The Apocrypha of Burnett, the Wisdom of Peter and the original word Panatenda have all been heard now together - and have caused not a little stir in the human minds that they have touched. The results of these pronouncements is the present websdte  which was written as a snow plough for a time when all the world is but a frost.

During the website's composition, Peter ate nothing but what grew in the field and lavished great benefit upon himself for seven weeks until his hope perished and the website was near done. Have we not suffered enough? he is heard to have said, and then he is known to have raised a loud lamentation. Have we not laboured under the sun? he is reported to have asked, and have we not worked hard and entered into the spirit of production - even when the football was on?

Such was the strain the website caused on his already breaking mind - that as Peter confronted the thought-motif SPLENGRA and prepared for his final victory over boredom and impotence - he is known to have sung HOSANNA! in preparation of his visit to the beach.