Wherever you stand in Aberdeen, the crime's identical : the Schemes and Projects constructed for the poor are laid out with the methodology of state planned poverty and have been designed by student architects who have only an hour to finish their thirteen-storey plans …. whereas the houses of the polite are thick walled and comfortable, well organised and laid out behind floral and gravel gardens.

It's nice in Aberdeen and in the North the living's gentle, but on the chill southern side of the River Dee, a greater caution must be taken.

Here is where technology fails. Maybe any town is the same but the intention is at its greatest in Aberdeen, for it was this deliberately divided Scottish city that invented the idea of separation, the theory of Cream and Milk.

Seen from the air and approached with red pens, the planning function is simple and a thematic map of Aberdeen develops fast. The harbour holds the fishing and the oil fleets and to the south of the harbour are the inarticulate tenements of the labour employed in these areas, along with the prison, the scrap yards, the dumps and the sheds and warehouses of all residual industry.

To the north of the River Dee is the City Centre of Aberdeen, the administration of the town, and here are many restaurants, shops, and insurance offices …. while ranged into the hills behind the City Centre are the poxy villas and cottages of suburbia.

Living here in the north, brows don't ever tend to knit from one week to the next, and just so, living away from their hated poor, this is how the bourgeois creates his geography and builds in its simple form : a City.