Hymn Number 32 :

Grace Upon the Lord of Christmas

ChristmasGrace upon the lord of Christmas,
Blessings on his head we heap
Harvest time is over people
Winter's crop we yearly reap.
Find a way to Season's wishes
Turkey breast and bacon dishes.

Jesus wept to see the Christians,
Fight like they were foreign strangers,
Christmas barneys in the city
Parkhead : Celtic, Ibrox : Rangers
Papistry is throwing bottles
Holds the neck he gently throttles.

Festive longings we are feeling,
Underneath the Christmas Star,
What a wonder is the Christ-child
Baby Jesus Motor Car
Driving you I feel much bolder
Satan's children : the hard shoulder.

Christmas wishes we are sending
To our brethren round the earth.
Turkey cake and dumpling Mary
Four pound fifty's what it's worth
Blessings on the Virgin Mary
Shave your children, they are hairy.