Animals Have Mercy for now and forever, it's the evil that men and women do that makes them come together. They winter frosted and froze you my friends but you got up again and stapled your twisted genome back on your head. Where animals snack and smack the bark, we inject the jewels to our pockets and they and meat meet mark

And pardon me to heat a local spark but they will cook you too as you feed your own flock or as they dine and fall in love with a receding hairline, their dead meat will become your own toxic shock.

I tell you they live and they live so fine they cuddle up hot with the speckled kine, while in the meantime crime speaks fine with a nine iron and you cut a groove in a living being.  You'll get done for that a guaranteed shitter when you've met Scary Peter. I hope you get eaten in a giant fritter, your third gen poison I'd eat you myself if you were any fitter . . .

Yum to a pig and shit to your litter, Animals Have Mercy for now and forever!