrapped Ming tells Clegg following review #freeGary
08/10/201214:40RT @wikileaks: RT @orbooks Julian Assange to publish new book, CYPHERPUNKS, with @orbooks |
08/10/201214:38@lesleyblood I can't decide! For bodily sharpie work can't beat the cover of the new @deathgripz album
08/10/201214:29@lesleyblood @FledglingPress @Paul_Fledge This is the one for me: #yellowism
08/10/201214:19@lesleyblood not seen it - what's #yellowism like up close? looks like shit PR from a posh Russian twat from here, but web can be deceptive
08/10/201214:06@lesleyblood @FledglingPress @Paul_Fledge looks like it
08/10/201211:20 @FledglingPress @Paul_Fledge
08/10/201211:18RT @angelamcguinne2: #FreeGary #FreeRichard
08/10/201211:12RT @sojournposseF8: Shock. Rothko's vandal at Tate is the founder of Yellowism movement. Extreme PR or what. #graff ...
08/10/201211:08RT @Rhube: My thoughts on yellowism. #unpopularopinions
08/10/201211:04RT @anneliesemack: You can vote for the book I edited - 'Tales From The Mall' by Ewan Morrison - to win the Not-The-Booker 2012 here: ht ...
08/10/201211:00If you have a moment and care about these things, please flag this vile fake account to @twitter or @support account is @christineassange
08/10/201210:57@AssangeC will flag this abuse to twitter
08/10/201210:56RT @ShottsJimmy: C'mon the #ukgov The US Bald Eagle is being sated with the meat of REAL UK terrorists. So, quietly #FreeGary You know i ...
08/10/201210:55RT @jrodwyer: #saverichard
08/10/201210:52RT @jamesscottbell: Should a writer ever stop writing?
07/10/201222:21RT @WISEUpWales: For anyone who missed it, here's the link to the #BradleyManning play on R4. Avail for 6 more days ...
07/10/201222:20RT @angelamcguinne2: #FreeGary come on #ukgov it has been ten years - do the right thing #October16
07/10/201219:33@philaddison13 no, he a porker
07/10/201219:00 Bradley Manning Facebook friend was a security and risk management expert #freebrad
07/10/201218:58Crime Blog! #freebb and free us all from factually challenged journalism
07/10/201218:52@RadioDacorum Love that song... I wish that girls were more like Pot Noodle?? that is insane #freezedriedandquick <3
07/10/201218:41@radiodacorum 80s or what!? Relax! Don't do it. Don't do what? Relax, of course.
07/10/201218:36@radiodacorum I don't suppose you'd consider dropping a few Death Grips cuts? On second thoughts, don't answer that.
07/10/201218:32@RadioDacorum listening to The Supper Hour live from Hemel Hemphead XX P
07/10/201210:45RT @lesleyblood: #wikileaks from Underground > #Assange
07/10/201210:40RT @EdinUniAntiCuts: Ya Basta!
06/10/201212:23@Beathhigh I want to be the one to say 'sup dude.'
06/10/201212:22RT @Doemela: J.D. Nero: Untouchable #Anonymous #ExpectUs #JDNero
06/10/201212:22RT @Doemela: FreeTopiary #Anonymous #FREETOPIARY #lulzSec
06/10/201211:09RT @Writerer: So sorry and shameful that Talha Ahsan and Babar Ahmad being extradited. They should be tried here.
06/10/201210:03RT @MsBecker: I wonder if the Grand Jury had to sit through a showing of "Rapture" by Blondie. Or maybe context never matters when we ma ...
06/10/201210:00RT @kayteenesmith: Instead of donating to a presidential campaign,I'm donating to defense funds. ...
06/10/201209:58 #freebb — and Googling himself? Bless.
06/10/201209:55#freebb deleted asherah tweet plus insight into the fameball's desktop - Barrett looking up 'apocalypse' on Wikipedia
06/10/201209:34In the fields we are concerned with, knowledge comes only in lightning flashes. The text is the long roll of thunder that follows.
06/10/201208:46RT @jrodwyer: Why The MPAA Can't 'Win The Hearts And Minds' Of The Public: File Sharing Is Mainstream via @Techdirt
05/10/201219:14RT @mediascot: Well it had to happen. We're doing Bond. It's Atmosphere. It'll be a complete blast. Book!
05/10/201217:46RT @FreeBarrett_: Thanks to @LeamingtonBooks for transcribing this article by Barrett Brown that appeared in 2600 Magazine Vol. 25.2 htt ...
05/10/201215:15If you wish to 'validate my service' you really are a #truetwit
05/10/201215:10RT @psychcomm: doesn't know if we're disappointed or not.
05/10/201215:09RT @OneNightStanzas: Of @huffpostbooks' "50 Greatest Quotes About Poetry", 2 are by women. #thanksabunch #womendontknowshitaboutpoetryap ...
05/10/201214:56RT @AnonIRC: Do you know what the #NDAA is?
05/10/201214:56RT @d_seaman: I wish the people I met in real life were more like many of my Twitter buds. Sick of asleep ppl who think it's 'unpatrioti ...
05/10/201214:54Ronald Reagan molests a Girl Scout! #freebb
05/10/201214:53@lesleyblood He has it all planned out years in advance
05/10/201214:29@LeidermanDevine @wikileaks Here's the script of a portentous (that's PORTENTous) 2600 article from 2008 #freebb
05/10/201214:26@raincoaster something classic from 2600 for you...
05/10/201214:20What has Barrett Brown planned next? He told us the answer back in 2008 guys. #freebb
05/10/201214:19@ElviraXMontana Here is a transcript of a BB article from 2008, I liked his 2600 work, introduced me to him.
05/10/201210:12RT @lgbtcouk: Looking for LGBT-friendly financial advice? Try our sister site #lgbt #lgbtfinance
05/10/201208:19RT @BarrettBrownLOL: Either I now know pretty much everything the intelligence community can do, or I don't and it's far worse. http://t ...
05/10/201208:13@lesleyblood @FreeBarrett_ and I seen worse tweets in 100s of accounts
05/10/201201:23@raincoaster sorry I've just arrived-have you been robbed? I hope ur ok is all :/
05/10/201201:11@lesleyblood @freebarrett_ agreed I am working my back to date through his tweets since 4 Sep many cited in Doc 19 I'm no lawyer but
04/10/201223:43RT @rsmccain: @Support REALLY? @BarrettBrownLOL is permitted to use @Twitter for EXTORTION?
04/10/201223:28Barrett Brown #freebb case 3:12-cr-00317L Document 19 Three Counts of Internet Threat #whatsinathreat
04/10/201223:07RT @PLF2012: We Are Winning.
04/10/201223:06RT @LeidermanDevine: Marijuana joint falls out of assistant city attorney's pocket -- in court
03/10/201222:29@whisperednothin That j3553t532r article was epic, well worth it
03/10/201221:41Just read @BarrettBrownLOL article on Holding Actions again - a 2600 classic and an irony #freebb
03/10/201221:23@FledglingPress a distant cousin yes I can't believe you watched a death grips video WORD
02/10/201221:15Hearing new Death Grips album will really fuck up your Tuesday evening . . . .
02/10/201221:11New Death Grips is astro (off the planet!) feel like I've been waiting forever for it but just really, since June
02/10/201220:58RT @thesaturdayboy: The new long-player from messrs Burnett, Hill and Morin is frightfully good, btw. Well worth a listen or twelve.
01/10/201220:01RT @JustInTimePR: D'you want to be kept up to date with opportunities to get your #SME in the media? Give me a shout and we'll add you t ...
30/09/201218:01RT @LeidermanDevine: The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it ~ Abbie Hoffman
29/09/201222:08By the way, I should have mentioned this 2 weeks ago, but part 2/3 is way my favourite. #freebb
29/09/201210:58@AbandonedSco I once used the shoulder strap of an old Gap trendy bag
29/09/201210:57RT @NoMorePage3: Please ask whoever you're with RIGHT NOW to sign the No More Page 3 petition! Pop a phone in their hand. Let's DO THIS ...
29/09/201207:47"You know, Sancho, that no diamond is so precious as a tooth."
29/09/201207:37@Paul_Fledge 'Calm down true selecta!'
29/09/201207:21RT @OpManning: A reminder why @BarrettBrownLOL like him or not, is an epic pain in the ass to corrupt private intelligence contracters h ...
28/09/201221:23RT @ArtByAlida: Really, smart parents should keep their kids off #Facebook unless they monitor it. The internet is forever & now Fac ...
28/09/201221:19RT @AnonNCarolina2: #US: Cops Shoot Pregnant Woman 7 Times with Taser, Her Baby Dies: #PoliceState
27/09/201222:42@YourAnonNews Talent flies south, a shame. All you need is #Lulz.
27/09/201221:57RT @PLF2012: To the person or group DdoSing the PLF servers. Have fun with that. We completely cease to exist when our websites don't wo ...
27/09/201221:49@CaladMedia despite good advice like yours!
27/09/201221:49@CaladMedia I still believe what Google likes best are brands and corporations, I think smaller companies & blogs still struggle
27/09/201221:45RT @CaladMedia: 6 Simple Tips to Rank High in Google’s Search Engine: Search engines such as Google are seen as black boxes that... http ...
27/09/201221:44@ElviraXMontana also hope this is not long haul 4 u ..... we're watching
27/09/201221:43@ElviraXMontana thanks he has fans of all ages! Hope he's getting mail listened to that 2hr Topiary chat today he's right about parmy
27/09/201221:35RT @AnonOpsSweden: Lulz, ..Oops: Teacher sends sex texts to every person in his contact list while fumbling with new phone ...
27/09/201212:23Stothard has it back to front. It's 'traditional criticism' that's damaged literature with its false sense of arbitration, not blogs #booker
27/09/201212:02“Trust but verify,” as Reagan said in the context of a different set of villains. #freebb
26/09/201223:07@ElviraXMontana hope he's home soon we're watching
26/09/201221:47@rupertmurdoch I'm supporting @NoMorePage3 It's a Twenty First Century thing, and I hope you can get with it.
26/09/201221:43RT @lesleyblood: #wikileaks people OK with murdering #Assange
26/09/201221:38RT @PublishersWkly: Penguin Goes To Court To Recoup Hefty Advances From Prominent Writers
26/09/201220:17'For now... it is war, on paper as always, but war.' #freebb #barrett
26/09/201220:14@ElviraXMontana #freebb
26/09/201220:12RT @ElviraXMontana: that guy i am crazy about is taking the smallest weaning dose of suboxone now and has quit smoking relatively painle ...
26/09/201220:11Barrett Brown communique #45047177 #FreeBB
26/09/201220:11RT @TelecomixBSRE: Barrett Brown letter from prison Note that the correct prison number in address is #45047177 # ...
26/09/201213:25RT @rericswan: Just received some fascinating info re Scotmid banking with RBS!
22/09/201220:51I just watched Barrett's film again. The only way to test a hypothesis is to go ahead and risk it! You gotta love him. #freebb
22/09/201220:30RT @GuerillaMonk: Everyone who attended #OWS with a cell phone had their identity logged, says security: expert #Su ...
22/09/201220:14RT @ShottsJimmy: The last time US had collective paranoia, some died, 1000's had their lives ruined. It was called McCarthyism. Google i ...
22/09/201220:12RT @JanisSharp: RT @thew00d: If u aren't RT'ing 4 #FreeGary you have no understanding of position u are in shld U.S take interest in you ...
22/09/201220:11RT @PLF2012: Anonymous Operation TrapWire - ACTION ALERT 1 - "Smash-A-Cam Saturday" | | #Anonymous #OpTrapWire #OpU ...
22/09/201220:08RT @jrodwyer: RT @thew00d #extradition law with US designed with backdrop of 9/11 designed 4 terrorists- being used against you & me ...
22/09/201220:06RT @thew00d: If people aren't retweeting for #FreeGary they have no understanding of precarious position they are in should America take ...
22/09/201220:05RT @LucyAnneHolmes: Please watch this..she says it all...SO PERFECTLY.. #nomorepage3
22/09/201220:00RT @SaveBradley: This latest banner display was very expensive but worth every penny #freebrad #spacejustice
22/09/201219:58@Biggreenbooks I am the map, I am the map, I am the map, I am the map, I am the map, I am the map, I am the map, I am the map, I am the map
21/09/201222:05RT @Anon99Percenter: Barrett Brown is not my buddy..but he has stood w/, not deserting him. Set that boy loose. http://t.c ...
21/09/201221:59RT @Freegary: Interview - Trudie Styler interviewed about #GaryMcKinnon #freeGary
21/09/201221:54@EvillySexyBitch @usahitman_com another precious find ;) #Vatican
21/09/201221:54RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- @usahitman_com: Vatican Bank is the main shareholder in ‘Pietro Beretta’ arms
21/09/201221:41RT @NoMorePage3: Time for a tally...29673 signatures!! 7914 followers! Thank you thank you! Lets keep signing! #nomorepage3 ...
21/09/201221:07RT @AssangeC: Pls Note: Some twitter accounts exist to smear #WikiLeaks & Julian #Assange to erode support.
21/09/201221:04RT @GraffitiKINGS: Scroll fast 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 🌒 🌓 🌔 🌕 🌖 🌗 🌘 🌑 ...
21/09/201220:59RT @billybones53: #Tweet4Taiji 🐬🐋🐳🐬🐳🐋🐋🐳🐬🐳🐋🐋🐳🐬🐋🐳🐬🐬🐋🐳🐬🐳🐋🐋🐋🐳 #TaijiHour 🐬🐳🐬🐳🐳🐋🐬🐬🐋🐳🐬🐬🐳🐳🐋 #TheCove 🐬🐬🐳🐳🐋🐋🐳🐳🐬🐳🐋🐋🐋🐳🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐳🐳🐳🐳🐬🐬🐳🐳🐬🐬🐬🐳🐳🐋🐋🐳🐬 #N ...
21/09/201209:23@jrodwyer You are a hero, but I still wish you didn't have to go through with this. I will try and edit highlights 4u:
21/09/201209:20RT @NoExtradition: Government disgraced by Gary McKinnon extradition saga.One of the most accurate I've read. #free ...
21/09/201209:18@anonUK (9.9.12) #extradtion of #richardo interview
21/09/201209:15@ANONYMOUS_UK link to #richardo #extradition interview on #2600 (9.9.12) (✿◠‿◠)
21/09/201209:13RT @YourAnonNews: Lulz of the day: #Apple #iPhone maps is a total failure, loses train stations, shrinks tower and creates new airport | ...
21/09/201208:58 #offthehook #2600 (9.9.12) #extradition
21/09/201208:57Ridiculous charges explained by Julia O'Dwyer, broadcast in Off The Hook (9.12.12) #extradition #richardo #saverichard
21/09/201208:46@lucyanneholmes Thanks for doing this campaign, u were good on radio Scotland this morning will RT where I can
20/09/201219:46RT @adeery: Just passing through new Alisdair Grey (@ Hillhead Subway Station) [pic]:
19/09/201220:55@raincoaster not to dwell ages ago now, sort of regret telling you... Still dig ur blog will get our friends in Canada on to it Best Wishes
19/09/201220:31RT @anonnewsnc: That awkward moment when you log into #Twitter & realise that no one is left to fight & defend YOUR rights. #Ano ...
19/09/201220:24RT @jrodwyer: @Janissharp Blog Update: @DavidBurrowesMP Terrific Speech… … #FreeGary Now is the time!
19/09/201220:23RT @JanisSharp: @jrodwyer @DavidBurrowesMP speech in Parliament today on #GaryMcKinnon + #KateHoey #FreeGary # ...
19/09/201220:22@raincoaster thanks for the update, actually missing him he is THE NEWS! Can't imagine federal medicine is any good but well see
19/09/201220:13@raincoaster amazing article on #Barrett thanks I been waiting for some news all day
19/09/201220:00@afjgillespie shame you appear to have RTs switched off, I'm laughing at you wetting IMB'a shoes ;)
19/09/201219:55RT @freeanonsnow: Neil Young says “I work for the muse.” For most of us it's damn hard to explain that to straight people in a straight ...
19/09/201214:35 #extradition #education #s17 #2600 #fairtrial #tv #copyright #anons #projectpm #freebarrett #uk #scotland #offthehook
19/09/201214:19RT @ThatMaxPaterson: 'Kate Middleton' is an anagram of 'naked tit model'. Breast gag of the day! @DaftLimmy @WelshIrvine @mrchrisaddison
19/09/201214:16@parmy I liked the book, well done
19/09/201214:15We Are Anonymous by @parmy Olson #freetopiary #anonymous #lulzsec
18/09/201222:00RT @davidicke: Sam Bacile And His Low-Budget Anti-Muslim Movie: Is It All A Hoax? #AntiMuslimMovie
18/09/201221:57RT @goldylookfleece: Read #Richardo'Dwyer on
17/09/201219:18⏠⎠⏠⎠⏠⎠⏠⎠⏠⎠⏠⎠⏠⎠⏠⎠⏠⎠ @JohnTiessen loving that entity
17/09/201219:13RT @JohnTiessen: stoping cams in #BarrettBrown tiny chat was wrong, there were trolls in there but new people who wanted to learn, #Anon ...
17/09/201219:12RT @linda_lunan: BBC News - Great Polish Map of Scotland granted listed status
14/09/201221:24RT @BarrettBrownLOL: #FBI won't protect me from contractors Alan Everett and #HBGary exec Jim Butterworth. Need info on both including # ...
14/09/201221:21RT @dangoodin001: FBI raid of Anonymous spokesman Barrett Brown recorded live on online chat service: good read by ...
14/09/201220:30RT @Single_Eye: Logitech Rechargeable Speaker- Get now from LOGITECH for just £37.99! - + lots more hot deals! htt ...
11/09/201222:38RT @PLF2012: By taking down rather than the front page we've prevented millions of domain name holders from accessi ...
11/09/201208:10Rehabilitation has begun!!! the word #topiary not mentioned and the glasses are off!!! #antisec #anonymous
11/09/201208:08#freetopiary the glasses are off #anonymous
11/09/201208:08#freetopiary with no glasses = jake his eyes are revealed at last ;)
10/09/201222:27@WeRAllAnonymous #freetopiary 'there are no search terms in real life'
10/09/201222:25RT @WeRAllAnonymous: My life after #LulzSec: 'I feel more fulfilled without the internet' via @guardian #FreeTopiary
10/09/201222:24RT @freepussyriot: #PussyRiot lawyers summoned over opposition protest rally — RT via @RT_com
10/09/201222:23RT @jrodwyer: Proving Its Not What You Know but Who You Know! #Freegary #RichardO RT
10/09/201222:21RT @MPACUK: Fight the unjust extradition laws to the US! Via @jrodwyer #extraditenight #TalhaAhsan #BabarAhmad #Freegary #Richardo http: ...
10/09/201210:49RT @ZwKrakowie: A History of New York in 50 Objects #interactive
10/09/201210:48RT @FreeTopiary23: taktics520: @OpPinkPower Sad, @atopiary did so much and still is motivation for so many. #FreeTopiary
10/09/201210:48RT @OpPinkPower: @taktics520 @FreeTopiary23 #freetopiary @atopiary
09/09/201201:43@SammyAlbon @waterstones yes I admit #nice weirdly enough my #costa sells books too that's kind of everything balanced as you say #perfect
09/09/201201:38RT @FreeTopiary23: LeamingtonBooks: RT @BarrettBrownLOL: It was #FreeTflow not #FreeTopiary you should have written, #Anonymous Most of ...
09/09/201201:31RT @FreeTopiary23: BarrettBrownLOL: It was #FreeTflow not #FreeTopiary you should have written, #Anonymous Most of you know less than th ...
09/09/201201:30RT @BarrettBrownLOL: It was #FreeTflow not #FreeTopiary you should have written, #Anonymous Most of you know less than the fucking feds ...
09/09/201201:30RT @JanisSharp: Good story in #DailyMail on #GaryMcKinnon Please RT, comment & vote w arrows. #FreeGary UFO #As ...
07/09/201221:44@EvillySexyBitch RT A good book better than THE good book Ira Levin "This Perfect Hell" - Via”
07/09/201219:15RT @FreeTopiary23: LeamingtonBooks: RT @FreeTopiary23: LeamingtonBooks: Get your #freetopiary favicon here. It's #cool he's #cool and it ...
07/09/201219:08@Waterstones Over 17.7% of space in my 3 fave Waterstones stores are taken up with coffee sales, can't figure that out ;) #bringbackthebooks
07/09/201218:52RT @FreeTopiary23: LeamingtonBooks: Get your #freetopiary favicon here. It's #cool he's #cool and it's for the #lulz #antisec lulzsec #. ...
29/08/201221:34RT @darrananderson1: the past is a foreign country - PiL performing the Antonin Artaud meets King Tubby 'Death Disco' on Top of the Pops ...
29/08/201221:30RT @Doemela: Anti-Pirates Caught Spying on Thousands of Torrents via @torrentfreak
29/08/201221:26@internetsdairy @iamjamesward For host I would ask Sylvester McCoys
29/08/201221:18@iamjamesward prefer programmes with no celebrities JUST crisps with adverts for crisps at break. Celebrities in the adverts obviously.
29/08/201221:14RT @prash_man: David Cameron said " there is a clear argument to be made that GARY should answer in a British court" #freeGARY #McKINNON
29/08/201221:12RT @clarkekant: If corporations are people, we should all be filing rape charges against them.
29/08/201221:10RT @apblake: I'm listening RT @BarrettBrownLOL #OpNYT launches today. Statement soon. ( #Proje ...
29/08/201220:59RT @BigSkyInfo: Where to now, book lovers? The Nairn Book and Arts Festival starts in just a week -
29/08/201220:43RT @Hacksperger: #FreeGary Gary McKinnon
29/08/201220:42RT @CarlosCasteneda: UK citizens are facing the real prospect of extradition to the US for alleged crimes committed in the UK http://t.c ...
29/08/201220:41Urge everyone to think about the stress uk government is putting #richardo and #freegary under about #extradition. The tags tell it all :(
29/08/201220:33RT @JanisSharp: Interview I did 4 #ScotlandTonight on 10 yrs of mental torture of #freeGary #McKinnon #UFO #Aspe ...
29/08/201220:33RT @JanisSharp: RT @KarlTurnerMP: Dear PM, seen your interview C4 on #Paralympics. Please use opportunity to stop persecution of #disabl ...
27/08/201219:45@F8C3 #designs wow you comes highly recommended
27/08/201200:08RT @bleahy4: True. I made grilled cheese and peach this a.m. Yum. RT @robdelaney: You can put anything you want in a sandwich. #freedom
27/08/201200:07RT @cohencide: @FantonEsquire @robdelaney I got in trouble for that once, too. But only because she hadn't ordered the foot long! #ohsna ...
27/08/201200:07RT @thewritingthing: @robdelaney Hence the existence of the shit sandwich.
27/08/201200:07RT @IanMartin: @robdelaney Nobody on Twitter would have bet on "sandwich" being the noun there, Rob.
27/08/201200:07RT @HilaryOutThere: @robdelaney Like your avatar between a couple of big buns?
27/08/201200:06RT @Soulo_Guero: @robdelaney Yeah? Try putting your teeth in a sandwich.
27/08/201200:06RT @FantonEsquire: @robdelaney Except for your penis, as I found out to my cost at a restaurant :(
27/08/201200:06RT @MichaelClear: @robdelaney Even pastrami? Wow, it's like we're living in the future.
27/08/201200:06RT @Pat_Bren: @robdelaney I like to put bread in mine #USA
27/08/201200:06RT @robdelaney: You can put anything you want in a sandwich. #freedom
27/08/201200:03RT @JoyceMeyer: God’s peace is always available, but we must choose it.
27/08/201200:02RT @DeathGripz: NO LOVE DEEP WEB
27/08/201200:01RT @DeathGripz: N0 L0VE D33P W3B
27/08/201200:01RT @DeathGripz: NO LOVE DEEP VVEB
27/08/201200:01RT @DeathGripz: III D33P
27/08/201200:01RT @DeathGripz: loud shxt
27/08/201200:01RT @DeathGripz: √√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√ ...
27/08/201200:01RT @DeathGripz: N1lOv€d::•W3B
27/08/201200:00RT @DeathGripz: not shit 2 me
27/08/201200:00RT @DeathGripz: this hair in my taco
27/08/201200:00RT @DeathGripz: ass on film
27/08/201200:00RT @DeathGripz: Nvr chill with co workers outside work they're narcs and they poison your free
27/08/201200:00RT @DeathGripz: everything strange everything wet
27/08/201200:00RT @DeathGripz: that hoe shits a problem
26/08/201223:59RT @_WTCHDCTR_: @DeathGripz #NOWEBLOVEDEEP
26/08/201223:59RT @DeathGripz: aye bitch, I fuck my head and cough up that NOLOVEDEEPWEB shit, yeah bitch, SUCK IT ALL DAY BITCH
26/08/201223:59RT @DeathGripz: on one 4 life
26/08/201223:59RT @DeathGripz: see what happens then bitch
26/08/201223:59RT @DeathGripz: ride the onion
26/08/201223:59RT @DeathGripz: @proGrammar applies 2 any gender and used by all genders .if your mind still associates this terminology to a single sex ...
26/08/201223:59RT @DeathGripz: The difference between you and I is that I am nothing
26/08/201223:59RT @DeathGripz: I'm feelin yourself
26/08/201223:59RT @DeathGripz: Death Grips + support TBC - All Tomorrow's Parties via @atpfestival
26/08/201223:58RT @DeathGripz: which bitch
26/08/201223:58RT @DeathGripz: doin too much smells like ass
26/08/201223:58RT @DeathGripz: Death Grips Announce Electric Ballroom Gig:
26/08/201223:58RT @DeathGripz: "@DeathGripz will you accept bitcoins for #NOLOVEDEEPWEB ?" yes: 1PsEm3rT7Ekw9d6QesB2jV4Wb5scWe9g5X
26/08/201223:58RT @DeathGripz: I think I'm loosin my mind this time, this time I'm loosin my fuckin mind
26/08/201223:58RT @DeathGripz: slow it down bitches
23/08/201212:21@skinnermike niiiice 'bring those britches ovah here' #letsgetweird
23/08/201209:41@PeteWishart It was a good show & I think #paralysisbyanalysis could become catchphrase of the year useful even in many non indyref contexts
23/08/201209:37RT @PeteWishart: Good comment on Call Kaye this morning that the unionists are trying to create "paralysis by analysis". Spot on.
23/08/201209:34@angelamcguinne2 'TANGO DOWN my favourite phrase'- I agree, it evokes an acidic excitement in the guts and a coke like buzz between the ears
23/08/201209:08@FledglingPress Is that link broke? Do I have to be 'friends' to write on the page?
23/08/201209:03RT @FledglingPress: Read any #goodbooks lately? We want to know - leave your comments on our Facebook page -
23/08/201209:02RT @anitagovan: Gig tonight at Utter 'Life & Death' Please do come Banshee Labyrinth 7.30pm Love to c u there x :-)
22/08/201219:21RT @jrodwyer: Even Dave @number10gov got twibbons! Get yours here & # ...
21/08/201221:29 Mark E Smith font, if you like that sorta thing! #design
21/08/201215:38RT @davidschneider: I can't imagine what goes through George Galloway's head when eBay asks him to pay an "insertion fee".
21/08/201214:10RT @PaulBarasi: I guess all my followers are among the 244,979 people who've signed #SaveRichard Petition – are a ...
21/08/201214:10RT @kirstenmckenzie: In coffee shop - looking at sign telling me not to steal sugar. A writers life may not be a rich one but I do own s ...
21/08/201207:07RT @AnonOpsSweden: WikiLeaks and Free Speech By Michael Moore and Oliver Stone GREAT ARTICLE #Assange #Wikileaks #svpol
20/08/201221:42 #publishing #cockup
20/08/201220:39RT @Gawker: Here is a video of six Michigan cops firing 46 shots to kill a mentally ill man wielding only a knife.
20/08/201220:01RT @JanisSharp: RT @ELyssaD: US expert says that Gary McKinnon should be hired not locked up #FREEGARY @glossology
20/08/201220:00RT @goodreads: What is the future of the book? We'll tell you our vision in our SXSW panel. Please vote for us & RT! ...
20/08/201219:50 #extradition Everything you need to know on this inspiring website #garystays
20/08/201219:45@scoobynote interested to see how it's gonna pan out. Hypocrisy all round or beautiful new free world of honesty and peace.
20/08/201216:57#freegary so he can make more music ;) One of Gary's songs:
20/08/201216:53I guess #assange has brought this guy into the news, in a round about way.
20/08/201216:26Congregations genuflect, Black robes brag gilt epaulettes, Freedom's phantom's gone 2 heaven, Gay Pride's chained & in detention. #pussyriot
20/08/201216:23@FictionAtelier Hi guys, Have you seen this?Stephen Gough Confinement #FreeTheNakedRambler
20/08/201215:53Am I real or am I just persona management? #facebook
20/08/201215:50Barrett Brown: "Who Am I? Why I Am I Here?" 16 yr old kid may have saved many from torture
20/08/201215:19RT @Henbell: @Seanchuckle @tamdeanburn @DavieGreig @josieLong @kieran_hurley Spread it aboot! #Right2beYourself #Be ...
20/08/201214:45RT @danspeerin: #FreePussyRiot - Best Musical Tribute to @freepussyriot yet - "Melbourne Ukulele Kollective supports Pussy Riot" http:// ...
20/08/201214:45@rodgeglass Like any fan, we already have those prizes ;) how about throwing in a bottle of whisky? #competition
20/08/201214:42RT @FreeTopiary23: LeamingtonBooks: #freetopiary we can't help him just now, other than to get his story out, to make the sacrifice he m ...
20/08/201214:40RT @LuathPress: Meet @CatrionaChild author of #Trackman and @d_gray_writer author of #Stramash at BookBanter 10am tomorrow @Hendersonsof ...
20/08/201214:32 #apocalypse #now AKA Fershtingie Vershtingie Waack Waack viddys de light
20/08/201214:28#trapwire #deathgrips
20/08/201214:26#freetopiary we can't help him just now, other than to get his story out, to make the sacrifice he made, worth making #parmy #barrett
20/08/201207:11RT @FledglingPress: Malcolm Archibald has an event at The Victorian festival, Llandrindod, Wales today if you're in ...
20/08/201207:09RT @Countercurrents: Thousands Mass Outside Ecuadorean Embassy To Support #Assange
19/08/201223:25RT @Asher_Wolf: Private justice: How Hollywood money put a Brit behind bars
19/08/201223:23RT @greekemmy: A lone figure at the top of Harrods observing the events at #Ecuador Embassy in London #wikileaks #assange ...
19/08/201222:55'I have the bots so I make the shots.' Switch
19/08/201222:51@EvillySexyBitch I'm digging into it, seriously
19/08/201222:50RT @Ryan_Alba: When you're in "Twitter jail" does a wee blue burd come round & anally abuse you in the shower?
19/08/201222:41RT @tamdeanburn: Doing a piece by @DavieGreig at #TheatreUncut @traversetheatre 10am tomoz in solidarity w/Stephen Gough the naked rambl ...
19/08/201222:40@EvillySexyBitch we gone tunnel him out #assange something will be done
19/08/201222:38RT @JanisSharp: #McKinnon 's lost decade - SC magazine #freeGary
19/08/201222:38#unity in oppression #unity in response #assange
19/08/201222:36RT @EvillySexyBitch: Phoenix Orders Woman to Stop Handing Out Free Water During Extreme Heat Wave, Claims She Needs 'Permit' - http://t. ...
19/08/201222:34RT @ScoFoWL: Why did Anna Ardin post CIA agent? Wannabee? Her brother was in Afghanistan. Political links to Swedish party. ...
19/08/201222:34RT @jrodwyer: Not one American has been extradited to UK for an alleged crime committed on US soil FOI #Freegary #R ...
19/08/201222:33RT @WebberZh: PLF2012: RT @kaepora: Here's Assange's speech from the Ecuador Embassy, for those who missed it:
18/08/201222:07RT from PLF: FBI Most Wanted Domestic Terrorist List - Majority Are Women | | Newser Report |
18/08/201222:03@plf2012 Happy Birthday Commander in X-ile
18/08/201221:59RT @JagerJohnson: Let's all wish #CommanderX a happy birthday, as he continues his battle with Xzibit over the X! @PLF2012
18/08/201221:57RT @MrDDS1984: If you prefer a computer game. These are Trapwire servers cc @Anonymo99844615 #opTrapwire
18/08/201207:48RT @KimDotcom: How to stop piracy: 1 Create great stuff 2 Make it easy to buy 3 Same day worldwide release 4 Fair price 5 Works on any d ...
18/08/201207:40@BookMachine sorry didn't make it last night Boo Hoo but family matters conspired to thwart me
18/08/201207:30RT @LPOBryan: New Statesman - Twitter's founders launch two new services. What are they, and do they have a hope?
18/08/201207:23RT @HuffPostBooks: Posted this week: Activists turn abandoned building into library
18/08/201207:22RT @HuffPostBooks: Posted this week: 13 great female detective writers (who did we miss?)
18/08/201207:19RT @Art_Manifesto: The simpler your artwork, the more honest it becomes and the easier it is for other people to understand the message ...
18/08/201207:17RT @Doemela: Can Porn Be Copyrighted?
17/08/201221:48RT @lucy_peel: To the guys who snigger & make Twitter Jokes based on the phrase 'Pussy Riot.' You're all officially massive wankers. ...
17/08/201221:45RT @ElspethMurray: @LeamingtonBooks They used to call me HTML-speth ;-)
17/08/201221:45@ElspethMurray thanks for link lovely;) 4 gr8test use of double asterix see the immortal "chocolate rain" video by Tay Zonday
17/08/201211:45RT @PLF2012: Today, as I sit in a foreign country in exile - I am missing my home. Won't you save me San Francisco! | ...
17/08/201211:44@ElspethMurray looked for the 2 '*'s but couldn't find them... Did you edit them out or in?
17/08/201211:42RT @charleswhalley: I'm not really ever rude enough for it to be exciting, but I'd love to hear more author responses to reviews.
17/08/201211:41RT @Paul_Fledge: Why not browse The Hurting by RJ Mitchell @spitfiremedia in the #edbookfest bookshop under crime novels
17/08/201211:33RT @OccupyOakland: Child porn sting nabs 109 suspects, possibly with help from #anonymous
17/08/201211:32RT @webfoundryuk: Joomla! 3.0 Alpha-2 Released via @sharethis
17/08/201211:31RT @newriters: Saturday, 11am, Aberdeen Central Library. Rapunzel Wizard and Martin Walsh read to launch the "Gifted" exhibition. http:/ ...
17/08/201211:30RT @sarahw: Indeed. RT @drmabuse: Why is Dave Eggers hiding at least $161,331 of The Zeitoun Foundation's money behind Jableh, LLC? http ...
16/08/201203:32RT @PLF2012: Commander X has not skipped bail nor is he evading judgement; he is fleeing persecution and seeking justice. | #PLF #Comman ...
16/08/201203:28RT @Art_Manifesto: The revolutionary artist creates works that propel the spirit of freedom, justice and political equality.
16/08/201203:28RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- LEADER IN ANTI-SEMETIC PARTY In Hungary 'Discovers' HE IS JEWISH -
15/08/201221:17@lesleyblood !fuck I just looked at your brainstem on wikipedia #brain
15/08/201221:15@lesleyblood quite into #extradtion at the moment, plsd so plsd to follow ;)
15/08/201221:09Website movement Flash Be Gone! #joomla
14/08/201223:06RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- FAA DOCUMENTS Show DRONES Over US POSE HUGE SAFETY RISK -
14/08/201223:03@paulfcockburn mine was hacked by person who followed some Vatican cardinals &other priests with it seriously who follows priests? Unnerving
14/08/201222:57RT @GavWard: Putting An End To The Biggest Lie On The Internet
14/08/201218:42@philaddison13 yeah, #dontpeeontrolleys you might get fined and banned from #asda
13/08/201220:52RT @freeanonsnow: There are hundreds of millionaires in Congress. Do you see the problem?
13/08/201220:48RT @destinylover09: Love books? Check out my blog + new review - - #blogger #booklover #authors #publishers #fictio ...
13/08/201220:47RT @Paul_Fledge: I found out a lot about #Vikings I didn't realise #edbookfest
13/08/201220:45@DeathGripz qƎM ԀƎƎp ƎΛO˥ ON
13/08/201220:45RT @rasmoses: the mexican homie just sent me this Lls wow
08/08/201222:12RT @AngelaRoberts2: Can all see through @MPAA dirty tricks campaign to discredit decent young man #RichardO who committed No 'crime' in ...
08/08/201213:30 #saverichard and read about the one-way 2003 #extradition treaty UK signed with the USA.
08/08/201209:00 Shocking leaked doc from Motion Picture Association of America #movies #extradition
08/08/201208:45 #extradition #uk #jimmywales
08/08/201208:34Runescape account hacked. Social life over.
07/08/201223:13RT @davidicke: Is Not Joining Facebook a Sign You're a Psychopath? #facebook
07/08/201223:10RT @OpManning: Blade article regarding #lgbt on Bradley #Manning
07/08/201223:10Essential reading #Manning #freebrad #lgbt
07/08/201222:55Leaked memo may show movie industry seeking very thick celebs to support Richard O'Dwyer extradition #SaveRichard
07/08/201222:47RT @AngelaRoberts2: Richard O'Dwyer: an unfair, absurd case | Editorial via @guardian @ukhomeoffice. monumentally r ...
07/08/201222:47RT @jrodwyer: Stop Extradition - Fair UK Trial for Richard O'Dwyer Petition via @GoPetition #Richardo
07/08/201222:41RT @glasgayfestival: Gay man publishes father’s letter disowning him
07/08/201222:35Journalist faces 21 yrs for recording police- then..Court gives gov go ahead for wiretaps
06/08/201215:16How about some epic Gilgamesh articles Some Literary Motifs in the Composition of the Gilgamesh Epic
06/08/201210:20/lit/ from what I've seen, isn't too fond of historical fiction, aside from a few books.
06/08/201209:15You just took the roach bait bruh
05/08/201222:53@kirstininnes and they could also have found you via 'commissioned torture weekly installments Clyde' :)
05/08/201222:35Comics r the highest form of literature Ayn Rand couldn't draw so she stole a bunch of ideas from these dead pe*dophiles and called it books
05/08/201214:10Silence in the middle of a conversation brings us back to essentials: it reveals how dearly we must pay for the invention of speech ;)
05/08/201212:10@LynseyMay It's still great publicity and got Kirean on Twitter. I don't think he's 'cheesy' enough to attract rodents though
05/08/201211:54@LynseyMay Love how you've used a Kieran Hurley flier(?) there
05/08/201211:33#Extradition The Fight of Our Lives: TWEEPS COME THROUGH WITH MORE EXCELLENT LEGAL HELP...
05/08/201210:01RT @jrodwyer: RT @DJGenerator Just made a #SaveRichard banner/signature for webpages etc, feel free to use or share! ...
05/08/201200:50A dart wood/ he writes ' I am lying in the shadow of an oak. I want to get up. I find I cannot.
04/08/201222:10Consciousness is much more than the thorn, it is the dagger in the flesh
04/08/201221:42RT @jrodwyer: RT @NetFreeUK Judge #Posner rules linking 2 infringing vids is OK. Can we cancel #ODwyer extradition now? ...
04/08/201221:40@jrodwyer meant to reply not rt sorry will send tomorrow nearly asleep now ;)
04/08/201221:38RT @jrodwyer: @LeamingtonBooks Yes please I met Emmanuel and another person they came to see me on recent trip to UK Good people
04/08/201221:38Breach of UK extradition law
04/08/201221:31@jrodwyer Yep, they do a paper magazine and the editorial this issue was an impassioned article about tvshack - shall I send a scan?
04/08/201221:29RT @jrodwyer: @LeamingtonBooks Don't look for too long or you get treated to irrelevant propaganda video! #Saverichard #RichardO
04/08/201221:25 best Edinburgh graffiti
04/08/201220:08RT @trevortimm: Reporters watch Gitmo trials on 40 sec delay. When detainees describe CIA torture, officials hit a white noise button ht ...
04/08/201220:05We derive our vitality from our store of madness.
04/08/201219:50Criticism is a misconception: we must read not to understand others but to understand ourselves.
04/08/201219:50 Read this glorious #palahniuk #snuff review again GENIUS
04/08/201219:35My body is large, white and savage. But all the fierceness has become transformed into laughter.
04/08/201219:02To want fame is to prefer dying scorned than forgotten.
04/08/201218:50It is not worth the bother of killing yourself, since you always kill yourself too late.
04/08/201218:46My sense of humour in its mature phase has arisen in this very acute consciousness of what is me.
04/08/201218:46In playing that off against another hostile me, that does not like the smell of mine, I am in a sense working off my alarm at myself.
04/08/201218:05The fact that life has no meaning is a reason to live - moreover, the only one!
04/08/201218:02"'The dew was falling fast, the — stars began to blink; I heard a voice: it said — "Drink, pretty creature, drink!"
04/08/201218:01There is no means of proving it is preferable to be than not to be.
04/08/201217:35I know more about myself than people generally do. I am aware that I am a barbarian. By rights I should be paddling about in a coracle.
04/08/201217:02Anyone can escape into sleep, we are all geniuses when we dream, the reader's the poet's equal there.
04/08/201216:50One does not inhabit a country; one inhabits a language. That is our country, and no other.
04/08/201216:30PAIN is an overflow of sombreness
04/08/201216:10Any other quarrel may be patched up. But what can be described as a quarrel of humour divides people for ever.
04/08/201216:06I cannot find its author within the four corners of the work itself.
04/08/201216:03RT @ElspethMurray: Edinburgh you are spoiling us! Is this the nicest day for weeks or what?
04/08/201215:57Just found a FOOT in the grass #murder ?
04/08/201215:54@sophmackintosh flat hunting in August is WACK :( Good Luck
04/08/201215:53@jrodwyer thanks for that! You're doing good work. Did you see #2600 editorial?
04/08/201215:35I am a large blond clown, ever so vaguely reminiscent (in person) of some great american boxer whose name I forget
04/08/201215:10* Goot heavens, Archivelt, Vere is your Knicker-belt? * I haf no Knicker-belt, The little Archie said.
04/08/201214:55I dare say Milton preferred *Comus' to either — if so — justly. . . .
04/08/201214:52What would be left of our tragedies if an insect were to present us his?
04/08/201214:40Every thought derives from a thwarted sensation.
04/08/201213:55#freeryan. Grounded sucks; just one reason to free Ryan Cleary.
04/08/201213:253 24 ■ Septennber 12:31 United States (Unknown Domain) ^^^^^^H |4. 24 12:33 United States (
04/08/201213:21"* Trifles, like straws, upon the surface flow;
04/08/201211:35sun / yardarm
04/08/201211:04The Lynching of Richard O'Dwyer
04/08/201211:02RT @jrodwyer: Stop Extradition - Fair UK Trial for #RichardO 'Dwyer Petition via @GoPetition
04/08/201211:01Have a look at real Dept of Justice takedown banner
04/08/201211:00 Miscarriages are the rule and not the exception #tvshack
04/08/201210:44RT @FreeTopiary23: lavachelibre: RT @ReZoCitoyens: The #Anonymous Solidarity Network - #FreeA. ...
04/08/201210:43 Olympic police arrest supporter of FEMEN movement
04/08/201210:39RT @psychcomm: The very hungry Cthulhupillar by C. Dexter Ward
31/07/201223:42RT @parlementum: Community Plumbing is one of the very modern fine arts, like Criticism; but useful. - Wyndham Lewis #books
31/07/201223:42RT @bach_peter: On train now with Wyndham Lewis's 'Blasting and Bombardiering' - 'You would be astonished to find how like art is to war ...
31/07/201223:40RT @katyeprice: watched 10 min of olymp-opening . needs ranting commentary by wyndham lewis
31/07/201223:12Technology fluctuates greatly on any given time track. Matter transmitter worlds often run shoulders with those of the horse and buggy era.
31/07/201223:08RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- FBI NAZI BIKERS #Bust FBI NAZI GROUP- be an #InfoWARRIOR
31/07/201205:48I stay noided
29/07/201223:00Roth says the novel is dead but it would be more accurate to say the audience is dead - we're all just too polite to mention it.LUCY ELLMANN
20/07/201217:43@FictionAtelier Bloody Hell!
20/07/201217:42RT @tettig: Naked rambler Stephen Gough arrested again Ridiculous. Leave the man in peace & arrest Tomlinson ki ...
20/07/201216:50RT @stewarthome1: says check out my new blog 10 Places Not To Eat In London during the 2012 Olympics: ...
20/07/201216:47Workshops are for jerks. What you need is an editor. #fictionatelier
19/07/201221:32@ElspethMurray @writer_dad awesome :)
19/07/201221:28RT @ElspethMurray: RT @writer_dad: This is funny - and true: 9 actors who do the exact same thing in every movie poster
19/07/201221:27RT @josayhef: "Just stay Still." #Art #SocialCommentary #Dada #CurrentAffairs #Fly
19/07/201221:19RT @MichaelHartney: If you don't have anything nice to say, tell the entire internet.
19/07/201208:29 #matthiasfuchs #fassbinder #lola
19/07/201208:26 #webdev supper yum #potnoodle
19/07/201208:25RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- HELP BREAK The #UN Silence On #China's #Forced #Sterilization Of #Women!!!!! #Action #RT ...
18/07/201202:47RT @lucy_peel: Oh sleep, where you gone? *gets up to see what cats do in the dead of night*
18/07/201202:47RT @FreeTopiary23: AnonToth: RT @AnonymousIRC: Never forget. @LulzSec @atopiary | They are not dead. They live and ...
18/07/201202:45RT @EvillySexyBitch: Some People Are Deliberately Ignoring Atrocities. It's Time To Break The Silence! Do So HERE # ...
18/07/201202:45RT @FreeTopiary23: Rxfx1: RT @YourAnonNews: Never forget. @LulzSec @atopiary | They are not dead. They live and nee ...
18/07/201202:45RT @LPOBryan: How to Write an Omniscient Narrator If You're Not Actually Omniscient Yourself
05/06/201215:00How the cookie crumbles. #osbreakfast #cookie #joomla
20/05/201203:38RT @sarahw: Alan Hollinghurst and Andrew Motion are each other's literary executors, when the time eventually comes.
20/05/201203:37RT @rasmoses: Just ran into this nigga suge knight at the beverly center with @talissalove
11/05/201218:13@rj_gallagher that is a great photo of jake, love it #freetopiary
09/05/201208:53@GrahamSpiers very good on the radio 4 the record you 1 of the best sports journos is in All Scotia
04/05/201210:07nice to see you all at #osbreakfast hmmm just testing this hashtag ;)
20/04/201221:40So; what is 'Hello Poetry'?: via @youtube of interest to all writers and artists - join now - why not?
15/04/201211:34Craig Duffy, wrtiter of these excellent Colour Books #duffy #poetry #scotland
15/04/201211:29RT @anonkitsu: #Topiary's letter to the world. Please RT this! #Anonymous #freeTopiary #freeAnonsNow
14/04/201208:55On this day! Library of Congress announces it will acquire entire archive of Twitter messages, 2010.
29/03/201222:01It is here real ~April ~Woolery #April #Woolery
29/03/201221:55#April Woolery
29/03/201221:54A Scottish License to Kill - - CULTURE!!! #edinburgh
29/03/201221:52A little april foolery #scotland
29/03/201221:52 petition for #scrapartstax
14/03/201201:01RT @420MMJ: San Diego protesters focus on federal medical marijuana crackdown - #mmj #420
14/03/201200:59@Doemela that is truly a guide for everybody ;) peace 2U
14/03/201200:58RT @Doemela: New comment on How to secure your computer and surf fully Anonymous BLACK-HAT STYLE
14/03/201200:51RT @gavininglis: @LeamingtonBooks @infamouswomen You've no idea how many sophisticated literary devices were necessary to create that wa ...
13/03/201218:44How PEL fared in Glasgow #scrapartstax
13/03/201217:46RT @AnonOpsSweden: #Anonymous documentary ‘We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists’ premieres at SXSW
13/03/201217:38Anyone with contributions for events to challenge the PEL in Edinburgh, contact me! Website:
05/03/201223:22RT @warrbo: Topiaries behind bars #FreeTopiary #anonymous
05/03/201223:16RT @exiledsurfer: #CommanderX issues statement to us govt on harming of #Wikileaks' #assange
05/03/201223:16RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- MY 3 HEROES: #CommanderX #JulianAssange #BradleyManning TY for all you have done,what STILL may be done, & ...
05/03/201220:45#scrapartstax Adam Behr on 'Licensing to Kill' (very catchy that, by the way) #edinburgh
05/03/201220:27Stop Changes in Public Entertainment Licences Campaign – Amazing Messages of Support #scrapartstax #scotland
05/03/201217:31RT @ESWsculpture: CEC website - Public Entertainment Licence info added: licence reqd but no fee + up to 6 mnths to process ...
05/03/201217:28@infamouswomen @GavinInglis @edincityoflit Great, was reading his book last night(his soundcloud file is quite phallic)
05/03/201217:22#scrapartstax 'The money raised will never pay for the losses.' ... love that quote from Kevin Williamson #edinburgh
04/03/201222:02RT @TightlacedNews: April Foolery coming along nicely! 474 artists planning to take part so far... @ScrapArtsTax, ...
04/03/201222:00A tax on creativity? Attacks on creativity! #ScrapArtsTax This cat has offered to #occupy their computers til Apr 2nd!!
23/02/201220:34RT @bellacaledonia: An independent Scotland means the end of Trident in the UK. @ShonaMcAlpine @One_F_in_Finn @Scot ...
23/02/201220:32RT @FreeTopiary23: Anon_Mastodon: Do not regret the past. Look to the future. #freetopiary
23/02/201220:32RT @FreeTopiary23: Anon_Mastodon: Censure yourself, never another #freetopiary
18/02/201217:44RT @EvillySexyBitch: Please support #KidsAreHeroes by donating 1 tweet per day. I did. #DT @KidsAreHeroes
10/02/201216:00RT @owenbooth: Now earn it, Aberdeen! Earn it!> RT @KeyStakeholder That's Entertainment! #aberdeen #culture #vib ...
10/02/201216:00RT @SplashBack: RT @Librarydotcolm: RT @STVEdinburgh #edincouncil budget additional £890k per annum for EdinLeisure for 3yrs. Nothing fo ...
10/02/201210:39@tinaalberino Hope I can follow ;) I want to do what I can for #lulz for #help for Jake ;)
09/02/201223:00Gilmore Park photo'd today
09/02/201222:59If I move this camera quite fast while photographing, normally straight lines #curve
09/02/201222:57Is this the tallest tree in #Aberdeen ?
09/02/201222:54Will make somebody a lovely #avatar
01/02/201212:45Kate and Linda have spent 25 years in the licensed trade in East Lothian and #Midlothian
01/02/201212:43If ever there were a people's book, this is it
01/02/201212:22Viking Gold for the People's Book Prize Please Vote if you have a moment
30/01/201200:59RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT - PLEASE ALL KEEP #JulianAssange and @#BradleyManning in your minds and HEARTS!!! 💓 #Justice4Both 💚💙
30/01/201200:59RT @EvillySexyBitch: PLEASE ALL RT - “@helpspreadthis: Tell your children you love them ~ often”
27/01/201222:21RT @Deadspin: The Internet Has Discovered The Exact Day Featured In Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day"
27/01/201221:52Beautiful new handmade #poetry #books from Duffy
23/01/201210:48Customised chocolate batons to meet intricate customer demands, claims Herza -
10/01/201221:00RT @RT_com: #Anonymous declares Day of Action against NDAA (VIDEO)
10/01/201220:58@filmpoem thanks we enjoyed it ;) love film love poetry
10/01/201220:53@WilliamEHunter OK you are on mate ;)
10/01/201220:52RT @iamjamesward: RT @simon_price01: If Scotland chooses independence, the rest of us face a choice between perpetual Tory rule... or em ...
10/01/201206:58RT @TerribleAuthor: @RiptideTempora @AnonymousIRC nobody in anonymous would ever sell out anonymous. @aaronbarr @anonymouSabu Ryan Cleary
10/01/201204:42RT @TomfromBrighton: It is now clear that the Scotland for Marriage campaign is not about marriage, it's about homophobia: ...
10/01/201204:41@lgbtcouk lots of love and new books coming in 2012
10/01/201204:22Do you support #nologs ? Give it some thought ;)
10/01/201202:19RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT-"We know for sure that one big media company in the US had the ‘Collateral Murder’ video for years & did not rel ...
10/01/201202:18RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- "The aim of Wikileaks is to achieve just reform around the world and do it through the mechanism of transparenc ...
09/01/201214:21@sophmackintosh fancying them is a Result - means you've prose-ified your #animus at last ;)
09/01/201214:17RT @thesouthpole: I regret dressing as Antony Worrall Thompson today.
09/01/201214:16RT @SophiaPangloss: Labour want tae deny immigrants a vote in Scotland... Oh my god, they've twisted their ain melons!
09/01/201214:16RT @SophiaPangloss: If #Labour are sayin onybody born in Scotland can vote in the referendum, are they sayin that onybody NOT born in Sc ...
09/01/201214:15RT @genesharpfilm: London screenings of award winning @PhilipBloom doc How to Start a Revolution 2nite/2moro foto8 ...
09/01/201214:13RT @PLF2012: BREAKING NEWS: One protester shot dead by Rapid Response Squad near Ogba Area of Lagos. #OWS #OccupyNigeria #ExpectUs @AJs ...
09/01/201213:57RT @PLF2012: Massive cyber attack in Nigeria continues - Dangote Sugar Co. web site hacked for Firing Protesters #OccupyNigeria http:/ ...
09/01/201213:57RT @OmoyeUzams: I pray for protection as we go out in the streets today. Angelic assistance to every Nigerian #OccupyNigeria
09/01/201213:55RT @AnonyOps: Here's more logs of Thomas Ryan (@providesecurity) talking about drugs, and other nonsense.
09/01/201213:47RT @PLF2012: Official Web Site For Anonymous Nigeria - #OccupyNigeria FOLLOW @Anon_Nigeria
09/01/201203:52RT @YourAnonNews: TODAY is the DAY. Occupy Nigeria is in motion. Please follow the #OccupyNigeria hashtag for updates on the movement.
09/01/201203:48RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- 3 year-Old Arrested,Leftist Writer Interrogated- Another Day in the 'Jewish and Democratic' State - http://t.c ...
09/01/201202:58RT @PLF2012: Op Nigeria II - Relentless cyber assault continues - Web Site of the MNNA hacked by DE-CYBER #OccupyN ...
08/01/201206:48Beyond funny if you are a hacker:
08/01/201206:42Damned bots I'll be cleaning you out soon
08/01/201206:41@capecodnic water water everywhere I know you did not shrink; water water everywhere fuksake you need a drink ;)
08/01/201206:20RT @anonops: LIVE NOW Protestors are facing off with police in #OccupyOakland >>
08/01/201206:20RT @AnonyOps: And wouldn't you know...OPD have kettled the livestreamers, so no one will know what develops from here.
08/01/201206:19RT @PLF2012: Hundreds of riot cops have violently attacke peaceful Occupy Oakland protesters ! Weapons fired ! - ...
08/01/201206:19RT @OccupyOakland: OPD chasing protestors, beating ppl, making arrests, shooting rubber bullets #FTP #OccupyOakland
08/01/201206:18#OccupyOakland The batons are out
08/01/201206:17RT @PLF2012: My hatred of cops is rivaled only by my hatred of those who send them. There r no emotions to describe how big a "FUCK YOU" ...
08/01/201204:21RT @wordymcwriter: I don't want a free iPad. I want a free Assange. A free Manning. A free speech. A free Topiary. For starters.
08/01/201202:12RT @astriddare: To use the internet, Iranians must provide their name, father's name, address, telephone number and national ID. http:// ...
07/01/201216:49RT @ItsKahuna: You need to watch this, it is beyond funny
07/01/201216:48RT @ItsKahuna: #FreeManning
07/01/201214:56RT @spbbest: Very proud of @charleneamoore who's been published by @rapecrisisscot in Rape Crisis News -
07/01/201214:21@sophmackintosh Ta for the follow looking forward to your tweets ;)
07/01/201205:32@WilliamEHunter Sup dude? Get in touch when you can.
07/01/201205:14Watch us #freetopiary
07/01/201205:13RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT - "It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones." ****Calvin Coolidge****
07/01/201200:25@CapsCop 700,000 THAT IS AMAZING! oops
07/01/201200:24RT @rixstepnews: Anon do it again; enjoy v @wikileaks
06/01/201215:44Genius hacker Bruce Sutherland bypasses gov Internet shutdown by sending Tweets via satellite using portable ham radio
06/01/201215:42RT @rosanwo: At one stage we will all be forced to fight for our lives, #fuelsubidy plus loss of lives with no security #occupyNigeria
06/01/201215:39RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- Walnuts Are Drugs, Says FDA - via @ / YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!!!!!!!
06/01/201215:36RT @TheBookbag: Claude at the Circus by Alex T Smith: stop being an adult for 15 minutes & enjoy it! Perfect for tweens. #kidlit #books
06/01/201215:31Skvorecky n00b #RIP
06/01/201204:22RT @occupySYDNEY: @wikileaks Video: Collateral Murder site returned #wikileaks #osyd #occupyperth #oo #ows
02/01/201218:12RT @zatla404: RT @Telegraph Copenhagen votes to legalise marijuana #LegalizeIt
30/12/201118:56RT @EvillySexyBitch: RT- 💓 #KeepXFree❕#FreeCommanderX❕ #FreeBradleyManning ❕ #FreeJulianAssange ❕ #FreeTopiary ❕
30/12/201116:39RT @AnonyOps: #Anonymous is a culture - an introduction by @quinnnorton:
30/12/201116:32Congratulations! We are all now famous published authors. Our tweets reside in the Library of Congress who have saved them all #cantdelete
30/12/201103:18RT @FreeTopiary23: yeslol: RT @p0isAn0N: #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #Fre ...
30/12/201103:17RT @p0isAn0N: Retweet #FreeTopiary if you want a follow.
30/12/201103:17RT @p0isAn0N: #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #FreeTopiary #Free ...
30/12/201103:17RT @p0isAn0N: #FreeTopiary Y U NO trending yet?!
28/12/201103:37RT @rasmoses: choose to be happy. no one can upset you like you can upset yourself.
27/12/201117:17Good day #universe - are you ready to #FreeTopiary ?
27/12/201116:28RT @jailhouserock: I wondered why my Fortnum and Mason "Occupy Scotland" hamper had not arrived yet -
27/12/201116:13RT @RLSte: Robert Louis Stevenson quote at Berkshire Community College, Massachusetts
27/12/201116:11RT @KeyStakeholder: Licheniferous, mossy, fungal #Aberdeen #liminal #psychogeography
27/12/201116:09RT @rericswan: Obama on civil liberties. I am tempted to use the word 'betrayal'.
27/12/201106:04RT @Lindseysaid: This press release reads like the good old days of #LulzSec. #FreeTopiary #LulzXmas
27/12/201105:56Following in real time as opposed to... Unreal Time? #confused
27/12/201105:01RT @CurrentUK: The revolution is coming - and it owes a lot to #GeneSharp. How to Start a #Revolution: January 1st on Current UK. http:/ ...
27/12/201103:33@genesharpfilm loved the film we are watching it again right now what you're doing is indeed precious
26/12/201109:35RT @capecodnic: Message projected on Dewey Square building "you can't evict an idea" -
25/12/201106:48@Ryan_Alba and what is also sad is that we's on twitter #ohwell
25/12/201106:46@Ryan_Alba Ryan that is fuckn hilarious ! I got 2 sons too but hell's teeth man - 4.15 - that is impressive
25/12/201100:46RT @YourAnonNews: GoDaddy lost 72,354 domains this week alone. Together, this is what we can do! | Track them here: ...
25/12/201100:44This is the strangest robbery I ever saw.
23/12/201113:45RT @SplashBack: RT @STVEdinburgh:Will the legacy of the Commonwealth games to Leith be its transformation into an anonymous TescoTown? h ...
23/12/201113:35When I bought #Facebook advertising I was hoping for interest from real people not "likes" from obviously fake profiles :(
23/12/201113:24RT @FestiveJake: He sees you when you're eating, he knows if it's Greggs cake!
23/12/201113:22how could #Facebook advertising encourage #fake profiles to your product? I don't understand. These are not real profiles "liking" our book.
23/12/201113:19I bought #Facebook advertising for a book and 60 people "liked" it but a lot of these were fake profiles - tell me this is not a grand scam?
09/12/201119:53@Kat4589 a legendary tweet, it's only a day old and it is a classic! X
09/12/201119:49RT @OtherAberdeen: must read
09/12/201119:45@OtherAberdeen Can't say how excited I am A Ce Moment X
08/12/201121:23@TomfromBrighton well done for EVERYTHING you have done, including battling Biblical bigotry on Call Kaye etc ... Respect! Respect! :)
08/12/201115:09@ScotsmanDebate at least it wasn't cancelled due to #wind
08/12/201115:07RT @OtherAberdeen: Protect a pavement - stop pavement parking in your area via @livingstreets #paveparking #aberdeen
08/12/201115:07Timely, powerful article from Hugh Andrew in The Scotsman #amazon #scotland #publishing
08/12/201100:49RT @AnonymousPress: The worst part of censorship is █████ ███████
08/12/201100:00RT @glasgowoccupied: It is rumoured that the Scottish Conservatives are soon to take delivery of a a breeding pair of MPs, on loan from ...
07/12/201123:58@rericswan I read the article but I was too scared to watch any of the links you embedded in case I dozed off :)
07/12/201123:56RT @SplashBack: Can you spare an hour or two this Fri, Sat or Sun? PLEASE HELP man the petition outside LWW. Email...
07/12/201119:16RT @PLF2012: Occupy Santa Cruz is the LAST undefeated Occupation in the Bay Area, and we're under dire threat now. Come at once please, ...
07/12/201118:30@PLF2012 gr8 news #freemumia
07/12/201118:30#freemumia GO! GO! GO! -
07/12/201118:27RT @PLF2012: BREAKING NEWS: State of Pennsylvania permanently drops the death penalty against Mumia Abul-Jamal - - ...
07/12/201117:43Help save Leith Waterworld, there's lots you can do #Edinburgh @SplashBack
05/12/201115:33RT @lama_b: I hate it when western media use headline: "US-born Syrian blogger arrested", as if being born in the US makes it more terri ...
04/12/201123:35@HughesPeg heard you on @bbcbookcafe today it's such a great story ;) I loved hearing the artist's final words.
04/12/201123:25RT @deemsathome: Razan keeps a blog about the Syrian revolution #FreeRazan #FreeallSyrianActivists
04/12/201123:24RT @LeilZahra: friends in #Egypt, @RedRazan was with us in #Tahrir through the tear-gas on June 28th & other demos, plz make noise! #nom ...
04/12/201123:24RT @deemsathome: "U.S Born Syrian Blogger Arrested" #FreeRazan
04/12/201108:38RT @SaveBradley: "Bradley Manning: Welsh MEPs join Wikileaks suspect plea" - #freebrad #bradleymanning
03/12/201123:17RT @SplashBack: OFFICIAL Splashback petition to #saveleithwaterworld is now online! at
03/12/201112:17NEW BOOK '#Edinburgh's Colonies: Housing the Workers' by Richard Rodger‏
03/12/201100:54@hannahrudman Hi, looking forward to your tweets + you follow many interesting people I have followed some of them, best wishes Peter
01/12/201123:56@hackneymarshman I love tompro could spend days on ablab
24/11/201118:03My favourite website, truly: The Tomorrow Project
24/11/201115:16@bridgetbradley you really do tweet what you eat; I'ma follow XX Peter
24/11/201115:10Just been to see Peter Standen exhibition at Henderson's Gallery Edinburgh; amazing; this guy clearly loves #edinburgh
23/11/201122:01#PERF - C'est arrivé près de chez vous
23/11/201121:26@TheWhakaPAPA @plf2012 The Ten Hack Commandments #hacktivism #anon #freex #anonops
23/11/201121:11RT @OtherAberdeen: The "cheerful place" where all that is solid melts into air #aberdeen #liminal #psychogeography
23/11/201118:21I just received a #christmas card. Can't express the quease I felt on opening it :(
22/11/201114:25I accidentally just started the ~tildetag. I know it won't catch on but hey. #hashtag
22/11/201114:23@lucy_peel what a splendid write up of #boring2011. You are thorough. I like that.
22/11/201114:21RT @dignut: Lovely write-up of #Boring2011 by @lucy_peel, with pictures too!
22/11/201112:26@dignut I jest. Twas cut and paste (⊗ tensor product / ∞ lemniscate / 2 + 2 ≠ 5 etc!)
22/11/201112:23@dignut were you not paying attention when unicode was being discussed @boring2011?
22/11/201112:20@dignut ¡ƃuıʇǝǝʍʇ uʍop ǝpısdn ʎɯ ǝǝs plnoɥs noʎ ǝʌıssǝɹdɯı s,ʇɐɥʇ ʞuıɥʇ noʎ ɟI
22/11/201112:16@MrMichaelWinner in @GreggstheBakers I am happy now and possibly forever #unity #harmony #satisfaction
22/11/201112:05@iamjamesward Been fascinated with your last blog post esp Sutcliffe/Saville connection, perhaps you read this:
21/11/201112:47RT @lgbtcouk: LGBT Students Asked To Change Separately For PE #lgbt
21/11/201111:02@boing2011 I notice how The Sun says that Tim was talking about hairdriers. What else have they been lying about? (nice photey of JW tho)
21/11/201110:57RT @themanwhofell: An even-handed review of Boring2011 in The Sun: - I spoke to a reporter: "Please don't make us l ...
21/11/201110:53RT @boring2011: Boring is in the Sun:
21/11/201109:56RT @OtherAberdeen: Edgewatch day 342: #aberdeen #liminal #psychogeography
20/11/201120:33@tramplord that is the best list of fat bands anywhere ;)
20/11/201118:58@matthewcrosby yeh but I was hoping they'd have at least put up a picture
20/11/201118:52@FinalBullet brilliant to hear you wax on AAB locations, right up my street (that is not literal nor a poor pun, just an ina/ept idiom)Peter
20/11/201118:44@dignut very pleasing exposition yesterday on √ 2 though I am a bit arithmophobic, though not hexakosioihexekontahexaphobic, Peter
20/11/201118:28@boring2011 Just got back from Boring & got your message. I was looking forward to it too, despite being QUITE ILL & scarred from TAXI CRASH
20/11/201118:21Boring 2011 was very, very good Details here:
20/11/201118:17RT @iamjamesward: @RedEaredRabbit I haven't put one online, but this write-up is pretty comprehensive:
20/11/201118:09Looking through the windows of Nando's, Lothian Road, Edinburgh. No sign of @matthewcrosby #boring2011
17/11/201115:24I can't wait to be @boring2011
17/11/201115:22@pulpfiction_ed I asked if you were on Twitter today but it looks like I am already following you. Head Check ;) & ta for the books Peter
17/11/201113:22#RLSDay - images of RLS before the moustache took over his persona. It happens ;)
16/11/201122:40RT @rasmoses: i dont care if i am famous or not, my nigga, i detach myself from the outcome of this quest. i make music because it is ca ...
16/11/201122:38RT @zorrasband: #Russia to fine people for being openly gay, bi, trans, compare #LGBT to pedophilia. WHAT CENTURY IS THIS??? ...
16/11/201122:25RT @sandstonepress: Oooooo - "Ever Fallen in Love" by @zoestrachan has been nominated for The London Book Award! #books
15/11/201123:21RT @andreagillies: On twitter we're all brains in jars, communicating brain to brain. It's a very odd thing but there's also a real emot ...
15/11/201123:20RT @joomlabamboo: Just released the unified version of jTweet for Joomla 1.5 and Joomla 1.7
14/11/201101:07RT @billybragg: Had a great first night gig in Edinburgh. I'll be heading down to @OccupyEdinburgh midday on Monday in St Andrew Square
13/11/201111:24RT @boring2011: Seven days from now, it will all be over. Be part of it:
12/11/201121:18RT @pastebin: Made a fun little page to see what is happening on pastebin in real-time -
07/11/201114:53RT @bellacaledonia: Equal Marriage
03/11/201118:24RT @Doemela: This Powerful Clip Is Exactly Why We Support #OccupyWallStreet | This Powerful Clip Is Exac... http:/ ...
03/11/201114:54At Occupy Edinburgh in St Andrews Square today, great feeling, inspiring people, they are doing it for all of us :) keep it up
01/11/201116:28yep... and #nanowrimo also = 'A Wino Morn' !!
01/11/201116:27#nanowrimo = warm onion
01/11/201116:20RT @FledglingPress: #newbooks #humour #Edinburgh Lots of interest in Life Behind Bars:Confessions of a Pub Landlady Meet the authors her ...
23/10/201119:26@joyfeed I bet Which? readers are not WEIGHING their mail though; they are but poor imitators
19/10/201109:27Bella Caledonia: To FB or not FB? #facebook #hatecrime
18/10/201118:06RT @randolin: @FledglingPress spotted on the #Edinburgh #news
18/10/201117:52A neat article on the One O Clock Gun ... Angus Calder is the star of the show
18/10/201117:33RT @LulzPirate: You are not failures. You have not blown away. You can get what you want and you are worth having it, believe in yoursel ...
18/10/201117:27Happy #atlast
05/10/201100:20RT @AnonO_o: WHOEVER YOU ARE, WE LOVE YOU! #anonymiss (ht @AnonymousIRC)
05/10/201100:19RT @AnonO_o: I don't even understand why people would think of using LOIC after what chaos it brought. #freetopiary #freemercedes #freeanons
01/10/201118:50the song #freetopiary
01/10/201118:49RT @FreeTopiary_: Everyone go follow--> @LulzPirate he's an awesome hacker!!!!!! :-)
01/10/201114:15RT @lgbtcouk: Free Bradley Manning song #antisec #bradleymanning #freetopiary #occupywallstreet
30/09/201119:58@scotlandsoccer ta for the Dons scores BTW can't believe it's not on R I can't believe I'm now getting my fitba from Twitter
30/09/201118:49RT @zorrasband: Got us a new #chapbook by the ever-brill @compasspoints. Reading with glee. #poetry
29/09/201117:25@thesouthpole must have been a pint of water was it?
28/09/201111:47@on_lothianbuses really enjoyed Doors Open, you guys are great and thanks for the peanut butter! BUSWASH! : #edinburgh
28/09/201111:41RT @lgbtcouk: Analysis of data on Civil Partnership to date in UK #lgbt #gaymarriage
26/09/201109:55RT @lgbtcouk: Scott Rennie Kirk's first openly gay minister says marriage has always evolved #lgbt #gaymarriage
25/09/201122:36A Twist of Lime Street ! and ? #eddiegibbons
25/09/201122:34RT @KCadwallender: today is very sunny in edinburgh. reading eddie gibbons poems for his poems 'A Twist of lime Street' due out from r ...
23/09/201119:30RT @FictionAtelier: Check out Todd McEwen & Lucy Ellmann's writing classes in Edinburgh this fall! Visit:
21/09/201117:57Welcome to Twitter @FictionAtelier ! #creativewriting #edinburgh
21/09/201116:29RT @FictionAtelier: Read Neil Butler's 'The Roost' published by Thirsty Books, Edinburgh.
19/09/201112:22@Paul_Fledge sounds like a to don't list
16/09/201115:06RT @lgbtcouk: A Gay Girl in Damascus - what did we learn? #middleeast #lgbt
15/09/201112:52@PollyHiggins you are followed by Leamington Books = Peter Burnett ;) looking forward to your tweets !
15/09/201112:50RT @lgbtcouk: Check out interview with Dr Lyndsey Myskow Transgender therapist #lgbt #transgender
13/09/201111:51@wpbookfestival I tried to contribute but it won't take Maestro! I has no credit card :( paypal? cash? Peter
12/09/201110:07RT @bellacaledonia: Today we (re) launch 'Love Life' Bella's Agony Aunt column to chime with hosted by Jamie Heckert ...
10/09/201108:20@LiamRudden thanks for the Stealing Fire spread this week, it was awesome! Much appreciated ;)
01/09/201110:31RT @TescoBooks: Inspired by a novel, 1000s of couples have been writing their names on padlocks and attaching them to bridges: http://ow ...
01/09/201103:36RT @Pirata13: #FreeTopiary  British court hears cases of two suspected teenage hackers Ryan Cleary, a teenager charged with (cont) http ...
31/08/201111:38RT @UKFriendsofBM: Significant: US media now use treatment of #BradleyManning as shorthand for brutal police state tactics ...
31/08/201111:03Bella Caledonia on teenage hacking #wlfind #freemercedes #freebradley #opbart #anonymous
30/08/201110:21Free Topiary - demanded in song - #freetopiary, #antisec, #freebradley #opbart #anonymous
29/08/201120:51RT @ITFriendsofBM: Bradley Manning Libero. Adesso! #freebrad
29/08/201120:50@zorrasband it's you innit ;)
29/08/201113:47@iamjamesward you are just spying on other passengers using camera and reflective powers of glass (peter b)
28/08/201123:26@thesouthpole I read that book and its weird other parts - but never in public
26/08/201119:11RT @AnnaNotKarenina: The gorgeous illustrations of Shaun Tan and rooftop views of Edinburgh, from the chimney stacks - very Mary Poppins ...
24/08/201112:25The EIBF bookshop is the best place to buy and sell books in Scotland - official!
15/08/201114:51Stealing Fire now available to buy on the Kindle here!
04/08/201112:06check out the new cover of the second edition of Stealing Fire at:
03/08/201107:58Stephen Thompson, author of Toy Soldiers, on @Stealing_Fire: "a gripping yarn and an expose of the international arms industry...terrific."
20/07/201113:50@pembroke1347 reveals Craig Sterling's true identity! Not long before the men in black suits turn up tooled up in Edi's West End...
20/07/201110:50Last remaining copies of first edition of "Stealing Fire" on amazon. Leamington + shops now totally out - second edition coming 12/8/10...
13/07/201113:48RT @LiamRudden: Like a good thriller? Check out Stealing Fire by #CraigSterling. Published by Leamington Books £7.99
07/07/201111:17RT @tessakendall: @RichardWiseman Old lady next door when I was a kid was Mrs Burnett. Cat was called Peter Burnett. Yes, she had kids a ...
05/07/201113:40Stealing Fire #1 best-seller in Scotland!
03/07/201114:07@stealing_Fire listed as a bestseller on!
02/07/201117:32RT @jeremyduns: Johann Hari should admit he is a plagiarist - and so should other journalists:
02/07/201110:35RT @bellacaledonia: Shocking, wrong and must be opposed:
02/07/201110:10RT @OtherAberdeen: Two Hundred Days of Edgewatch! Yay!
02/07/201109:38sdılɟ uǝǝɹɔs ǝɥʇ ǝɹoɟǝq sıɥʇ pɐǝɹ puɐ ʎɹʇ puɐ uʍop ǝpısdn ǝuoɥdı ɹnoʎ uɹnʇ ʇsnſ
01/07/201114:46#Stealing_Fire still in top 100 thrillers on amazon - six weeks after they started selling...
30/06/201113:11I like when writers make a virtue out of frustration. The web's the only place you can guarantee publication these days!
30/06/201109:35#stealing_fire sells 78 copies in four days at Edinburgh and Glasgow airports - thanks to everyone who's buying - reprint soon!
29/06/201119:09Spam Novels! A great idea and straight out of Guy Debord...
26/06/201112:32#Stealing_Fire listed as a bestseller in!
24/06/201110:28thanks to everyone who came to the launch last night - what a wonderful night!
23/06/201111:48RT @James_W_Wood: Stealing Fire back into top 20 on launch day - and four "five star" reviews on amazon now!
23/06/201109:03Stealing Fire launched at Edinburgh Airport this morning...
23/06/201105:04@Beathhigh any chance of a RT> Craig Sterling @Stealing_Fire launches tonight 6:30PM Blackwell Books North Bridge Edinburgh? Thanks!
23/06/201105:02#Stealing_Fire launches today with a book giveaway to commuters @ #EdinburghAirport then party @ #BlackwellBooks North Bridge 6:30 PM!!!
17/06/201111:15Books from Scotland... next week
15/06/201111:53'Google' was a typo:
15/06/201107:53#Stealing_Fire available from WHSmiths stores in BAA airports from today - perfect holiday reading if you want to get away from it all...
13/06/201116:35SYDNEY — An Australian publisher reprinted 7,000 cookbooks over a recipe for pasta with "salt and freshly ground black people."
10/06/201120:24RT @scottishbktrust: Marc Lambert: Bookselling and the High Street - an epitaph
10/06/201112:47another great reader review is in for Stealing Fire " I consumed “Stealing Fire” at breakneck speed..." read more:
08/06/201115:14SF 1st review: "...does exactly what you'd want it to do. It's pacy, exciting, funny in places, and above all, it grabs your attention."
08/06/201109:09Attention US readers: Stealing Fire now available for US$11 including postage from either or
07/06/201109:06All welcome!
06/06/201110:51First reader comment on bookrabbit, and it's a lulu:
06/06/201110:08book rabbit? why not...
04/06/201119:53RT @James_W_Wood: My Mum on #stealing_Fire: "Too much champagne, women and gory violence...what on earth have you been doing?" :-)
04/06/201115:31US launches #drone strikes in #Waziristan - just like in #Stealing Fire:
31/05/201118:23NATO planes now fly / over zurich to ensure / fair votes at FIFA ; from EDDIE GIBBONS; delivering the news in haiku.
31/05/201113:32thriller hacks beware! / craig sterling’s on fire and is / stealing your thunder HAIKU from Eddie Gibbons
31/05/201110:07RT @scottishbktrust: Joyce’s Ulysses set for Twitter translation @thedrum - @helencroney
30/05/201120:20Stealing Fire back in the top ten thrillers on #amazon - ten days in the top 100 and counting...
30/05/201112:27Just like Xenia does in Stealing Fire, looks like Lockheed-Martin's been hit with a brute force computer attack!
30/05/201111:07o barcelona! / the beautiful game is such / a messi business - Eddie Gibbons. He's like the news. Except in haiku.
30/05/201110:57RT @OtherAberdeen: edgewatch: day 167
30/05/201109:58o barcelona! / the beautiful game is such / a messi business - new haiku from Eddie Gibbons
28/05/201113:29RT @JPSmoker: Brilliantly hilarious item description on this eBay item, some sweet revenge well-written: (happens to ...
28/05/201112:59"a haiku is like / an orange with seventeen / pips in three segments" EDDIE GIBBONS:
27/05/201112:23Stealing Fire video instant celebrity / stolen missiles / explosive! A novel with a Youtube advert ;) gosh
23/05/201122:27<collective groan at home>
23/05/201114:51A preview of Stealing Fire has been published in Scotland on Sunday
23/05/201113:12Amazon sales rankings are worth getting neurotic about. Oh No! Our summer title has gone down from 28,763 to 34,238!
23/05/201110:13Buying books directly from the publisher increases the author's royalty by about £1!!
23/05/201110:11Spent the weekend shitting myself over missing orders to read this morning that Neilsen book data has been offline since Friday :0
21/05/201112:33stealing fire hits UK top 50 in amazon thrillers list....!
19/05/201110:29‎'I need a man like you, someone who remembers what life was like before the Berlin Wall came down and the kids went soft.'
16/05/201113:26Stealing Fire entered for International Book Forum Fondazione Cinema prize
13/05/201105:37STEALING FIRE launch party on 23 June at 6:30 PM - Blackwells Books, Central Edinburgh. Tickets only
13/05/201105:36STEALING FIRE will be distributed by WH Smith and Blackwells - more to follow
13/05/201105:35the new cover has arrived!
19/04/201120:56Eddie Gibbons WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU Scottish Book Award shortlisted, Leamington Books