Ingrid Caven is located in the Nicklashauen Journey, drinking a glass of Coca Cola, present at the Amon Duul jam, briefly photographed as the camera works its way round the communal experience of the band’s jam session. In this scene there are a lot of bodies, a lot of smoking, and the sort of general mess you might expect from communal life.

The IMDB and other sources cite Ingrid Caven’s part as Screaming Girl; but it isn’t quite so. Ingrid Caven appears as one of three women who attentively bathe the singing prophet on what is a quite funny revolutionary camp site – very bourgeois really – but is wearing a purple shirt and standing quite listlessly. The women next to her is the one who screams non-stop. When the shooting starts the screaming woman keeps screaming but Ingrid Caven runs into the background.