In Satan's Brew (Satansbraten 1976) Kurt Raab reaches his funniest when his insanity clashes with his sexuality, and he is obliged for the sake of his impersonmation of Stefan George to be gay.


Thereafter, Raab is hilarious, choking on the taste of another man’s penis in the most unromantic farce when he goes on the pick-up, after discovering that George was (and is, in his case) gay.

Instead, Raab as Walter Kranz (as Stefan George) recovers, and expresseses sexuality in the same way he expresses art – as existing behind several barriers to the real – cosetted – safe – not for the tram or the toilet – and reveals the man for rent that he picked up earlier, in a toga, reciting, and playing ‘Maximin’ – George’s own lover – in front of the hired Kranz/George circle. The man is a male prostitute, and not an orator of poetry, so the effect is funny and silly.

Thus, Kranz has created his own audience even though as far as he is concerned they are all whores, venal trash. When his money goes, so do they - apart from one, the very cute Peter Chatel.

Chatel's character develops a brief loyalty to the poet in Walter Kranza, and thus inevitably starts to exhibit some of the madness, a vaguely Hitlerian concept given that Kranz just wishes to abuse his followers. Chatel is funny though, and follows Kranz to the hospital where they are virtually left behind as the film trawls to a ridiculous close.