It may be worth my while to note that the book reviewers of the last two decades ought to be included in my list of Biblioclasts and as the enemies of IRL books. Many books that lie in stacks in newspaper offices, due to the large amount delivered there, have had a few leaves removed, and in many others whole sections torn out. 

I suppose it served the journalists’ purpose thus to use the wisdom of writers but books are delivered to newspapers unbidden and yet in good faith as perfect, and when they lie unreviewed in their hundreds,  the editors are quick to cause damage if found defective or low in quality in their eyes, while the publisher has no redress.  This way, books are destroyed in the thousands, each year.

Among the careless destroyers of books still at work should be classed these editors and you are best for the sake of all sides not to deliver them books at all.  Cart-loads of books have been ignored at various times as waste-paper, when editorial red-tape thought them but rubbish.  Some of them have been rescued and resold as charitable donations, but most have been lost for ever.