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I leaped at the chance to publish Eddie Gibbons' fourth collection of poetry, What They Say About You.  It was my first long haul experience of working as a publisher with another writer, and it was incredibly rewarding.  Despite my being too inexperienced to get the book into national distribution, where it belonged, it's such a good collection that it's had a good long shelf-life, and was even nominated for Scottish Book of the Year.

What They Say About You is a large-scale collection of 150 poems and covers themes of love, death, poetry, religion, sex, football, marriage, children, and wing nuts — everything in life ytou can consider and write on, while also doing everything that poetry should do, with humour and also sadness.  





"Eddie Gibbons’ poems strike home via the funny bone and the intellect, by way of the heart and the brain and stick like velcro. If you want poetry that resonates with humanity, comedy and true sentiment, this is the poet to read. If more poets wrote poems like this more people would read poems."

Kevin Cadwallender

 "What a book! It’s like fast-forwarding a table tennis match between a stand-up comic and a psychotherapist. Or like Roger McGough on a bleak Sunday in 1965 unburdening to Pam Ayres. No, forget that. He’s his own man through and through: drunk on language, intoxicating to read. An unmissable Eddiefest."

Helena Nelson

 "Witty, moving and always ingenious."

Jennie Renton, Textualities