Richard O'Dwyer:  #saverichard / #richardo  /  #extradition  /  and my favourite one: #chipin4Rich. 

In 2010 Richard's website was taken down because it provided links to other sites that gave illegal access to copyrighted material. 

Richard O'Dwyer described his site as a search engine for video and the UK police are satisfied that no crime has been committed and Richard O'Dwyer's website tvshack is down. 

Richard wasn't accused of hosting any of the material in question and what he did isn't a crime in the UK.  The US demanded that Richard be extradited to the USA, and for a short time the UK government  agreed to do this.

Richard O'Dwyer did not go to the USA or break any USA laws.  It's not even clear if providing links and not the material itself even is a crime.

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