Mark 3:21 - "He is beside himself" Thus even today it happens that when parents see one of their family listening to lectures on theology, they say he is insane or stupid.

The idea is that they who think you would be mad, think therefore, that Christ was mad, and are thus eternally damned by a scornful God. My family are long inured to my apparent "madness", so a desire to study Divinity is merely seen by those still interested enough to care, as just another florid episode. But you? Are your family fully aware of their Prodigal Member's various manias? Might they storm the divinity library if you surrendered to a folly such as mine? An enticing prospect, more so perhaps in these times of Football Economy Units and Retail Psychology Sandwich Courses.

The spiritual equivalent of the Scots NO/NO vote. Apathetic Scotland smothers its 'Historic Day' so splurged over all the media in its very infancy by boycotting Democracy in favour of 'Chips Behaving Badly' and Mainlined EastEnders. All over the country, ordinary decent people tell the Scots Parliament, once again, to PISS OFF AND LEAVE THEM ALONE. How elegant, Scotland. How refined.