Here is Web-Dev Supper.  Spend time at the computer, and by time I mean fourteen hours out of every twenty-four, and this is what happens to nutrition.

I'm disgusted at myself for going to Costa, and I can make better coffee at home, and still there are days when I feel it's what I need.  A pint of it, I'm still shaking.  I eat more than my fair share of Golden Syrup too, it seems.

But Pot Noodle, it's best for Web-Dev supper.  Self contained, no cleaning, no cooking, very salty.  I'm less disgusted with myself for Pot Noodle because it works.  I've got a special long spoon for Pot Noodles that I've had for over 20 years.

On screen, I've joined Google+ only to find that I and everyone who has ever used Google has a Google+ account already.  I've just had the snippy email saying that they don't like my choice of nick.  Preferably they want something in the form of a real name, and they know my real name anyway.  No nicks.

If you Google 'anarchitecture' which is a field in which the worlds of anarchy and architecture collide, so to speak, you will find that you will thereafter be sent sites based on the search 'an architecture'.  Google often make changes to the manner in which results pop up.  Also, all the time I read about Google censoring data, but I have yet to see some hard evidence of this.

Weird, but Google only appears to excel in one area - search engining.  Their platform (the Chromebook) and their OS isn't really taking off, and their social network is not that widely used round here at least.  Their browser is good, but isn't many people's first choice. They have YouTube which is one of the greatest assets on the net I guess.  But there are no alternative search engines with anything like the comparable amount of data as Google, and that's where they rule.

Makes me wonder why Facebook haven't launched a search engine.