Stealing Fire, by Craig Sterling Published poet and thriller writer James W Wood, was printed by myself in 2011.

Other titles called "Stealing Fire" include:

Stealing Fire (Numinous World, #3)
by Jo Graham

Stealing Fire
by Angela Castle

Stealing Sacred Fire (The Grigori Trilogy, #3)
by Storm Constantine

Stealing the Fire from Heaven
by Stephen Mace

Stealing The Fire From Heaven
by Austin Osman Spare

Stealing Fire from the Gods: The Complete Guide to Story for Writers and Filmmakers
by James Bonnet

The Art of Stealing Fire/ Uranus in the Horoscope/
by Liz Greene

Stealing the Fire
by Jane Ciabattari

Stealing Fire from Heaven: The Rise of Modern Western Magic
by Nevill Drury

Stealing The Fire: The Art And Protest Of James Baldwin
by Horace A. Porter

Stealing Fire: The Atomic Bomb As Symbolic Body
by Peter C. Reynolds