Artists : Cheddaz featurin' Congy B
Album : Loathian LP
Song : Charity
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Charity - it's all about parity - rich man po' man cheezie hilarity - cheese man - yea man - baked in the sun - Christ won't deliver when the world is hun - grree! I know you agree - charity - parity - hand out the cheese - cheddar all weather! - O ya go ta make it better - raising money fo yo buddies in the sector of the spectre of the government - What they said? ("They said nuthin' man!") and they didn't mean nothing for something man! Cuz it don't work like that son - charity's givin not robbin wit a gun - Like this style - mile high pile - yo rags and yo litter I can always make it glitter - I can take it from yo shitter - slit-slang cheddar talk I wear mcVitie not Reebok - my cheddar bangs like it's freshly picked from the swamps - plus I'm crisp like I got skidawed walking in the cities of the po and the sho fire righteous - who might jus' - crash yo ass and bite us - back for all the shit that we dumped on they nation - we got raise money to stop this situation! - cuz I got me a packa cheesy biscuit - I got all de flava of the crumbling misfit - Vitie man - no shitty man - get the biscuits in the inner city man - cuz that's where they're needed - the po' needing feeded - the land is needing seeded by the biscuit eating money freaking slick speaking master of the microphonio - I gotta go - cuz all the time that I rhyme you fall about and blunder - I tear you asunder - and sit on you thumbs and I'll cover you in crumbs YES CHUM!

Chorus :

Got shit in yo eyes got yo eyes on the pies yo got CHARITY!
(You gotta give oh yo nivva chuffin git "BISCUITS!")
Got pies on their plates got tears in they face they got CHARITY!
(You gotta learn that ya suckar ain't worth what ya earn!)