These are some of the great writers who have helped provide copy for this website:


Dean Freans was cookery editor of Der Stürmer until 1945 when he was forcibly retired by General Paton. His cookbooks include Cheddars With Everything, Voulez Vous le Paste? and The War Against the Jews. Freans now lives in Stonehaven where he is active in Neighbourhood Watch. He is currently fighting an extradition to Holland.

Scott Gravy grew up in Largs where he developed his life long interest in fishing. He is the author of Garse Ya Bas and the popular guide-book Hook, Line and Plonker. He has recently been published in new Scottish writers forum, Fucking Bagloads, and has also appeared in Naah magazine.

Magnus Miroslav is an energetic campaigner for the legalisation of shoplifting, and the author of the best selling biography Nasty Pastie.

Bruce Wovers writes, as he describes it, "pretty cool American black shit", beat material, and stories of gangland violence. He has rapped with Fig Leaf, DJ Speedy Bastard, and Steve Crocky Curtis, and has based a scheme of short novels set in the slums of Chicago. He was born in Banff.

Lachie Rhind was born in Skail, in the middle of Strathnavar, near the old Neolithic burial chamber, in the little birch wood, at the foot of the earthen mound. For 19 years he has been selling drugs to the people of the River Naver and Achness, and campaigning for the reintroduction of the Scud.

Jimmie Battersby has represented Tayside at shot-put. After popularising the phrase "come here and say that" in his native Dundee, Jimmie went on to take his message to the entire Angus region, and part of Kincardine. You will not read a more moving or inspiring story this year, than his seminal Stovie Bastard, not quoted here for reason of its immorality.

Myrtle Lodge is famous for blowing her entire Creative Scotland grant on a new Land Rover, causing her not only to be shortlisted for a top-up grant of £7,500, but to be nominated for lottery funding also.

Jocky Minger knows what it is to lose oneself gazing at a burning log, a stone, a drop of water, or just The Sooty Show. Long term unemployment however has not just brought meditation but also sex in the form of a drunken shag with Scots poet Isobel Crivvens.