Willkommen zu den deutschen Seiten von Unst

Unst welcomes all visiting Wife Fighters!


The traditional art of wife-fighting is alive and well on Unst. In fact, there are now thought to be at least 10 permanent wife-rinks scattered around the island!

Many people assume that wife-fights are very unfair, as one wife always loses (and dies).

While this is often true, only about a quarter of all wives will be severely injured at sometime in their careers, while most will just lose what little teeth and hair they have still in place.

Each fight can be viewed as having three acts. In the first act the wives take a few passes at each other, and bellow inter-island slang. During the second phase, the wives will be allowed any implements they have collected with which to attack each other.

Finally, the winning wife asks the local shopkeeper for permission to kill the loser, and then has sixteen attempts to do so or she leaves in shame.

Ticket prices at the Plaza Monumental Lund Wife Rink cost up to £20.

On cold days spend the extra money for tickets in the vicinity of the burger van, from which hot fumes are potentially life saving.