Myself being someone who was raised a rationalist and later leaving the world because I saw the corruption plaguing it, I have become an interplanetary, and accept a supernatural understanding of things and perceive ancient teachings as being distorted in modern day books.

As for the Old Testament I believe that the God in it is like myself, from outer space, and I presume there is lots of cognition of ancient advanced technology within its pages.

Here is just one example of what's in the Old Testament, from Ezekiel:

"I looked up and saw a windstorm coming from the north. Lightning was flashing from a huge cloud, and the sky around it was glowing. Where the lightning was flashing, something shone like bronze. At the center of the storm I saw what looked like four living creatures in human form,  but each of them had four faces and four wings. Their legs were straight, and they had hoofs like those of a bull. They shone like polished bronze. 8 In addition to their four faces and four wings, they each had four human hands, one under each wing. Two wings of each creature were spread out so that the creatures formed a square, with their wing tips touching. When they moved, they moved as a group without turning their bodies."

I can see a gyroscope being used here. And possibly Mercury. It is known by scientists that spinning mercury in a gyroscopic device and electrifying the mercury produces an anti gravity effect and makes a bright light.

Our ancestors were exposed to all kinds of technology, and the Bible is not the only ancient text containing this sort of information.

Many other civilizations have art/texts pertaining to all kinds of subjects like this. What do you think?


Higher than normal radiation, no disruptions or evidence of any kind of manpower or animal power lolno try again


I think there are more fools out there than hacks when it comes to alternative science research.