Sinful Rarity 9:35 pm
    Lol teamxd isn't online
 TXDLulz don 9:53 pm
    TeamXD is online
 Sinful Rarity 12:46 am
 TXDLulz don 1:40 am
    the site has been offline for 2 years
 Sinful Rarity 1:41 am
    That's what I meant lol.
 TXDLulz don 1:42 am
    why would you message me with old news?
 Sinful Rarity 1:42 am
    Why are you being gay?
 TXDLulz don 1:42 am
    Why uou being a failed troll?
 Sinful Rarity 1:43 am
    I'm not trolling
 TXDLulz don 1:43 am
    Then stop messaging me Boring
 Sinful Rarity 1:43 am
    Boring? Can you speak proper English Ricky?
 TXDLulz don 1:44 am
    Boring is English idiot.
 Sinful Rarity 1:45 am
    You just cut your sentence off idiot
 TXDLulz don 1:45 am
    Stop talking shit go get some pussy
 Sinful Rarity 1:45 am
    Lol I just got home from your moms house
 TXDLulz don 1:46 am
    Oh really? you came to England that fast? come back with something better..... You look like the after birth what grew arms and legs.
 Sinful Rarity 1:47 am
    Lol Ricky you need to calm down. You get butt hurt way to fast
 TXDLulz don 1:47 am
    Butt hurt? You tried to troll it back fired on you.
 Sinful Rarity 1:47 am
    No I actually am not trolling.
 TXDLulz don 1:48 am
    How's you're failed site? Fanboy one of Hack Forums?
 Sinful Rarity 1:48 am
    Lol fanboy?
    You have no clue..
 TXDLulz don 1:48 am
    Yes you asked me to make it just like there site.... Say No More.......................
    Try to say the letter M without your lips touching.
 Sinful Rarity 1:48 am
    I sold my site fag fuck and skin wise
 TXDLulz don 1:49 am
    Oh really so why are you still admin? You getting mad bro