Dear Delegate,

This year’s conference will follow this agenda:


Registration - on arrival please make your way to the Strathchunty hall where you will need to check in at the registration desks. Our conference team will be there to provide you with conference clothing.

Coffee - Move to the Fixed Mercury room for coffee and miniature Danish pastries.

Seminar - The Frippery of the Elves Revealed. A presentation by the court of the Elf King.

Coffee Interval - During coffee in the Killy Lounge, the elves will be on hand to answer general questions.

Lunch - a fork buffet consisting of twenty foot strips of beef, spiced sweet potato strudel, and green items. Any special dietary requirements (vegetable specific, blockation, alcoholic, suds only) should be sent on in advance.

Afternoon Seminar - At the end of September, 1916, with the weather almost calm and quite clear, the occupants of a fishing boat from Stronsay spotted an excited mob of gulls swooping and diving on an object which appeared to be lying on some rocks. Taking it to be a dead whale, they rowed up to the scene. Although the centre part was above water, they could see what looked like a large dirty bugger on its back. The owner of the boat managed to lift up one of the legs, revealing the carcass as that of Scots actor, Ewen MacGregor. 100 years later, we are proud to invite the corpse to be examined by subscribers, in this unique afternoon seminar.

Exit the Strathchubty Hall in single file.