beefI believe the creators of these menus shoot word-clues to keep the eater all confused. They try hard but don't get me because I'm not into complexity and still leery of eating something that's been made for me.

Not for the fear of the unknown but because I'm believing only what I am shown. Smart arses I can show you where your error is. Until your mind is blown from the badness.

Until you buy protection from the madness, protection from your fears.

But how do you kill a fear? In a life that's plus and minus you might as well use your cheeseburger as a security blanket and change your name to Linus.

Yes you've got to keep it clear. What's it taste like, fear? Enough to cause a lack of trust? Enough to cause you hatred and disgust, more than enough to make you lust, enough to make the drugs a must?

Yes it's all of the above. It's enough to make you leave your morals in the dust, enough to make you cuss.

Here is the news. Human beings eating bacon don't spew. It goes down with ease like shit talk about world peace. They need to put a false word in front of it. At least admit your sandwich is a violent blueprint for eternal damage.

I look at the world pessimistically and I discovered it looks the same right back at me. The world is out to get me. Professionals try to jerk me, motor drivers aiming their cars right at me. Seven levels of philosophy trying to hurt me. I don't eat beef, because the government laces it chemically, but I can admit I'm addicted to chicken the steroid-enhanced original white meat, though I still won't get it past my teeth.

You know you'll take it all according to TV and it's all negativity. I saw shit I hoped would never happen to me. I saw a new high on Wall Street. I saw a rabbit getting its butt beat. More money made today than ever in history but none was giving that rabbit that preceded. Fuck the media and be wary of your local news stories on TV. Stop being blinded, stop being mentally slighted, we don't have to be reminded, cause your beef is where you porking find it.

Only then will you ever listen to me. So swicking G&T with your intellectual and commercial property you can try your hand at selling land : a sad sight to my poor Beefalo and me.