1. Anonymous Self Build Strat Styled Electric Guitar


I bought the components of this hard-rockin contrivance on Ebay and put it together at home.  I chose a Strat style because of my love of the music of Stevie Ray Vaughn.




2.  Guild Acoustic Guitar




The Guild has a lovely curved belly on the reverse of its body, and it sounds best for ragtime or fingerpicked blues, though it is a loud and effective strummer also. 



3. Trombone


It was simply one of the kindest gestures that have ever been made in my direction, and proof that Amnesty International are, and remain, the good guys.



I still play the 'bone, which incidentally came in a quite unique case, and with a couple of exciting mutes.  There's nothing like sliding out a few jazzy notes to cheer yourself and the neighbours, or trying to play the riff from

and any number of jazz classics. 



4. The Shekere



You don't shake the shekere, now I come to think of it; you shift it back and fore between your hands, in a shoogling motion. It's made out of a gourd which is cut in the middle and then wrapped in a net in which beads or small plastic balls are threaded.  Mine is an extra special shekere as it is threaded with shells; I've also seen them threaded with seeds.

Listen Here to a basic groove played on a shekere.


5. The Old Spanish Guitar


Best of all, this old Spanish guitar always keeps its tuning.


 The make of this old Spanish guitar is printed deep within the sound hole, which states that it is a KIMBARA Made in Japan for FCN-England, although the model number, which was once printed in ink, has now faded although it looks like 175 / C


6. Stagg Heavy Metal Bass


This utensil of evil came with a practice amplifier, and a spare set of strings, and cost £75, which was an utter bargain.





7. Trumpet Salvaged





8. The Mouth Organ





9.  The Bongos


Instead, I prefer the bruised hands and buzzing arms one receives after a good old bash on these ancient gizmos.