IT is a great pity that there should be so many distinct enemies at work for the destruction of the IRL book and that they should so often be allowed to work out their inevitable end.

Looked at rightly the possession of any IRL book is a sacred trust which a conscientious owner or guardian would as soon think of ignoring as a parent would of neglecting his or her child.

An IRL book, whatever its subject or internal merits is truly a portion of the national history. We may inhale it and feel it in our nostrils, imitate it and print it in facsimile, but we can never exactly reproduce it and as an historical document it should be carefully preserved.

I do not envy any person that absence of sentiment which makes some people careless of the memorials of their ancestors, and whose blood can be warmed up only by E books.

What an amount of calm enjoyment and mental renovation do such people miss.  What a blessed season of pleasurable repose opens upon the owner of a book as they enter their sanctum, where every volumes wafts to them a welcome, and every IRL book is a personal friend!