It seems that the 2016 work of the Scottish Documentary Film Institute was expensive, maybe that is a good thing.

This one minute video cost £17,000 and that is troubling, but when you see the work the questions arise thick and fast.  Having searched for the Scottish Documentary Film Institute (SDFI) I can also say they seem to be a secretive organisation, often hiding behind claims that their work 'needs to be secret to be effective.'

Well, a smart move for them! I have found links however on the Creative Alba site that show the SDFI have already taken their funding for the year, and one document claims that of all their films, the one called SDFI Spiral #2 actually costs them more than this, and was maybe £22,000. They are due according to the site to be making 365 such films.

See the films for yourselves, it is good to see talent from Scotland like this, and if they can keep making these films, then who knows it may be worth it.