There's a space missing on this plate and it is for tomato ketchup, everyone agrees. Except there are some parents out there who don't give tomato sauce to the kids if the meal includes baked beans.
You may be from a civilised locality that has never heard of this rule, but it does occur.  Although the sauce from baked beans tastes nothing like ketchup this same sauce is still held in some houses to be a substitute for ketchup.
The kids needless to say don't like this. When you ask them what they want for tea they say: Fish Fingers, Beans, Chips, and Tomato Ketchup.  The ketchup is integral and a sepearte food item and NOT a condiment!  
Health reasons aside you can't deny the children ketchup with their fish fingers and chips . . . even if there is beans.
Are beans I mean.