The DRINKARD's Aberdoniensus




The Combined Technical Jargon of Bev


These are all words and phrase which we have picked up from researches into the Scottish-Aberdonian way of speaking. We are three American students from New York who are in Scotland because of the unique words which they use here, and the Peter Burnett Website has let us publish what we have collected so far.


We hope that you enjoy the words and that you send us more if you hear any while you are in Aberdeen!


Bastard : A person born of unmarried parents. Obnoxious or despicable merchant. All the world is a bastard to the indolent.


Bev : Splats of pish drunk by daubs of wank.


Blonde : Aberdonian word for a woman, her hair colour need not apply. She is a woman yes, but please regard, it is a thrasher addressing her.


Burger : Rumour is that lads in Craiginches burger each other.


Cuntie : Intensifier


Chuntie : Which lavatorial place you might go to consider you life, water-cool, with the sharp of frozen urine to smell you on.


Dozened : Weakened through age, drink, overlong exposure to bev, theatre shows, politics, shagging, trance music, motoring, mobile phone use, etc.


Eppy : One takes an eppy, which is to say, one applies oneself to another personwith prompt violence, mindless of the consequence. "The boy ta'en an eppy," (pronounced: "tina") meaning that his thuggery was neither nimble, nor premeditated. In other words : "he gone spare." Derived from the epileptic process, which occasionally results in seizures.